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Who designed this blog?
The gorgeous blog that you are looking at including our awesome banner, is entirely the work of Jocee, who used to write here, and asked if she could redo the blog.

Wait, what is Starlit Castle?
We're some crazy teenagers from all over the place (Several US states, and one of our authors is Australian) who write stories, poems, songs, and other stuff. For more, check out our about page.

Who can write here?
Anybody that fills out the application on our about page is entered to guest write, and then the readers vote on who they liked best, and ho they want to read more from. In the event of a tie, all the guests get to be full time writers.

I really like your blog, but I wish you would post stuff besides fiction...
First of all, that's not really a question. But this isn't a personal blog for any of us. This is just for fiction. However some of us do have have public personal blogs, which you can find the links to on the Authors page.

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