Letters To Hogwarts

Heeeey..... So, I haven't been on in who knows how long, but I'm still alive, so let's not linger on it.

I've been going through a fan-fic stage, so I've decided, why not, I'm going to post one of them here. Here's Letters To Hogwarts.

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter.


Severus Snape walked down the street, pushing his long black hair out of his face and desperately trying not to be seen. He was eleven years old, and that September, he and his best friend, Lily, would be going to Hogwarts for the first time.

He reached Lily's house and knocked on the door, hoping that her older sister Petunia wouldn't be home. He disliked the older girl. She was blonde and seemed to disapprove of magic.

Still, he had been able to control a few of his abilities and had told Lily all he knew of the wizarding world. Usually, he and Lily spent time whenever his parents were arguing. Of course, this was all the time, so Severus got out of the house whenever he could. He hated the house and his parents. The sooner he could get to Hogwarts, the better.

The door opened and to his delight, it was Lily who answered. She had her red hair back in a ponytail and she opened the door. “Hi, Sev!”

Hi, Lily,” he said. She let him in and said “Parents arguing again?”

When aren't they?” Severus said with a sigh. They walked to Lily's room and Severus frowned. “Where's your sister?”

Tuney? She had to go out with Dad. Mum's still here, though. Mum!” Lily called.

Yes, Lily?” A woman called.

Severus is here!” She called.

Okay,” Lily's mother replied. Lily smiled and said “Come on.”

They walked past Petunia's room and Severus stopped.

What's wrong?” Lily asked. Severus walked into her sister's room and Lily hissed “Sev! What are you doing?”

There's a letter here,” he said, frowning. “It has the Hogwarts crest.”

Lily walked in behind him curiously. He picked up the letter and said “That's so strange.” He turned it over and then said “I wonder how a muggle could have contacted Hogwarts. They must have wizards in the postal service.”

He opened the letter and he read it through. He looked at Lily and said “It's from Dumbledore!”

Who?” Lily asked. Severus sighed impatiently and said “Dumbledore! Albus Dumbledore. He's Headmaster at Hogwarts. It looks like your sister wants to go to Hogwarts too.”

Lily took the letter and said “Oh, he's so nice! Poor Tuney. I wish she could come too.”

But she's a muggle, Lily. Muggles can't go to Hogwarts,” Severus said impatiently.

I know,” Lily said. She put the letter back down on Petunia's bedside table and she said “Oh! Did you get your letter?”

He nodded and said “Last week. Did you?”

Oh, yes!” Lily said, smiling. “You were right! A woman came and explained everything. She's the deputy Headmistress, Professor McGonagall. Mummy and Dad were so happy! She offered to bring me to Diagon Alley to buy my things!”

Severus smiled and said “My mum's taken me a few times before. It's really great, Lily! Look,” he pulled a stick out of his pocket and said “It's my new wand. Ollivander's a little creepy, though.”

Ollivander?” Lily asked, frowning. Severus smiled and sat down. “Yeah, he's the wandmaker. Everyone gets wands from Ollivander. I think there are other makers, but everyone knows about Ollivander's.”

Oh!” Lily said, sitting down too. “What's the wand shop like?”

It's not too big, and there are hundreds of long thin boxes everywhere,” Severus said. “It took us about half an hour to find my right wand. It's twelve inches, birch, and the core is dragon heartstring. Apparently, it's good for jinxes.”

Oh, wow!” Lily said, looking at it. “I wonder what mine'll be like!”

Who knows? According to Ollivander, the wand chooses the wizard,” Severus said. He stowed his wand away and said “So when's Professor McGonagall going to take you?”

Sometime this week!” Lily said with a smile. She retrieved her letter and a bag of gallions, sickles and knuts. She took out one of the gallions and said “I forget what these are called...”

Gallions,” Severus said at once. “My mum has a few of them in her purse. She says they're 'in case of an emergency', but I don't know what that means. The silver ones are sickles and the little bronze ones are knuts. Still, McGonagall will help you figure everything out.”

Lily smiled and said “Oh, we'll have so much fun at Hogwarts, Severus! What are the houses again?”

Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin,” he said.

How do we get sorted?” Lily asked. Severus shrugged and said “I dunno. I think someone does it for us.”

Oh,” Lily said nervously.

They talked for hours until Petunia and Lily's dad came back. Before Petunia could come in, however, Severus stood and said “I should go.”

Really?” Lily asked, disappointed. Severus nodded and Lily said “Okay. I guess I'll see you on September first! Um... What's the platform called again?”

Nine and three-quarters,” Severus said. “It's in between platforms nine and ten at Kings Cross Station.”

Oh. Thanks, Sev! See you!”

Bye, Lily,” Severus said and he headed home, smiling to himself as he fingered his wand. He couldn't wait to be away from his parents. He couldn't wait for school to start. He remembered Ollivander's words. “Ah! Try this. Twelve inches, birch, dragon heartstring core, a bit bendy. Good for jinxes.”

Severus took the wand and felt a warm feeling in his fingertips. Ollivander smiled and said “Aha! At last, we have a match!”

Severus's mother had paid for the wand and he'd held the box containing his wand tightly as she said “Don't lose it, Severus. You won't get another one.”

Severus placed his wand on his bedside table. It was a good wand. He wanted to try out a few spells. He thought. Yes, he was underage... but he hadn't gone to Hogwarts yet... Perhaps... Perhaps...

With a small smile, he looked through his books until he found a simple spell. Then, he picked up a candlestick and snapped it. He pointed his wand at it and said softly “Repairo!”

Immediately, the candlestick fixed itself. He smiled in delight as he looked at his wand, but sighed as his parents started arguing again. Would they ever stop, he wondered? The sooner I get to Hogwarts, the better.

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