Meet The Authors

Lady Elisabeth: I am a teenaged girl. I like vintage clothes, Doctor Who, Marvel movies, James Bond movies, ANY movies, poetry, books and cheese. I adore writing, and I think I started when I was maybe eight. My first story was called June in July, and it was backwards, but I have kept writing (in the proper direction) and deeply hope to someday finish a book that I have started writing. At the moment, I'm working on a book called The Old House, and it's immensely frustrating, but really really rewarding. My goal is to finish it before next year. That was my goal last year too.

MylaHey! My name's Myla (Myla Angelette Rouge - which is ( of course ) a pseudonym. No one could ever have a name that awesome) and I am ALMOST 14 ( as of Janurary 21, 2012. My bday is Feb 17). I've known Lady Elisabeth  for a few years now ( I think since we were 7 or 8, what'cha think, M'lady?), and I'm super excited to write with her! My fave ( and main) hobbys are to sing, act, and dance. I could not LIVE without music! I play piano, guitar, and a bit of recorder, accordion, and drums. I love my BFF ( K.R.N) , Castle ( gooooo Beckett!), Miley Cyrus, Ani DiFranco, Avril Lavigne, Selena Gomez, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Emily Osment, Foster The People, Christina Grimmie, Lemonade Mouth, Hilary Duff, Sherlock Holmes, Michael Phelps ( I love swimming - I have a pool and I'm an Aquarius), Logan Lerman, The Mortal Instruments book series ( JACE), Tumblr, my gs troop,  Italy, Scott Pilgrim, How I Met Your Mother, Arthur ( DW :)), Psyche, Beastly, Cyberbully, Nick and Norah's infinite playlist, reading, other things, Lauren Myracle and yeah..that's about half my life right there! See ya later with me and my cheesy romance stories, poems, and songs!!

Potato: I've been writing since I was about five. For years, it was just a small hobby. I'd write a few hundred words every now and then and that would be it. Starting in 2010, I started enjoying it more (thanks to NaNo). I've known Elisabeth ever since we were both six, and we're besties forever. I also know Myla (if she is who I think she is). Jocee, I've read your blog once or twice. I like taking tiny prompts and turning them into a whole story. I like Doctor Who, Mythbusters, Warehouse 13, Merlin, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. Books? I like Harry Potter, Eragon, The Heir Chronicles, The Seven Kingdoms Trilogy, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Pendragon, and a whole lot more. If I put the whole list, it would take all day. Music. Um. I like (and this is in no particular order): Taylor Swift, Hey Monday, Coldplay, Paramore, Hunter Hayes, Avril Lavigne, Maroon 5, Priscilla Ahn, Hellogoodbye... again with the taking all day thing. I like turquoise, jeans, spinning in circles, and dying my hair.

Artemis27: I'm Artemis27!
Im obviously into Greek Mythology and usually put a little of it into every one of my stories. I've been writing for a while now, so this site is great for me to just write and see what people think, without my stuff getting copyrighted by some other website. I'm really weird, but I get about a THOUSAND ideas every day. It's a little annoying, but I write them down if they're good ideas and put them into stories if I like them enough.

Sarah: My name's Sarah and I live in outback Australia. I started really writing (poems, stories, etc.) just in the past few years. Before then I hated writing, but now I totally understand how people can be so passionate about it. There's just something about putting a pen to paper to form your own idea. I have 3 sister, 2 parents, 1 dog, and 4 chickens.
Hope you enjoy my posts/writing!

Rebekah: My name is Rebekah.  Writing has been with me for quite a while. I met it one night, as my sister read Agatha Christie's The Secret Adversary.  And though my first story was strangely similar to The Secret Adversary, we have become inseparable. I tell it all my secrets, fears, desires. It, in turn, tells me nothing, but beckons me to discover; to turn over another page in the enigma of writing. 
And so I oblige.  I love writing most any genre, though I do love quirky characters and cliche plot lines. Oh yes, Owl City? Best writing music ever.So pleasant to meet you, I hope we shall become better aquainted soon.