A Knife in the Dark (REDO)

I'm going back and giving A Knife in the Dark a plot. Think of the chapters as short parts.

A Knife in the Dark
Chapter I, Sean
Two of a Kind
I am sitting on my bed. It is a cold winter night. My name is Sean. No one can understand what's happening to me. I get these headaches, I am having one right now. The sharp pain starts at the back of my neck, and goes to both sides of my head. Small flashes of light start to come from my eyes. My body freezes, as if a plug has been pulled from my mind. The pain increases, and I pass out.
I wake up on my bed, with a cup of milk on the bedside table. I reach out for the glass, I feel like I haven't drank anything in days. But before I can grab it, a hand pushes it away.
"No, you can't have some. Thanks for asking." My older sister says.
"Lucy, please." I say. She rolls her eyes.
"Fine." She gives me the glass, but I almost drop it. Lucy grabs it right before it hits the ground.
"Not surprised. You were out for weeks. I'll get you something better for your throat." Until Lucy said something, I didn't realize that my throat hurt.
"Thanks." I choke. Lucy smiles, then leaves with the milk. Lucy is only older by a year, sometimes it's like we're twins. We look the same. People even think we are. 
Lucy comes back with some water. A glass for me, and a glass for herself.
"How bad was it this time?" She asked handing me the water.
"Bad. I don't know how to describe it." I say holding the glass tightly. I take a sip, it helps a little. My head starts to spin.
"Lu-" I start, but I can't finish.

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