wanderlust - by jocee

flowing, whispering, haunting, growing
waiting, belittling, wanting, knowing 
secrets that are held beneath the clouds
oh how i want to find them now. 

sitting, thinking, fiddling, singing
looking, feeling, standing, ringing
the sounds that i hear and the sights that i see
could one of them be only for me?

in this small town with my old carpet bag
and my blue good dress and my brown straw hat
waiting for a train to take me away
anywhere, anyone, to let the time fade away

rustling, chatting, clinking, fearing
bumping, skimming, milling, nearing
imagining on a boat that takes me far into the sea
with no one else, just i, myself and me

eating, drinking, dancing, sleeping
laughing, acting, sighing, weeping 
imagining my life if i wasn't here
maybe on the streets of paris

london, athens, montreal, tokyo
new york, beijing, rio, moscow
traveling the world, along the seven seas
being who i was intended to be

a traveler, a sightseer, a dancer, an artist
with my incurable case of wanderlust 
anything but this small town that i'm in
and by golly i won't know where to begin

just hop on a train that'll take me away
where i'll forget the time of the day
i'll venture and roam around the world
with my incurable case of wanderlust. 

-jocee <3

Supernova Part Two: The Sorrows of a Young Lady Named Sophie Grace as She Boards an Aeroplane (A Poem in Two parts By Lady Elisabeth

Oh my love
Can I truly bear this?
To be so far away?
They say London is vast and exciting
Some say its beautiful
But I don't care a whit for cities

Isaac my love
If I close my eyes
I can see your sparkling blue ones
I can almost hear your last words to me
Don't go
I need you Sophie Grace

No! I cry out
The wheels start turning
The frame of this metal bird lifts off
Any other day, I would stare out the window
Laughing at the world

But today, my Love?
I look out the window
Tears in my eyes
Longing to be again
On the ground

I think I can almost see you Isaac
Down in Mr. Hiller's cornfield
Staring back up at me
Are you crying for me as well?
But that's just a fantasy I suppose
But I'll whisper your name once more
I'll let the angels bring my words down to you
Are you there Isaac?
Are you there?

Supernova Part One: The Wish of a Boy Named Isaac Upon a Single Star ( A Poem in two parts byLady Elisabeth)

I made a wish
on a star
For you to be mine forever 
I wished for us
to be happy 
In fields of dragonflies
and magic
Time would stand still            
The world would be ours
When we kissed
We would be one
And the world would dissolve
Into oblivion
But it wouldn't matter
It would be our supernova
Chaos in its purest form
Love deep and guttural
Perfection in a single embrace
We were naught but consciousness
Drifting together through the cosmos
Not caring about the consequences 
The only sounds we would know
Are the echos of the Universe
And the whisper call of your name
Throughout the galaxies
Sophie Grace
Sophie Grace
Sophie Grace
As our falling star traced its way
Past the bright full moon
I saw that it was not a star
But an aeroplane
Carrying you far away from me
But still I cry out
Sophie Grace!
Sophie Grace!