Mark of the Raven ( Beginnings: part two )

Riki stands up. So much for confidence... He thinks. His chest starts to ache again. But he doesn't say anything. Raiden just got back from being, god knows where, for two years. He can't bring down the mood with his heart. Riki stands there, completely still, for five minutes until Rei notices.
“Riki?" She says as she walks up to him. “You okay?" Riki looks at her and tries to say yes.
“Itami. Rei, Itaidesu." Is what he ends up saying.
“Raiden! I think something's wrong with Riki. I think it's his heart." Rei says. So much for not making a scene... Raiden stops thanking Tristan and runs over to the two of them.
“Rei, get him lying down, now!" He yells. Yoshida and Tristan stand back and watch. Yoshida thinks it's funny to just watch, and Tristan can't do any thing unless told to.
“Tristan, knife. Now." Raiden says loud, but calm. Tristan sighs as the mist that makes up his body shifts into a knife in Raiden's hand.
“I'm sorry, Ricky." Raiden whispers in Riki's ear. He lifts up the knife, and shoves it into Riki's chest.

I didn't have time to finish...
Oh, for the parts in Japanese, I'm going to give something to copy and paste into Google translate. For “Itami. Rei, itaidesu" use this: いたみ、れい、痛いです
It is the same thing, not written in Romaji. No one understands what Romaji is... I'm hopeless.

Hatting a Mad Man Part 4

“Aha! There she is!” The Doctor said, smiling, when Amy reappeared, now her normal height.

“I'm almost done!” The Hatter shouted from his workspace. Amy sat next to the Doctor said whispered “What's he doing?”

“He's making a fezton!” The Doctor replied, smiling. “It's a combination of a stetson and a fez!”

Amy groaned, but the Doctor saw her lips in a small smile.

“Finished!” The Hatter said and held up his creation, his face shining. The Doctor put his fez on Amy's head and walked over to the Hatter, who placed the hat on his head as proudly as though it were a crown. The Doctor beamed at Amy and said “How does it look?”

“Ridiculous,” Amy said, smirking. The Doctor frowned and said “You're just jealous. Besides, I think it's cool! Feztons are cool!”

“If you say so,” Amy said, rolling her eyes and smirking.

Amy was laying on a sofa, staring at the ceiling while the Doctor and the Hatter talked about hats and swapped stories.

It wasn't long before the Cat joined her. He sighed and said “Tea?” And offered her a cuppa. She took it gratefully and sipped while watching the Doctor. Amy still couldn't believe where they were, for she'd figured it out by now. A cat that smiled and vanished, a mad hatter, talking flowers... It was Wonderland. As in... well, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Amy would have said it was impossible, however when with the Doctor, everything was only improbable.

“Doctor, we've been here for two days,” Amy said. She put her hundredth-something cup of tea down and added “I never thought I'd say this, but I am getting really sick of tea.”

The Doctor sighed and said “Well, it seems as though we have to go. Oh, this was brilliant! We should do this again some time.”

“Agreed,” the Hatter replied, nodding. “I'll show you the way out of Underland. Come, come, come...” They followed the Hatter out of the house and down a dirt path. He hummed and murmured a poem under his breath. Amy knew the poem from Lewis Carroll. It was called The Jabberwock, as she fondly recalled.

“We're here,” the Hatter said, stopping suddenly in front of a smallish cave. “This should take you back.” Amy looked up and saw that it was a rope ladder. She frowned and said “Are you sure about this?”

“Almost positive. McTwisp is the only one who's used it, I think, and he got back fine,” the Hatter said, not really reassuring Amy at all. Still, it was the only chance they had to get back to then TARDIS, so she turned back to the Hatter and said “Well, thank you for your hospitality, Hatter.”

The Hatter took Amy's hand and said “Fairfarren, Lady Pond. I wish you and the Doctor a good journey back to your... Ah...” He looked at the Doctor.

“The TARDIS,” the Doctor said. “It's called the TARDIS.”

“Very well,” the Hatter said. He smiled at Amy and kissed her hand. Amy smiled and said “Goodbye, Hatter. It was nice to meet you.” She grabbed the Doctor's hand and said “Come on, Raggedy Man. You first.” The Doctor started up the ladder, holding his Sonic as a flashlight, and Amy started up behind him.

“Can you see the top yet?” Amy called after what felt like an hour of climbing.

“I think so,” the Doctor called back. A few moments later, Amy could see light other than the Sonic's green glow. A few minutes after that, the Doctor poked his head out. He looked around, the fezton still on his head. He looked around, confused, before saying “The TARDIS! My TARDIS!” He clambered out of the hole and ran over to it. Amy stuck her head out and saw the Doctor opening the TARDIS. She got out of the hole and brushed herself off, the fez falling off her head. She'd completely forgotten that she was wearing it.

“Well, that was certainly... interesting,” Amy said, looking back at the hole.

The Doctor looked at her and took the fezton off. He looked at it and said “Oh, that was brilliant! Where to next?” And he walked inside the TARDIS and she heard him say “How about Fairyland? I've always meant to show you Fairyland!”

“So long as we get to save the world,” Amy said and followed him into the TARDIS. She closed the door behind her and the Doctor said “Well, the TARDIS is going to take us somewhere, I think you can assume we'll be saving a world.”

Amy laughed and the TARDIS began to move with the usual noise. Vworp! Vworp! Vworp!

The blue box faded until it was gone. A few moments later, a young woman frowned at the place where the box had been. Pushing some blond hair out of her face, she murmured “Curiouser and curiouser...” She shook her head before starting back down the hill, glancing back once, and smiling at a white rabbit in a purple waistcoat.


The Mark of the Raven ( beginning )

A young Asian boy runs into the darkness. His beat up body is almost ready to give up, but he keeps going. He will not let himself be taken back. Not after all he did to get out. The man chasing him won't give up that easily, either. Two years he had held this boy hostage. How did he get out now?
Right as the man is about to catch the boy, a hand covers his mouth. It's cold and ghostly; almost shimmering in the darkness. The hand drags the man backwards, giving the boy time to escape. The man grabs the hand, and yanks it off his mouth.
“I don't think you should interfere with this." Says the man as he turns to face, and kill, the person that grabbed him. To his surprise, there was nothing but a faint blue glow. A chill goes through the man's body as the form of a human emerges from nowhere.
“Run," Whispers a sharp voice. “You have made me angry. Remember, Tsume, this child is under my protection."
The boy comes to a large building. The street lights eliminate his path well. He walks into the building calmly. It's bright inside, and very white. A lady sitting behind a desk smiles at him as he walks past. He walks up three flights of stares, to scared to take the elevator, before he reaches a long hall way. The floor's the red flower print you would see in a hotel. With all the rooms, it would make a good one. Happily, they only will have to ever deal with five people. Yes it might get boring only seeing the same five people over, and over again, but the boy doesn't care. It's not like they have families or anything. They're dead after all.
The boy walks past empty rooms until he reaches the one with a sign on it. The sign reads: Kurosawa Akuma's! :) with the smiley face and everything. He knocks on the door. There are some loud noises, then the door swings open.
“Konbanwa, Raiden!" Yells a girl about a year older than him.
“Uh, un. Konbanwa, Yoshida.” Says Raiden as he walks past her. Three people sit on the floor in front of him. A girl that looks just like Raiden, but with green eyes, not blue, and long black hair in a ponytail. Next is a boy with dirty blond hair and gold eyes, and lastly at the far left is the ghostly form of a 24 year-old with bright blue hair. The girl smiles, the boy looks away, and the ghost has no expression.
“Hello Rei.” Raiden says. The girl jumps up on him, hugging her brother.
“Two years. It's been two years! Where the hell did you go?!" She yells in his ear.
“Eh, heh, long story." He mumbles. Rei lets go of him, and goes to talk to Yoshida. Raiden smiles down at the boy. He sits down in front of him. The boy still doesn't look at him.
“I missed you." The boy mumbles under his breath. Raiden kisses his forehead.
“I missed you too, Riki." Raiden whispers in his ear, then stands up. He takes two steps to the left, and stands in front of the ghost.
“Raiden Kurosawa," says the ghost. “thank me for saving your life back there."
“Y-yes. Thank you, Tristan," He mumbles. “Thank you for getting me away from my dad."

Let me know if you want me to continue it or not. Either way I will.
I realized that I was still on this blog, so I decided to post something. I have been working on these characters for a while now, and just put them together. I want to warn you, I've been working on the characters not the story. So it might seem not quite right at some points. Also, I'm just not good at writing in general.
Yes, some of the dialogue will be in Japanese... And yes, some of the Japanese will be wrong... Give me a break! Five out of six characters are Japanese! And I'm still learning! That's not my fault! Okay, it is... Shut up!

Hatting a Mad Man Part 3

Amy was dirty, wet, lost, and she wasn't happy about it at all. She glared in front of her and soon came upon a small box on the ground. She looked down at it and looked around. No one was there. She looked at the box again. Inside was a frosted white cake with the words Eat Me in green frosting. She picked it up and frowned before nibbling the corner. It tasted... like carrot cake. She grew an inch. After staring at the cake for a long time, she put the cake back into the box and carried it with her as she walked on.

“Are you Amy Pond?” A voice asked and she whipped around to see a cat sitting up in a tree, grinning down at her. “You're not as tall as I imagined you to be, but you are ginger.”

“Who are you?” Amy asked, frowning. “Why do you know my name?” Her suspicions about where she was were coming back and she pushed them away again.

“I came to find you for that man. The Doctor, he said his name was,” the cat said, shrugging (Could cats shrug? Amy wondered).

“The Doctor! Can you take me to him?” Amy asked, relieved.

“Of course,” the cat said, smiling again. He vanished and reappeared down the path. “Coming?”

Amy ran after him and soon, they came to a half rundown house. Amy frowned and said “He's in there?”

“Yes, he's with the Hatter,” the cat said. “Follow me.”

They went inside and she saw the Doctor sitting and eating a sandwich while another man was shouting at a sewing machine. The Doctor pulled out his Sonic Screwdriver and pointed it at the machine. A moment later, it began to work. The man laughed and began to sew again.

“I found her,” the cat said and the Doctor turned. Amy folded her arms and glared at the Doctor. He was wearing a fez again along with his usual goofy smile.

“Amy!” The Doctor said, still smiling. He suddenly frowned and said “Why are you small?

“I drank some stuff and it shrunk me so I could get through a door. I have a cake that'll make me big again,” Amy held out the box, “but I don't have any clothes.”

“I have some,” a man by the sewing machine said. He walked over to Amy and picked her up. Being she was only four inches, this was not a hard thing to do.

“Put me down!” Amy shouted, struggling. The Doctor chuckled and called “Be careful with her, Hatter!”

The man, Hatter, put her down and said “There's clothes in the trunk and the closet. I'll leave you alone for some privacy.” He left and closed the door behind him as Amy ate the rest of the cake and pulled a blanket around herself, just in case someone did decide to come in.

To her surprise, the clothes in the trunk were actually made for women. She looked through and finally pulled out a blue dress with black designs . She pulled it over her, tied up the back, and walked back into the main room.

Letters To Hogwarts (Final Chapter)

When Severus and Lily got off, they could hear a loud voice calling “Firs' years! Firs' years, this way!”

Whoa!” Lily said, her eyes widening at the large man. Even Severus's eyes widened. The man was huge with hair and a beard and beetle black eyes that sparkled. He was almost a giant.

C'mon! This way! Firs' years over here! Any more of yeh? Watch yer step!” Said the large man. Then, they followed him, Lily clutched Severus's hand as they walked down a steep narrow path. The large man suddenly said “Yeh'll be getting' yer firs' look at Hogwarts in a sec. It's jus' 'round the bend!”

The narrow path had opened up to reveal a big black lake. Perched on top of a mountain on the other side was a vast castle with towers and turrets.

Oh, it's beautiful!” Lily whispered into Severus's ear. He smiled and said “Yeah, it is.”

No more'n four to a boat!” The large man called. Severus noticed for the first time a lot of little boats. He and Lily crawled into one of them and were followed by two others. There was a commotion and then the large man called “Everyone in? Right! FORWARD!”

The boats lurched and moved across the lake. Lily looked down at the water and Severus said “What do you think'll happen if I touch it?”

The water?” Lily asked. She reached in and let a finger glide over the surface of the water. Soon, a tentacle came up out of the water and Lily screamed, backing into Severus. “What is that?”

Must be the giant squid,” a kid behind them said. “My dad told me that there was a giant squid in the lake.”

They crossed and clambered out of the boats. Lily kept close to Severus and they followed the large man through a passageway in the rock in front of them and coming out onto damp grass. They walked up a flight of steps in front of them and the large man called “We all here? Okay,” and he knocked on the door.

The door opened and a severe looking woman with black hair pulled back into a tight bun and square spectacles. She looked down at them and the large man said “The firs' years, Professor McGonagall.”

That's the woman who took me to Diagon Alley!” Lily whispered into Severus's ear.

Thank you, Hagrid,” Professor McGonagall said. “I'll take them from here.”

The large man, Hagrid, walked away and Professor McGonagall pulled the doors wide. The first years shuffled forwards into the entrance hall and Lily whispered “Sev! I could fit my whole house in here!”

And mine with it,” Severus said, smiling slightly.

They followed Professor McGonagall into the room and she then turned and said “Welcome to Hogwarts. The start-of-term banquet will start shortly, however you must first be sorted into your houses before you take your seat in the Great Hall. Sorting is very important, because it will be someone of a family to you. You will sleep in the dormitories and spend your free time in the common room. You will also have classes with the rest of your house.

The four houses are called Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. Each house has its own history and have produced many good witches and wizards. While you are at Hogwarts, your triumphs will earn you house points. Any rule-breaking will lose house points. At the end of the year, the house with the most points earn the house cup. A great honor. I hope each and every one of you will work towards it.

The Sorting Ceremony will take place in a few minutes in front of the rest of the school. I recomment you smarten yourselves up while you wait.”

She left and Lily wondered aloud “I wonder how we get sorted.”

I wonder if it hurts!” One kid called in response.

It's in front of the whole school,” Severus said. “I wonder if they'll make us do magic.”

But we haven't learned anything yet!” One boy said.

I have,” Severus said. Lily looked at him and said “Why did you read all of the textbooks before you came?”

Why not?” He muttered so only she could hear. He glared in front of him and muttered “Better than listening to Mum and Dad argue over whether I should even come.”

Lily smiled at him and said “Don't worry.”

A few minutes later, the doors opened and Professor McGonagall led them inside. Everyone ooed and aahed at the sight. Candles were floating above their heads and there appeared to be no ceiling. They stopped and they focused their attention to the hat that was on a stool. Lily jumped with it began to sing. Severus listened. Yes, he wanted to be in Slytherin.

Evans, Lily,” Professor McGonagall called after a few others went first. Lily walked up. The sorting hat was barely on her head before it screamed “GRYFFINDOR!”

Severus groaned slightly as Lily made her way over to her table. She gave him a sad sort of smile and shot a look of dislike at one of the boys they had met on the train and sat somewhere else. Severus eventually went up when he heard his name “Snape, Severus.”

SLYTHERIN!” The hat screamed and he handed the hat back to Professor McGonagall and went to the Slytherin table as they cheered. He sat next to a prefect, who patted him on the back and said “Welcome to Slytherin, Severus. I'm Lucius Malfoy.”

Thanks,” Severus said, glancing over at Lily. He didn't really listen to any of the other kids get sorted.

Once the sorting was over, Dumbledore stood and said a few things to the school. Severus was still looking at Lily. Then, he jumped as food appeared on the empty plates in front of him. He looked at them and then began to eat. Then, he looked at Lucius and said “Do we have classes with the other houses?”

Mostly with the Gryffindors,” Lucius said, shrugging. “Why that is, exactly, I have no idea. Why?”

No reason,” Severus said. “I just have a friend who was just sorted into Gryffindor, that's all.”

Oh,” said Lucius. He shrugged and then went back to his food.

After the banquet was over, Dumbledore said a few more words. Mostly warnings, like Mr. Filch wanting to remind students not to preform magic in the corridors and that the forest on the castle grounds was forbidden. Then, Lucius stood and called “First years, this way! Quickly, this way,” and he led them down to the dungeons. He walked to a wall and said “The password is currently 'Thelemic'.”

As soon as he said the word, a door in the wall opened and there was lots of green light all around them. The first-year Slytherins walked in and Lucius said “All of your things will be in your room already. Boy's dormitories it to the left and girl's is to the right.”

Severus immediately went into the boy's dormitory, feeling tired, while the other first-years explored the common room. He would have time to explore later.

There were four beds in the dormitory labeled First Years. Severus quickly found his trunk and changed for bed quickly. Then, he closed the curtains and placed his wand on the bedside table. He closed his eyes and smiled to himself. He knew he was home.


Hatting a Mad Man Part 2

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“Doctor?” Amy looked around, but still didn't recognize where she was. Already she was about three inches tall, but had been twenty feet only a few minutes ago. She was dressed in the scarf she'd been wearing on her head.

She looked around again before calling out again “Doctor!”

“Who?” Amy whipped around and saw a flower. A flower with a face. Amy frowned and said “Who are you?”

“Peony. Who are you?” The flower asked.

“Amy,” Amy replied uncertainly. She shook her head and said “Have you seen a man named the Doctor? He's quite tall and funny. He's wearing a bow tie, a tweed jacket, and probably a fez.”

“What in sanity is a fez?” Peony asked, frowning.

“It's a hat, you ninny,” another flower said. This flower was a violet. Amy blinked. A place where flowers could talk?

“I'm sorry, but where am I?” Amy asked, dismissing the first thing that popped into her mind.

“Why, you're in Underland, of course!” The Violet said as though it were the most obvious thing in the world. She looked at Amy disapprovingly and added “And what, might I ask, are you?

“I'm a Pond,” Amy replied without thinking.

“You don't look like a pond,” a carnation remarked. “You're too small! And not at all wet!” Amy sighed and said “Oh, forget it. Have you seen the Doctor or not?”

“The one with the fez? No, sorry. But if he has a hat, he might be with the Hatter,” Peony suggested.

“And where is he?” Amy asked.

“No idea,” the flowers said, almost in unison. Amy sighed and said “Well, thanks.” For nothing...

Amy carried on and the violet called “Weed!”

“Oh, weed to you, you bloody-” Amy suddenly got drenched with water and spluttered, pulling wet hair out of her eyes. She stood up and walked away with as much dignity remained, but glaring in front of her.


“Done!” The Hatter handed the Doctor a new fez. The Doctor had finished making lunch as payment for his hat and his face lit up at his new fez.

“Aha! Oh, this is fantastic!” The Doctor said and he put the fez on, a goofy smile on his face and putting the stetson he had been wearing aside.

Suddenly, the Doctor took off the fez and held it out in front of him along with the stetson, thinking hard. “Have you ever tried making a combination of these two?” He asked.

The Hatter's eyes widened and then he smiled. He grabbed the stetson out of the Doctor's hand and laughed insanely. He walked with it and began working again. The Cast sighed and said “Oh, now you've done it. He'll be working for days, trying to get it right.”

“But it'll look great,” the Doctor pointed out happily. He looked out the window and the Cat said “Where are you from?”

“Oh, here and there,” the Doctor replied vaguely.

“You travel a lot?” The Cat smiled.

“All the time. I never stay I the same place for too long, if I can help it,” the Doctor said.

“And Amy... She travels with you?” The Cat asked. The Doctor nodded and smiled. “Yes, she travels with me. My little Amelia Pond...” He sighed. “I wish I knew where she was.”

“I could go look for her,” the Cat offered. The Doctor smiled and said “Would you? Oh, thank you!”

“My pleasure,” the Cat smiled. “Ah... What does she look like?”

“She's ginger, and her hair is long. She's Scottish, and stubborn,” the Doctor said.

“I'll find her,” the Cat said and he vanished. The Doctor looked back at the Hatter and helped himself to some of the food he'd made.

Hatting a Mad Man Part 1

So, I don't know if anyone still ever comes on here, but just in case, this is an xover fanfic I wrote of Doctor Who and Alice in Wonderland.

Disclaimer: We all know I don't own Alice in Wonderland, or Doctor Who.

The hillside was empty, except for a tree, bent with age. But there was nothing really unusual about the scene.

Not yet anyway.

A sudden sound rang out and a blue box appeared. Vworp! Vworp! Vworp! It faded in and out until it became quite solid. A few moments later, the door opened and a girl with fiery ginger hair came out, her hair in a scarf. She looked around and stuck her head back into the box and called in a Scottish accent “Doctor! Are you coming?”

“Yes, yes!” A man's voice called from the depths of the box. “Me, coming, now!” He stepped out and the girl groaned when she saw him. He frowned at her and said “What? What's wrong?”

“You're wearing the fez again,” the girl said and she took the funny looking red hat off his head. He smiled and said “Of course, Amy. Fezzes are cool. Now give it back.”

“Like bow ties, I assume?” Amy asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Yes, exactly, now give it back,” he said, frowning, but before he could take it back, Amy threw the fez and it landed in a rabbit hole. A rather large rabbit hole, to be precise.

Amy!” The Doctor cried. “What did you do that for?”

It's just a fez, Doctor.” Amy said in exasperation and walked to the edge of the hole. “Doctor, come look at this! I can't see the bottom!”

“Amy, be careful, please,” the Doctor warned, but too late; the edge the hole collapsed and Amy screamed as she fell into the hole.

Amy!” The Doctor ran to the edge of the hole and peered down it. “Amy?” he circled around the hole, running his fingers through his hair before shouting into the hole “Amelia!” He looked around before looking back down the hole. A moment later, he smiled to himself and walked away from the hole. He turned back to it, ran and jumped in, shouting “GERONIMO!”

And so our adventure begins.

Music was playing softly in the background, over and over again. The Dormouse, or Mallymkun as she preferred to be called, was asleep inside of a teapot, and the March Hare was nodding off. But Terrant Hightopp was awake and deep in memories, his face somber. His scorched top hat had a few pins sticking out of it. There was a teacup in one hand and a saucer of another cup in the other hand. He was sipping, but absentmindedly, and he suddenly realized that his cup was empty, just as he had realized every few minutes. He frowned at the cup, as though it were the cup's fault he didn't have anymore tea. With a sigh, he put the cup down in the saucer and placed it on the table. He stood, looked around the table, then shouted “Clean cup! Move down!”

Mallymkun didn't hear, but the Hare jerked awake and screamed into her ear “Move down, Mally-Lass!”

“No, I'm asleep,” she grumbled stubbornly, not opening her eyes. The Hare and the Hatter ignored her and moved around the table until they settled down again in different chairs.

“Pass the sugar,” the Hatter asked and the March Hare threw it at him. He skillfully caught it and put a few lumps in his cup before pouring tea. He then resumed his somber expression and sipped at the tea. The Hare nodded off again. The Hatter looked at his tea and picked up a biscuit to go with it. They had jam in between two biscuits and the Hatter called them Jammies. They were quite good with tea.

His mind wandered away as he ate the biscuit. Memories of the past few days came over him and he smiled, if not a little wistfully. He wasn't exactly sure how long Alice had been gone, but it felt like an eternity. Still, she had promised to come back some day. In the meantime, he missed her and her muchness.

The garden gate opened and a man walked in, wearing a funny looking red hat on his head. He was looking around and frowning, but when he saw the tea party, he smiled and said “Ah! Don't mind me, but can you tell me where and when I am, and if you've seen a girl about this tall with red hair and-”

FEZ!” The Hatter shouted, pointing and jumped up. He stood on the table and walked down it, plucking the hat off of the man's head. He inspected it and frowned. “This is terribly made. Who made this? Fezzes should be made with delicacy! With talent! This was just thrown together by a mad man! No, no, no. That's not a fez.” He turned to his companions and shouted “This isn't a fez! It's just a piece of muck egg!” He turned back to the man and said “No, no, no. Come, come, I'll make you a fez.” He tossed the fez aside.

“Who are you?” The man asked curiously.

“Who am I? I'm...” The Hatter frowned. “I'm Terrant Hightopp. The last of the Hightopp clan...” He looked at the table behind him and said “Hare!”

The March Hare jerked away and moaned “How many apples does it take to reach the sky?”
“We have a guest!” The Hatter told him in delight. “This is...” he looked back at the man. “Who's this? Who are you again?”

“I'm the Doctor,” the man said. The Hatter roared with laughter and said “A doctor!” He turned back to the Hare and said “Did you hear that? This man's a doctor!”

“You're late for tea!” The Hare shouted and threw a teacup at a tree. It shattered and the Hatter laughed and climbed back over the table to his chair. “Would you like some tea, Doctor?”
“Why not?” The Doctor asked, shrugging. “But I can't stay long. I have to find a friend.”

The Hatter laughed and looked at the Hare. “I like this fellow! Why not, indeed?”

Alright,” the Doctor said, looking rather confused. The Hatter passed him the cup of tea and the Doctor looked at the plate of Jammies and he seemed to forget everything as he cried “Are... Are those... Jammie Dodgers?”

“Is that what they're called?” The Hatter asked, frowning. “I called them Jammies...”

The Doctor picked one up and bit into it. He smiled and said “So! You're a Hatter?”

“Indeed! The Hightopps have been employed by Her Majesty since... forever! We've always been employed by the Queen, but I'm the last one after...” He looked at his tea and stirred it, frowning slightly. Dark memories came back, but then he remembered Alice slaying the Jabberwocky responsible for the death of the Hightopp clan and he smiled ruthlessly.

“There' a ruler here?” The Doctor asked, looking interested.

“Indeed! The White Queen, recently placed back on the throne of Underland!” The Hatter said, smiling.

The Doctor thought before saying “Didn't you say you could make hats?”

“Indeed, Sir!” Said the Hatter proudly. “The very finest in Underland!”
“Can you make fezzes?” The Doctor asked.

“You insult me,” the Hatter replied, looking hurt. “I can make any hat.”

“Can you make me a fez?” The Doctor persisted.
“Can you pay?” The Hatter replied.

“Maybe. What do you accept?”

The Hatter looked at him and said “Not money. Money is of no use here. Do you have any pins?”

“Pins?” The Doctor frowned. He looked around on his body and said “No, no pins... I can cook! I learned in France!”

“Cook us a meal, then!” The Hatter said, smiling. He stood and said “Time to get to work!” He stood and said “Fairfarren, my friends!”

“Where're you goin'?” The Hare wailed as the Hatter and the Doctor walked off. The Hatter ducked as the Hare aimed a teacup at his head and the Doctor said “Is he okay?”
“He's mad,” the Hatter said simply. “Ah... Chessur.”

A cat appeared on a tree branch above above them. He smiled widely and said “Hullo, Terrant.”

“What do you want?” The Hatter asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Nothing. Who's your friend?” The Cat asked.

“I'm the Doctor,” the Doctor said.

“Doctor what?” The Cat asked, smiling.

“Well, that's new... Most people say Doctor who...”

“What sort of a name is that?”

“My name, apparently.”

“You're name's what?” The Cat said.

“I've just told you.”

“You have?”


“Yes what?”

“Just told you.”

“Told me what?”

The Doctor looked at the Hatter, who was watching the conversation in amusement. “Good day, Chess.”

“Indeed it is! Where are you off to?” The Cat asked, floating down to them.

“I'm going to make the Doctor a fez,” the Hatter said.

“Wonderful! May I come along? I do enjoy watching you make your hats,” the Cat purred.

“If you must,” the Hatter replied with a shrug. So, the trio made their way to the Hatter's house.

The Doctor looked around the house, seeing hats of all sorts. He would pick one up, put it on, take it off, put it back where he found it, and picked another one whilst the Hatter was working intently, grabbing red fabric and sewing, and creating the perfect fez.

The Doctor had tried on every hat in the house before finding a stetson. He smiled and put it on before turning to the Cat and smiling. “What do you think?”

The Cat looked at him for a moment before grinning. “You looked absolutely mad.”

“I am!” The Doctor said gleefully. “I'm a mad man with a box!”

“Where's your box?”

“Not here.”


“Well, I jumped in a hole after Amy and-”

“Who's Amy?” The Cat interrupted. The Doctor frowned and said “Amy's my friend. In fact, I don't know where she is right now. I don't even know where I am. Or, when I am.” He looked at the Cat and said “Could you tell me where and when I am?”

“You are in Underland, at the time of Celebration, for the White Queen is once again in the throne!” The Hatter called from where he was working, insistently forgetting he already told the Doctor this.

“I wonder where Amy is,” the Doctor wondered aloud, but no one had an answer. The Doctor sat down and said “Oh, where is that Pond?”

Letters to Hogwarts (Pt.2)

Severus was standing on platform nine and three-quarters next to his mother, a sallow, sour-looking woman with black hair. His mother wasn't paying attention and he was looking at where Lily and her sister were standing. He could hear their argument about the letter that he had found in Petunia's room. He edged towards them and saw Lily looking upset as Petunia marched off towards their parents, who were oblivious to their argument.

Get on the train, it's about to leave,” Severus heard his mother say.

Okay. Bye, Mum,” Severus said. She smiled slightly and said “Goodbye, Severus.”

Severus got on the train and immediately changed out of his muggle clothing and into his school robes. Then, he went looking for Lily. He peered into every compartment until he saw her sitting next to the window. There were two other boys in the compartment, but Severus slid the door in and sat across from Lily. She glanced at him and then back out the window. Her green eyes were rimmed with red and were puffy. She'd been crying.

I don't want to talk to you,” she said in a pinched voice.

Why not?” He asked, raising an eyebrow and pushing his hair back.

Tuney h-hates me. Because we saw that letter from Dumbledore,” she sniffed.

So what?” Severus asked, shrugging. He immediately regretted this when Lily shot him a look of dislike and said “So she's my sister!”

She's only a—” Severus caught himself just in time, but thankfully, Lily was trying to wipe her eyes without being noticed to notice much of anything else.

But we're going!” He said excitedly. “This is it! We're off to Hogwarts!”

Lily nodded as she wiped her eyes. But despite of herself, she half smiled. He looked at her, glad she was in a better mood and said “You'd better be in Slytherin!”

Slytherin?” One of the other boys in the compartment with them suddenly turned. He had black hair that stuck up in every direction and glasses. “Who wants to be in Slytherin? I think I'd leave, wouldn't you?”

My whole family have been in Slytherin,” said the other boy, not smiling.

Blimey, and I thought you seemed all right!” Said the first boy. The second one smiled and said “Maybe I'll break the tradition. Where are you heading, if you've got the choice?”

'Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart!' Like my dad,” the first boy said, lifting an invisible sword.

Severus snorted and the first boy turned to him. “Got a problem with that?”

No,” Severus sneered, though his voice suggested otherwise. “If you'd rather be brawny than brainy—”

Where are you going, seeing as you're neither?” The second boy interrupted. The first boy burst out laughing and Lily sat up, her face crimson, and looked at the two boys in great dislike. “Come on, Severus, let's find another compartment.”

Severus followed Lily out of the compartment as the two boys said “Oooooo...”

Let's fine another compartment, Severus,” said the first boy, imitating Lily's exalted voice.

Come on,” said the second boy, also imitating Lily. The first boy tried to trip Severus as left and the second boy called “See ya, Snivellus!”

Can you believe them?” Lily snarled as she slammed the compartment shut. She grabbed Severus's hand and he felt himself blush a little. They found an empty compartment and went in. Lily sighed and said “How long do you think the trip will take?”

I dunno,” Severus said, sitting opposite to her and looking out the window. “I suppose it'll take a while.

Oh! I didn't show you my wand!” Lily said, brightening. She pulled it out and said “Ten and a quarter inches long, willow, unicorn tail hair core!”

Cool,” Severus said, smiling.

Mr. Ollivander said it'll be good for charm work,” Lily said. “Have you tried any magic?”

Just repairo,” said Severus. “It fixes things.”

Oh,” Lily said. She put her wand away and quickly changed into her school robes. She smiled and said “Can you believe it, Sev? We met just this year, and now we're off to Hogwarts!”

Severus smiled. Lily smiled back and her smile faded. “Sev, we have to promise, even if we're in different houses, we'll still be best friends.”

Of course,” Severus said, taken aback. “Why would being in different houses matter? It would just be easier if you were in Slytherin with me.”

Why can't you just be in the same house as me instead?” Lily asked. Severus hunched over a little and said “I dunno. It was the house my mum was in.”

Oh,” said Lily and they dropped the subject and talked about classes the rest of the way.

Letters To Hogwarts

Heeeey..... So, I haven't been on in who knows how long, but I'm still alive, so let's not linger on it.

I've been going through a fan-fic stage, so I've decided, why not, I'm going to post one of them here. Here's Letters To Hogwarts.

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter.


Severus Snape walked down the street, pushing his long black hair out of his face and desperately trying not to be seen. He was eleven years old, and that September, he and his best friend, Lily, would be going to Hogwarts for the first time.

He reached Lily's house and knocked on the door, hoping that her older sister Petunia wouldn't be home. He disliked the older girl. She was blonde and seemed to disapprove of magic.

Still, he had been able to control a few of his abilities and had told Lily all he knew of the wizarding world. Usually, he and Lily spent time whenever his parents were arguing. Of course, this was all the time, so Severus got out of the house whenever he could. He hated the house and his parents. The sooner he could get to Hogwarts, the better.

The door opened and to his delight, it was Lily who answered. She had her red hair back in a ponytail and she opened the door. “Hi, Sev!”

Hi, Lily,” he said. She let him in and said “Parents arguing again?”

When aren't they?” Severus said with a sigh. They walked to Lily's room and Severus frowned. “Where's your sister?”

Tuney? She had to go out with Dad. Mum's still here, though. Mum!” Lily called.

Yes, Lily?” A woman called.

Severus is here!” She called.

Okay,” Lily's mother replied. Lily smiled and said “Come on.”

They walked past Petunia's room and Severus stopped.

What's wrong?” Lily asked. Severus walked into her sister's room and Lily hissed “Sev! What are you doing?”

There's a letter here,” he said, frowning. “It has the Hogwarts crest.”

Lily walked in behind him curiously. He picked up the letter and said “That's so strange.” He turned it over and then said “I wonder how a muggle could have contacted Hogwarts. They must have wizards in the postal service.”

He opened the letter and he read it through. He looked at Lily and said “It's from Dumbledore!”

Who?” Lily asked. Severus sighed impatiently and said “Dumbledore! Albus Dumbledore. He's Headmaster at Hogwarts. It looks like your sister wants to go to Hogwarts too.”

Lily took the letter and said “Oh, he's so nice! Poor Tuney. I wish she could come too.”

But she's a muggle, Lily. Muggles can't go to Hogwarts,” Severus said impatiently.

I know,” Lily said. She put the letter back down on Petunia's bedside table and she said “Oh! Did you get your letter?”

He nodded and said “Last week. Did you?”

Oh, yes!” Lily said, smiling. “You were right! A woman came and explained everything. She's the deputy Headmistress, Professor McGonagall. Mummy and Dad were so happy! She offered to bring me to Diagon Alley to buy my things!”

Severus smiled and said “My mum's taken me a few times before. It's really great, Lily! Look,” he pulled a stick out of his pocket and said “It's my new wand. Ollivander's a little creepy, though.”

Ollivander?” Lily asked, frowning. Severus smiled and sat down. “Yeah, he's the wandmaker. Everyone gets wands from Ollivander. I think there are other makers, but everyone knows about Ollivander's.”

Oh!” Lily said, sitting down too. “What's the wand shop like?”

It's not too big, and there are hundreds of long thin boxes everywhere,” Severus said. “It took us about half an hour to find my right wand. It's twelve inches, birch, and the core is dragon heartstring. Apparently, it's good for jinxes.”

Oh, wow!” Lily said, looking at it. “I wonder what mine'll be like!”

Who knows? According to Ollivander, the wand chooses the wizard,” Severus said. He stowed his wand away and said “So when's Professor McGonagall going to take you?”

Sometime this week!” Lily said with a smile. She retrieved her letter and a bag of gallions, sickles and knuts. She took out one of the gallions and said “I forget what these are called...”

Gallions,” Severus said at once. “My mum has a few of them in her purse. She says they're 'in case of an emergency', but I don't know what that means. The silver ones are sickles and the little bronze ones are knuts. Still, McGonagall will help you figure everything out.”

Lily smiled and said “Oh, we'll have so much fun at Hogwarts, Severus! What are the houses again?”

Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin,” he said.

How do we get sorted?” Lily asked. Severus shrugged and said “I dunno. I think someone does it for us.”

Oh,” Lily said nervously.

They talked for hours until Petunia and Lily's dad came back. Before Petunia could come in, however, Severus stood and said “I should go.”

Really?” Lily asked, disappointed. Severus nodded and Lily said “Okay. I guess I'll see you on September first! Um... What's the platform called again?”

Nine and three-quarters,” Severus said. “It's in between platforms nine and ten at Kings Cross Station.”

Oh. Thanks, Sev! See you!”

Bye, Lily,” Severus said and he headed home, smiling to himself as he fingered his wand. He couldn't wait to be away from his parents. He couldn't wait for school to start. He remembered Ollivander's words. “Ah! Try this. Twelve inches, birch, dragon heartstring core, a bit bendy. Good for jinxes.”

Severus took the wand and felt a warm feeling in his fingertips. Ollivander smiled and said “Aha! At last, we have a match!”

Severus's mother had paid for the wand and he'd held the box containing his wand tightly as she said “Don't lose it, Severus. You won't get another one.”

Severus placed his wand on his bedside table. It was a good wand. He wanted to try out a few spells. He thought. Yes, he was underage... but he hadn't gone to Hogwarts yet... Perhaps... Perhaps...

With a small smile, he looked through his books until he found a simple spell. Then, he picked up a candlestick and snapped it. He pointed his wand at it and said softly “Repairo!”

Immediately, the candlestick fixed itself. He smiled in delight as he looked at his wand, but sighed as his parents started arguing again. Would they ever stop, he wondered? The sooner I get to Hogwarts, the better.