Once Upon A Direction - Part 2

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Once Upon A Direction - Part 2 by Myla.

I stared at Harry in amazement. Harry Styles. Less than a foot away from me. HOLY FU-“Are you okay?” He asks again, his eyes filled with concern, his hair falling into his face. “Oh, um…yes…I’m sorry we got in your way.” I respond, turning my head to the floor. I start to pull myself off the floor when he extends his hand towards me. I stare at his hand for a few seconds before realizing he’s offering his help. I swallow, since I can feel my heart in my throat, and then take his hand. Oh. My. God. His hands feel better than cashmere. “Erm…thank you.” I say, now fully on my feet, but still not totally stable. He nods, flashing his gorgeous white teeth, “Not a problem.” “Oi, Harry! What’s going on, mate?” I hear another voice say, in another inexplicable British accent. I pull my eyes away from the ground and look up, only to see Louis Tomlinson now standing in front of me and Eliza too. “These lovely ladies just needed a bit of help, that’s all.” Said Harry, looking directly at me. Great. Now Harry Styles hates me too. Probably all of One Direction despises me. “It looks like they still need a bit of help,” Louis chuckles. He bends down to Eliza “Come on love, let me help you up.” Eliza looked up at Louis and her eyes widened. “You’re Louis Tomlinson.” She said in a dazed voice. “Well, aren’t you the smart one!” Said Louis, his eyes twinkling with laughter, helping her off the ground. “B-b-b-but-“ Eliza looked over at me in disbelief, I just shrugged my shoulders while Harry and Louis looked amused. “Hey you guys!” I turned to my left to see that Kaila has escaped the security guard’s grasp and was running back towards us. “What’s up? Oh…hi!” She’s just noticed Harry and Louis standing there, and gives me a look of approval that is not subtle whatsoever. I blushed, and turned to look at my feet again. “I’m Kaila! And you are?” “Well, considering we are where we are right now, I’m guessing you know that answer to that question.” Harry said with a smirk. I snorted. “Well, you are right about that!” Said Kaila, laughing. “Say, where’s Nia-“ “Oh well would you look at the time!” I interrupted, blushing ONCE AGAIN. “Again, I’m really sorry we got in your way. Come on, guys.” I started to pull Kaila and Eliza towards the street when Harry grabbed my shoulder. “Wait – I didn’t catch your name?” I looked into his luminous green eyes. Oh GOD – he was TOUCHING me! “A-A-Ariella.” I stuttered. I tore my eyes away from his and looked at Eliza, who was still staring up at Louis and all his glory. “Eliza? Come on, we have to go.” I said, pulling away from Harry’s grasp. “Wha?” She just looked at me, then at Louis, then back to me. And then fainted.

“Thanks again for helping with Eliza.” I said, nodding towards Eliza as Harry and Louis gently set her down in the backseat of my BMW. Somehow, the crowd had just disappeared, and now here I was watching Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles put my unconscious best friend into the back of my car on the corner of F and 6th St. Kaila had taken the Metro home after a few unsuccessful attempts at finding Niall, so it was just me, Eliza, Louis, and Harry now. “It’s not a problem! It’s very invigorating to know that I have the power to make the ladies swoon.” Said Louis smugly. I smile played on my lips as I said “Well, of course - the great Tomlinson will always be popular with the ladies. Harry shut the door and turned to me. “Well, we’re certainly glad we could help you.” He said with a shy smile. “Yeah…thanks.” I replied. Brilliant, just brilliant. “Well, um, I should get going…it was nice to meet you.” “Drive safely – don’t run over any fainting girls!” Shouted Louis while Harry just grunted, looking at the floor. I opened the drivers side door, slid in, and closed it behind me. “Wow.” I said. “Louis? Why of course I’ll dance with you…” Eliza mumbled in her sleep. I smiled then put the keys in the ignition. Had this really just happened? Had I just met two out of the five members of One Direction? I ran a hand through my curly hair and blew out a breath. No sooner had I just started the car and prepared to pull away from the curb when there was a knock on my window. Oh crap, I thought to myself. What now? A parking ticket? I turned to my left and came face to face with none other then Harry Styles. Again. I’m dreaming. I thought as I rolled down my window. “Erm…hullo.” He said in his husky voice. “Hiya.” I said back, not having a clue what was going on. “Listen,” He said, biting his lip. “Me and the boys were wondering if you and your friends would like to hang out with us later tonight.” Hang out with us later tonight. This can’t be real. Not. Real. But just incase it is…”Yes!” I said way too fast, making me blush again. A smile washed upon his face. “Good! Is eleven o’clock at McPherson Square okay?” I nodded enthusiastically. “Okay. Well, can’t wait to see you.” He said as he pulled away from the window and ran over to the other side of the street where I could see the rest of the boys standing. I rolled up my window and sat back. “Oh my god. OH MY GOD.” I said out loud before pulling out my phone to text Kaila with the news.

“Shh! Quiet!” I whispered as me, Kaila, and Eliza all crept out my front door. “Oh my god! I can’t believe we’re going on a date with One Direction!” Kaila squealed, jumping up and down as we walked to my car. “Well, Harry didn’t really describe it as a date…” I said, sliding into the front seat. Eliza slapped me on the shoulder and said “Oh come on! Of course it is! It’s a group date!” I rolled my eyes. “Right, cause five boys can date three girls.” I started the car and pulled out of my driveway. “I don’t know why you felt the need to change your outfit…we made you look gorgeous.” Said Kaila. Earlier, when they had made me over I was wearing a sundress. But as soon as I got home, I ripped it over my head and put on a old swim meet t-shirt, a cardigan, some skinny jeans, and my trusty old Converse. “Because you know I hate dresses! I can’t r-“ “Run in them, we know.” Kaila said, rolling her eyes. “You just look really tomboy in what you’re wearing.” I just sniffed and stared ahead at the road. Eliza sighed. “Stop driving each other nuts…can we turn on the radio?” Kaila reached over and turned the dial. “You’re listening to Hot 99.5.” A female voice tumbled out of the stereo. Then a male voice came on. “Well, well, well! It looks like our visitors from the UK were a hit here in DC, tonight. That’s right, I’m talking about One Direction! They played tonight at the Verizon center and the fans were crazy! And afterwards, a certain Harry Styles was seen talking to some lovely ladies.” I drew in my breath. “Unfortunately, we only have eye witnesses. Where are the paparazzi when you need them, eh Steph?” I let my shoulders relax, then I turned the radio back off. I couldn’t have bared to have my picture on the inside of the next People Magazine. “Wow, guys. We’re famous!” Said Eliza, grinning from the backseat. “Says the girl who fainted in front of Louis Tomlinson.” Replied Kaila. “At least I wasn’t carried away by someone who isn’t Niall Horan!” Eliza came back with. “Well, I wasn’t-“ “Guys!” I said before a cat fight could break out, as I parked next to McPherson Square. “We’re here.” We all tumbled out of the car and onto the sidewalk. “Do I look okay?” Asked Kaila, facing Eliza. “You look fine.” I said, as I walked in front of them and into the park. We walked to the nearest bench, Eliza and Kaila sitting down while I leaned against a fountain. After a few minutes, a white van pulled up and out came One Direction. Harry came last and once he saw me, he smiled. Argh, this boy! Is there anything he does that doesn’t make me blush? They all walked up as the van pulled away, Harry leading. “Hi there.” He said, his hair falling into his face. “Howdy.” I replied. “Okay boys, this is Ariella and these two are…?” “Oh, this is Kaila and Eliza.” I said, motioning to my best friends. “And you can call me Ari.” “Hullo there girls! I’m trusting you know who we are?” Nial perked up. “Well, I’m guessing you’re Miley Cyrus…I just don’t know who the rest of you are.” Said Kaila, smirking. Liam doubled over with laughter while Niall just said “Oh shit! My cover is blown!” and ran off. “Sing Can’t Be Tamed for me! CAN’T BE TAMED!” Kaila yelled, chasing after him. Everyone soon followed except for me and Harry. He crossed over to the fountain and said “How are you doing tonight, love?” I blushed once again, but didn’t look away, and said “Good, thanks! You?” “I’m pretty well. Did you enjoy the concert?” I bit my lip and said “Well…I kinda…wasn’t there…” He raised his eyebrows “What?” I laughed “It’s a long story…” “Well, your friends and the boys are seeming to keep themselves occupied,” He motioned over at the rest of the band, which was running around and laughing. “Would you like to take a walk and tell me then?” He said. I looked him straight in the eye and said “I would love to.”

“You did not!” Said Harry, laughing. I hid my face in my hands and said “Yes. We did. Two hours. People probably thought we were homeless or prostitutes.” He just laughed some more. “I’m so sorry about that!” We were sitting under a patch of grass under a tree. “Hey,” I shrugged. “It’s no big deal. You don’t control Ticketmaster.com.” He went completely serious. “Actually, I do.” I leaned back onto a tree and said “Well that would explain why there are never tickets for Cats.” And we both burst in to giggles. “No, but seriously. He said, picking at a lose thread in his jeans. “I’m sorry about that. You know, we’re going to be here in your lovely city for another week and then we’re going to do one more show next weekend before we leave…would you and your friends like tickets?” I just stared at him. “Wow, really?” He nodded. “That would be wonderful, thanks!” He smiled. “Okay, it’s a done deal. Now, what do you do for fun in this city?” He asked before shaking his hair back into place. “Well, the museums are awesome, they have some good baseball games…oh – and your visit isn’t complete until you nearly get run over by a taxi!” He snorted “Trust me, I’ve been to New York and I’ve already experienced that one too many times…you like baseball?” “Well, kind of – I like sports, and Washington DC is the home of The Nationals…I just don’t really understand it. I would love to go to a game and have someone other than my father explain it to me. He just speaks gibberish.” I shrugged. “And you’ve been to New York?” “I’m in One Direction – I’ve been everywhere!” He laughed. “Really?” “Mhmm.” “So…Austraila?” “Check.” “Sweden?” “Double check?” “Italy?” “Yup.” I bounced up and down. “Yay Italy!” He smirked and said “You have a liking for Italy?” “Well, I’m Italian so…yeah!” “Really?” “My name is Ariella. Say that in an Italian accent” I said, giving him a playful glare. “Ariella!” He shouted, making sure to roll the “R”. “”Shush! We don’t need Obama to wake up!” I laughed. “So, can you speak any Italian?” He asked, grinning. “Eh…a little. You?” “A little…” He replied. “Oh really? Okay – Ciao, come sta?” “Er…” I doubled over laughing. “It means ‘how are you?’.” “Oh, okay. I’m fine, how are you?” “And that would be ‘Bene, e tu?’.” “And your answer would be?” He said, leaning closer to me. “Molto bene, grazie.” I replied. “Aha! That means ‘something fine, thanks’.!” He guessed. “Score one for Harry Styles, even though it’s not ‘something’, it’s ‘really good’!” I said giggling. “Eh…close enough.” He said, shrugging. Then I heard an Irish accent call out “Harry! Time to go!” “Oh damn.” He said standing up, then helping me to my feet too. “I had a great time tonight.” He said. I smiled shyly then said “Me too.” He put his hands in his pockets and said “I would love to see you again…maybe at a museum? Or a baseball game? Or under a taxi wheel?” I grinning and said “That would be great…well, not if I was under a taxi, but the others sound cool!” He smiled back “Great! Can I get your number?” he said, holding out his iPhone. “Sure.” I typed in my name and number then handed it back to him. “Oh, how about a picture too?” There was a street lamp near, so I figured the lighting wouldn’t be too bad so I said “Ah, what the hell.” He came closer to me and put his arm around my waist. “Say cheese!” He said with his prize winning smile. So I smiled back, but at the last minute he turned his head and kissed me on the cheek. The camera went off, and then he quickly pulled away before I could react and ran over to the white van waiting for him. “See you later, love!” He yelled before climbing in. “Yeah…you too.” I whispered. Harry Styles just got my number. And kissed me on the cheek. Best. Night. Ever.

Noya and The Black Lion. Part three

The next morning, I woke up to find Father gone. I walked to the door and saw it open. I walked down the steps and I looked around. Maybe it had all been a dream.
But no. I saw the Lion dragging Father to the stables.
Leave him alone, Beast!” I snarled as I pulled out my ivory knife. I held my knife above my head. The Lion's eyes narrowed and he put Father down. He looked at Father and growled “Get out of my sight.” and Father looked at me. I put my middle finger to my nose and blinked twice. This was our secret way of saying “I love you.” and Father did the same. He got on a horse and rode off, turning back to look at me. Once he was out of sight, I put my knife away.
I'll take you to your room.” said Lion. I stared and said “My room? Aren't you going to kill me?”
Would you rather I did?” he growled. It sounded like a challenge.
You can't scare me.” I said.
He turned and I followed him. I let my hair down and I took it out of it's scarf. It fell into my face, but I didn't remove it. I bowed my head. I was sad. I heard a sound to my left and I jumped slightly. I looked at ripped tapestries and broken mirrors. Ugly gargoyles and dusty curtains. All the curtains were closed and the Lion held a candle in his hand.
As this is your home now, you may go where you like. All the doors that are locked are forbidden to you. All the others are fine.” said the Lion.
What's in the rooms-” I started.
They're forbidden.” he growled and he turned to face me. His tail twitched and I nodded. He turned back and kept on walking.
And just so you know, this shall never be my home.” I said. He didn't say anything.
What should I call you?” I asked.
Anything, as long as it's not Beast.” he answered.
Can I call you Lion?” I asked. “Or how about Lionö? Lionus?” I wanted to make his life a living hell. I wanted to make him regret holding my father.
Are you always this irritating?” Lion asked, sounding annoyed.
Only when I try to be.” I said, trying to sound cheerful. I pulled out my flute and started to play. It was The Gypsy's Lullaby.
Stop that.” said Lion.
Why?” I asked. He didn't answer.
This is it.” he said. He opened a door and held it open for me. I walked in and he said “Dinner is at noon. Don't be late.” and he closed the door with a snap.
Like hell I will.” I snarled, even though I knew he couldn't hear me.
I walked over to the bed and sat on it. I bounced a few times, just for fun. It creaked slightly and I laid down on it. A puff of dust came up and I sneezed violently.
I got off the bed and I kicked off my boots. I wiggled my toes and I sighed. I pulled off my cloak and I took off the scarf around my waist.
I picked up the things and walked, bare footed, to the closet. I put the things in, hanging up my cloak. I looked at all the gowns inside. I picked one and put it on.
The dress I had picked was itchy. It was made of wool and itchy material. I took it off and hung it back up and looked for a cotton dress.
I finally gave up with the closet and I walked over to a wardrobe. I opened it and looked through until I had found a sky blue cotton shirt and a silk skirt with cotton lining. I pulled them on and found that they were comfortable. But I wanted a few scarves to complete the outfit. I walked back to the closet and took out a animal print scarf and I put it around my hair. I then took a blue and black scarf (black on one side and blue on the other) and wrapped it around my waist. I looked through the closet for a pair of sandals. But I didn't see any. I pulled on socks and then put on a pair of ''regular'' shoes. But they pinched and I kicked therm off again. I put my boots back on and I cleared my throat. I walked to a mirror with make-up on it and I took some bright red lipstick. I put it on and I took some blue eye make up and it make my hazel-brown eyes look bigger. I put on some blush and I put on a few more colorful scarves. I was full blown gypsy and I loved it. I made sure I had my knife and my flute with me and then I went to go explore the castle.
I walked around, looking in every room that was unlocked. Then, I saw it was eleven thirty. I ran back to my room and I shut and bolted the door behind me. The clock on the mantle above the fireplace chimed twelve. Noon. I waited a moment before I heard a knock on me door. I looked out the lock and saw no one.

Trace of a Smile

I have been busy, busy, busy! So I'm super sorry, and this will just be a super short post. It's just two verses from a song I'm working on. And please note all songs/stories/poems by myself are COPYRIGHT!

A girl with a broken heart
A boy that tore it all apart
Now she stands within the last mile
All that's left is a trace of a smile

Nate Blackwall Part 5 (Anna-Christina's POV)

(Part one, part two, part three, part four, part five.)

I was hugely nervous. I had spent at least twenty minutes redoing my hair a thousand different ways, before finally just brushing it down and slapping on a plastic hair clip I'd had since I was eight.
Then I couldn't decide what to wear.
It seems really shallow, but I really liked Nate. He was sweet and geeky, and perfectly sarcastic. When he'd asked me to go out with him, I was caught off guard completely.

"Annie!" My mom called up the stairs. "Your date's here!"
Crap! I thought. I wasn't wearing a shirt. I quickly scrambled to put on something, and dashed downstairs, simultaneously putting on a cardigan.
"Coming!" I shouted.

"Hi Nate."
He smiled. I was glad to see he was just as nervous as I. 
"You look really nice," he said quietly. Thank god, I thought, but I smiled and said,
"Thanks. I like your shirt." He was wearing a pair of jeans and an Iron Man shirt that I'd seen him wear to school before.
 I smiled a bit remembering the time he wore on a day we were watching a film in class.
The lights went down, and his shirt lit up, so the health teacher kicked him out of class.
I had wished MY shirt glowed, so I wouldn't have to sit through a movie about STDs.

"Don't stay out to late..." my Mom said worriedly. I told her we'd be fine and she shut the door.
Nate grinned at me.
"So what does your mom have against Iron Man?" he asked. I chuckled. "If you'd worn a Captain America shirt, she'd be convinced you were the greatest thing since the internet." My mom's a big believer in "American values," the kind that involve guns and smart-ass boys not getting anywhere near her daughter.

I linked his arm in mine and smiled. I asked where we were going.
"I was thinking ice cream and a surprise," Nate said mischievously. I raised my eyebrows.
"How wonderfully surprising."

We headed off for the ice cream place in town, practically skipping.

I love the ice cream parl r so much. When I was a little kid my mom would take me there and we'd get chocolate ice cream in cups with cones squished on top. I still liked the same thing, but now I chose Mexican chocolate instead.

I wanted to stay inside the shop for a little while and chat or something, but as soon as we picked up our ice creams, Nate pulled me out of the store.
"We have to keep moving!"he said frantically.
"Why?" I demanded.
He turned to me. "I don't want to miss it!"
I would have asked what, but before i could say anything, Nate grabbed my hand and hurried through the streets, dodging people and cars, going faster as the sunset progressed.
"NATE! Where are you taking me!" I shouted.
"It's a surprise!" he yelled back grinning like a lunatic.

Finally he stopped at the park. I gasped. The sun was setting right over the pond, setting the trees ablaze with a golden glow.
"It's like wonderland," I whispered, staring into Nate's smiling eyes. I squeezed his hand. He leaned in closer to me, and shyly kissed my cheek.
I blushed, and kissed him. His lips were soft, and he tasted like strawberry swirl ice cream.

Noya and The Black Lion. Part two

Hello?” I called. “Father, are you here?” and I heard nothing. I looked in a room and I gasped. It was Father's cloak. I walked over and took it. It was cold. I put it in my bag and walked to the stairs. I went up and called “Father!”
I looked and looked, calling “Father!” over and over again. Every once it a while, I could feel someone watching me. I got to a locked door. The sign said Tower and I opened the door. I saw torches and I grabbed one. I walked up the stairs and I saw another door. I opened it and called “Father?”
Noya?” I heard. I walked over.
Father! Why are you locked in here?” I asked as I noticed that he was locked in a cell.
Noya, go. Leave this place. Run as fast as you can and never come back. There's a lion! He's ten feet tall and he has claws and razor sharp teeth!” whispered Father.
What? A what?” I said. I had heard about lions before, but I had never actually seen one.
I suddenly heard the door behind me slam. I snapped around and I could see icy blue eyes watching me. I threw the torch at it, but it vanished. The torch hit some water and it went out. It was very dark now.
What are you doing here?” I heard a deep voice say from the entrance.
I've come for my father. Let him out.” I said as I stood tall. I hoped I didn't look as scared as I felt.
No. He is my prisoner.” said the... Whatever it was.
Please. My family needs him.” I said.
Then he should not have trespassed. No, he will stay here and die at dawn.” said the monster. He turned to leave, but I shouted “No! Please, I'll do anything!”
There's nothing you have that I want. Unless...” started the monster. He turned and said “Unless you took his place.”
I'll do it.” I said immediately.
Noya, no! Please, you have your whole life ahead of you!” Father cried.
No, Father.” I said.
At least think about it.” reasoned Father. I sighed and thought about it. I shook my head and said “I've made up my mind. I'm staying. Let my father go.”
You must swear to stay here forever. Never to run away, never to leave unless you have my permission.” said the monster. I blinked.
I want to see you first. Move into the moonlight.” I said softly. Slowly but surely, the monster moved into the patch of moonlight. My eyes widened in horror. Everything I had ever heard about Lions were true. His black fur was sleek and his eyes were an icy blue. But he stood upright, like a man. He wore a dark red cape and gray trousers. His tail lashed around. He had razor sharp fangs and he clearly had white claws. But his hands were somewhat human like. His eyes betrayed some wincing when my eyes widened in horror. I stood tall and I walked into the moonlight.
I swear.” I said. He nodded and pushed past me to unbolt the door. Father came out and grabbed me.
Change your mind. Now.” said Father.
No, Father. I love you.” I said.
You may stay for the night, but you must leave in the morning.” said the Lion. He swiftly opened the door and quietly vanished. I forced a smile onto my face and I pulled out my flute. I put it to my lips and started to play The Gypsy's Lullaby. It was complected to play, but if you played it right, it was a little scary, but enchanting too. It was a little... Dark. It was hard to play, but I had recently mastered it.
Father sat down and fell asleep slowly. As soon as he was. I walked into the cell and got on the ground. I suddenly started to cry. I was scared. More scared than I had ever been in my life. I suddenly stood. I took out my knife and I growled “If I go down, you are too. That is a promise.” and I fell asleep slowly.

A knife in the dark (part 2)

Rose and I did everything together. She was nice most of the time... There were some times when I wanted to kill her just for being annoying, but that did not happen that much so it's all good.
"Hi Rose."
"Hi Jon, whats going on?"
"Life as we know it!" she giggled, and I smiled. I liked to hang out with Rose shes vary nice.

(a note form Zay...)
Sorry the parts are so short I don't have much time to wright...

A knife in the dark (part 1by zay)

I made this on Monday but I forgot to post it so I'm doing it now.

Do you know when you are young that feeling that every thing is going to be fine? Well in the real world it's not true. You might think that, but if you look around in San Fransisco you will know that it is not. The yelling, the people trying steal from you, the chaos that is everything you can imagine.

I was siting on a bench when she came out of nowhere. She stood there like a regular person except the knife. It was a normal knife but the handle was gold. She looked at me and then I drew my dagger. She stepped back and dropped her knife and I dropped mine. She looked nice so I said hello. She smiled, and told me her name was Rose so I told her mine." I'm Jon"

Noya and the Black Lion

   Yes, this is once again one of the versions of Beauty and the Beast I am working on. It's called Noya and the Black Lion. This is a part of the first chapter. But please remember that this (as well as any of my other stories) is COPYRIGHTED!!!

Chapter one
    My name is Noya Mairwen Adir. I travel with my family all over the world. I have a very large family. I am the youngest of twelve children. I have five brothers and six cousins. They like to play tricks on me all the time, but I'm used to it. I know they don't mean anything by it. It's just harmless jokes. My mother tells me to ignore them. I do, but they just don't go away.
    I am eighteen and I am the only girl born to my mother. I have three girl cousins.
    One day, it started to rain. We were no strangers to rain, but this was more like a hurricane. We had to run for cover. When the storm quieted a little, my father said “I'm going to go see the damage. I'll be back.” and he left.
    We waited all day. No sign of him. We waited a day, but he didn't come back.
“I'll go after him.” I announced. I packed a bag, despite my family's protests. I packed only a few things. My playing cards, my flute (playing music what the only things, other than drawing, that I was good at) and a book. I loved to read. I also packed my journal and my pure gold pen. It held blue ink and it was my favorite. It was a family heirloom. Then I packed some food.
    “Noya, are you sure you want to go?” asked my mother as I pulled on my knee high boots.
    “Yes, Mother. I'll be fine.” I said.
    “Famous last words.” muttered my uncle. I tried to get angry, but I failed miserably. Instead, I laughed and kissed his cheek.
    “I'll be fine. I'll find Father and come back. I love you.” I said and I kissed my mother. I walked to the entrance of the cave and waved good-bye to my brothers and cousins.
    I followed my father's trail. I was good at following trails. It went on and on. I saw wolf tracks too.
It got very dark and I whispered “Where are you?” and I ran on. I suddenly heard growls from behind me. I stopped and slowly turned around. Wolves. A whole pack of them. My eyes widened. I pulled out my ivory knife and backed away slowly, careful not to look any of them in the eye. Then, I turned and ran as fast as I could. I tripped over the hem of my dress and I fell over. A wolf grabbed my ankle and I fell over. I took my knife and I thrust it at the wolf. My ankle wasn't hurt because of my boots.
    I saw a very large gate and I walked over to it. I went in and just as some wolves gained on me, I shut the gate and then snarled at me. I breathed heavily. I stood and turned around. I gasped. I had heard about castles and palaces in stories, but I never thought I would ever be able to see one.
    I walked to the door and knocked. Nothing. I opened the door and walked in slowly, on the alert. I scanned the room. No one. I entered and shut the door behind me.

Hi, I'm Zay, One of the New Writers.

Hi iam Zay or if you read red skies you would know me as Jayne (lady Elizabeth little siter)no she did not vote for me .I will be writing on Mondays I think and thank you for voting!

Nate Blackwall Part 5

{Part one, part two, part three, part four}

The rest of the week passed by in a blur of math tests and yo momma jokes. Finally, Friday night approached.

I was picking Anna-Christina up at her house at six, and we were going to walk to the ice cream place, and then spend the sunset by the pond at the park.
I would have preferred taking her to the beach, but you know, Wisconsin.

It was going to be a perfect evening. At approximately 5:30 pm, I started freaking out.

My mom was telling me to relax, my dad was saying it would be fine. But my brain was saying that pretty athletic girls and spotty nerds don't mix. That she probably only said yes on a dare. That she hated me.

At 5:50, I stepped out of my house and walked the three minutes between our suburban dream houses. Tentatively, I rang the doorbell.
A lady in her forties with auburn hair opened the door, peered at my glow in the dark Iron Man shirt with disgust, and yelled up the stairs.
"Annie! Your date's here!"

She ran down the stairs. "Hi Nate."
The woman (who I assumed was her mom) scowled at me. "Don't stay out to late."
Anna-Christina smiled at her. "You know you don't have to worry about me maman."
The door closed.

"You look really nice," I said, a little breathless. She was wearing a pale blue tank top, with floaty cardigan over it, and a denim skirt. She was wearing her long red hair down, with a butterfly hair clip.
She beamed.
"Thanks. I like your shirt."

"What does your mom have against Iron Man?" I asked.
Anna-Christina laughed. "If you'd worn a Captain America shirt, she'd be convinced you were the greatest thing since the internet."

She linked her arm in mine "So Mr. Blackwall, where are you taking me this fine May evening?"
"I was think ice cream and a surprise."
"How wonderfully surprising."

We walked and chatted about random things on the way to John's Ice Cream Parl r (the "o" had been lost to time), where we ordered our ice creams, and started heading for the park.

"Did you know that you can tell a lot about a person from their ice cream selection?"
"oh really?" She cocked an eyebrow in mock suspicion. " And what does this tell you?" she held out her ice cream.
"Mexican chocolate in a cup with a cone on top? That's easy. You like classics with a twist, and you hate getting messy."
She giggled. "And what does your strawberry swirl with a sprinkle cone mean? Pray tell."
"That just means I'm awesome."

FInally we made it to the park. I reminded myself to thank Eleanor-from-LARPing for helping me get the calculations perfect.
The sun had just started to set over the horizon, reflected back into the pond at the park. The light danced through the flowering cherry trees beautifully.

Anna-Christina's jaw dropped. "It's like wonderland,"she whispered, her giant eyes shining. I reached for her hand, and she squeezed it.
She looked into my eyes, a smile playing on her lips.


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Broken Pieces

A break from my normal B'rinna series, I've decided to do a short story. Sorry if it's horrid, it's quite late and cold here... :) Well, here we go... Sorry, if it's a bit hardcore

She looked up from her knitting. All around her was black, like the night sky. But then it had been black ever since he left. When she went riding with him on that big red bike of his, she felt that they could make this last, that she could hold on forever. When the baby came, he was the perfect father. He didn't hit the baby. 

But then their precious child, their little girl, withered, shriveled up, right in front of their eyes. All they had was gone. Their perfect, idyllic existence. He brang home a bottle, then two, and then the whole lounge was filled with them. The stench of the bottles, of unwashed man, of stale breath, of the cigarettes filled the room.

And then he would drink too much. Find fault with her cooking, her washing, her sleeping. Everything, absolutely everything was her fault. And then the other baby. Her fault, as well. She wasn't thinking. So he hit her, yelled at her, screamed profanities at the top of her lungs. "You stupid woman, you!" Shook his finger at them, her, and the other baby, this time a boy. "I don't want a boy! I want my princess! And you, you took her away from me!"

And he left. Packed his bags, and hopped into a cab. Into the night, the dark, black night. Leaving behind broken pieces of a happy life. And, oh, she thought she really hated him, that she wanted him gone, but the tears wouldn't stop coming. "Maybe, just maybe," she would say to her little boy, who was growing up so fast," Maybe I did love your daddy."

Once Upon A Direction Part 1

Okay, I know I haven't posted anything in a while, but here I am! I actually have some fiction today :) I think I'll post a new part each week...you can view it here, or on my Tumblr: www.onedirectionisextrodinharry.tumblr.com along with my other 1D junk.

 So without further ado, I give you...my One Direction fanfic! (Note: I haven't edited this yet since I was in a hurry to get it up last night for boobearapproves. Also, please, PLEASE do not diss this or One Direction - I am very passionate about my music, and it really, REALLY hurts when someone says "I hate (insert fave band/artist).". Seriously. So shut up. Enjoy.) 

Once Upon A Direction - Part 1 “Come on! Ugh!” I slammed down on the keyboard of my laptop which, currently, was going the speed of an unconscious brick. “You have got to be kidding me!” I stare at the screen, the word “processing” burning into my brain. “Oh my god, don’t get your panties in a wad.” My best friend, Kaila, says as she fumbles through my dresser drawers. “Speaking of which, where did you get these? These would look so cute on my ass…”
Still no sign of movement from the electronic brick. “How can I NOT freak out?! I’m only just trying to get tickets to One Direction’s concert in Washington DC!” The page refreshes. “Yes! I knew God loved me! And I got them from Victoria’s Secret.” The page finally loads and says…”SOLD OUT?!? NO!”

I slam my laptop closed, throw it down on the bed, and bury my head in pillow. “I just checked last night and there were still available seats! They were supposed to be Eliza’s birthday present!”
I sobbed into my pillow. Kaila came over and sat next to me on my bed. “Oh, Ari! As the best friend of you and Eliza, I know she’ll understand. I mean, it was supposed to be a surprise. She doesn’t even have to know unless you tell her.” I groaned and lifted my head to meet Kaila’s face – her gorgeous hazel eyes stared down at mine as her wavy auburn hair fell into both of our faces. “What are we going to do tonight, then? Eliza will be here any minute, and I have zero tickets to give her!”

 The doorbell rang. Oh. Crap. “Speak of the devil and he shall appear, no?” Kaila said as she got up to answer the door. I only grunted in reply before shoving my head under my pillow. “Hey Ari, I’m- Ari? Hey, are you okay, Ariella?” I dug my head from beneath my pillow, and saw the concerned eyes of my other best friend, Eliza Murphy. Now, I was totally prepared to tell her Happy Birthday, give her some excuse for why we weren’t going out after all, and instead break out the popcorn and cheesy 80’s movies. But nooo, my brain had to convince her that I am the worst person who’s ever lived. “I’m so sorry, Eliza! I tried, and I couldn’t, and – argh! I ruined everything!” Damn. I need a new brain. “Sorry...what?” Eliza looked at me with her baby blue eyes, which were clouded with confusion, and her eyebrows furrowed. I sighed then started to tell her my story. After I finished, Eliza just looked at me. “See? You hate me now! That’s it – I need a gun. Where’s a gun?”
Eliza rolled her eyes at me and said “Oh come on, shut up. No need to kill yourself. Look, it’s really nice that you tried to get tickets, and I appreciate it. Don’t beat yourself up about it, ‘kay?” She smiled at me. “Dude, it’s even worse when you try to be nice about it to me.”

Pillow, you are my new BFF. “Ariella Carter. That is it.” Kaila strode across my room from my bean bag in one swift step, and pulled me off the bed onto my feet. “We are not going to stay here all night. We are going to go into town – looking our hottest, mind you – and we are going to at least try to catch a glimpse of these five perverts that started this whole mess, okay? No exceptions.”

 I looked at Eliza. She shrugged at me. “Sounds good to me! I’m all ready, now let’s get you cleaned up and sexyfied for Harry, Ari!” No. Way. “Guys, come on, seriously…like Harry would ever even look at me! I have dark brown hair and I’m under the age of 40 – I’m so not his type.” I said, with a tinge of whine in my voice. But really, Harry is way out of my league. He’d never go for someone like me – he’s so gorgeous and I’m all…plain. What I’d do to spend just one night with him though…with his curly hair, gorgeous eyes, sexy laugh…oh snap out of it, Ariella! Not. Going. To Happen. “Shut up. You’re gorgeous. We’re all gorgeous. Now let’s get moving!” Said Eliza as she started picking out an outfit for me. Easy for her to say. An hour later, at eight PM, we find ourselves in DC. And it’s crowded. REALLY crowded. “See? We’ll never see them, now let’s go home.” I say, exhausted. Getting a makeover is hard work. “No!” Says Kaila.”We are going to see them if it’s the last thing I do! You will see Harry, Eliza will see Louis, and Niall will fall deeply in love with me and eat happily ever after. The end.” I snorted. “Yeah, sure. While we’re at it, can I have a pony and ten grand?”
 Kaila glared at me. “Watch and see.” She grabbed me and Eliza by our arms, did a scream sort of like a samurai warrior, and started fighting her way through the crowd. Ten minutes later, we were sitting on the ground next to the building. “Well…it was worth a try.” Kaila said with a shrug. “So,” Eliza said, leaning back onto the wall. “Now what?” “We stay here ‘till the concert ends.” Kaila states. “WHAT?!” I yell. “No way! I am not letting Eliza spend her birthday doing this…whatever it is.”

“Yes. We. Are.” “No. We. Aren’t.” “Guys!” Eliza exclaims. “It’s okay…maybe I’ll catch a glimpse of Louis...that would be awesome.” Then, out of nowhere, she starts sobbing. “What? What’s wrong?” Kaila asks with a worried expression. “I-I-I just love Louis s-s-so m-m-much!” I sigh.
“I guess all the more reason to stay.” So we do. After two hours, we hear the ending song, and shuffle to our feet. “They’ll be coming out soon!” Kaila says. “Oh my gosh, do I look okay? Do you think Niall will think I’m cute?” You’re adorable, now come on…if we want to see them, we have to move.” I say, exasperated. So we did…along with the huge crowd. After several failed attempts to get to the front, we fall back to where we started.

“Great. So we just wasted the whole night.” Kaila says, getting redder by the second. “It’s okay. Maybe we’ll get to see them someday.” Eliza says with a faint smile. We decide to sit down while we wait for the crowd to tone down before making a move for our car. We start to talk about the boys, when out of a side door we didn’t know existed, comes a security guy. “Hey! You three! You aren’t allowed to be back here. Move before I call for backup.” “Okay, okay.” Says Kaila, getting up. “Calm your mammaries.”
The Security Dude was not impressed to say the least. “Now, girls.” Eliza starts to get up, but her purse falls off her shoulder and spill all over the ground. “Oh shit!” She exclaims. Now Security Dude is pissed. “I must ask you to leave immediately.”
 “Yo! Calm down!” Kaila yells, now getting mad too. “She’s just packing up!” Eliza looks up at me. “I can’t find my wallet!” “Okay that’s it.” Security Dude speaks into his earpiece something about backup. I quickly bend down to help search for Eliza’s wallet. Kaila is still yelling at the dude, and it’s getting violent. “What the hell is your problem?”
Then more security dudes start to arrive. Then everything’s a blur. Eliza starts crying, Kaila is still yelling, and I’m fumbling around for a lost wallet. I feel something in the dark corner. I look up and I see a guard carrying Kaila away. I wrap my hands around the wallet, and then crawl over to Eliza, who’s now sobbing. “Shh…it’s okay. I have the wallet in my hand, and I see a guard walking towards me, ready for some violence. I close my eyes, holding Eliza closer, preparing myself for what comes next, when all of a sudden I hear someone yell
 “Stop!” I open my eyes and find myself crying a bit too. I see a blurry figure heading towards me, but it’s not a guard. I wipe the tears from my eyes and find myself face to face with a pair of green eyes. “Are you okay?” Asks Harry Styles.

Arg! Sorry!!!

   Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I'm not exactly sure what to write. I'll put the prologue of my only finished story. it's called Rosabella and Christopher. I'm a little (and by that, I mean a LOT) obsessed with Beauty and the Beast, so yeah... Anyway, hope you like it!
    “Madre, please! He deserves it!” said a beautiful woman with blond hair.
    “I forbid it.” said Madre Serenità.
    “Madre, I usually don't agree with Amore, but he does deserve it. And it has been too long since you have let me curse someone!” said another woman with gray eyes and long black hair.
    “Oh, Sofferenza, be quiet. Madre, it is foretold. He shall be cursed.” said a woman with white blond hair and blind eyes.
    “Are you sure, Destino?” asked Madre Serenità.
    “Yes, Madre. It is for the best. Or, should I say, Beast?”
    “Oh! I DO love making beasts! It has been centuries since I've made a beast!” said Sofferenza.
    “Oh, thunderflashes, Sofferenza. No wonder you're the Fate of Suffering!” said Amore.
    “Yes. And it's no wonder that you're the Fate of Love.” said Sofferenza.
    “Oh, shut up, both of you!” said a new woman with a heart shaped face and big brown eyes. “You're giving me a headache. I mean, I'm a Fate! I should not be able to get headaches!”
    “Ah, Piccato! You shall play a part too! My sisters and Madre, this may be the best fate we have ever done. With Suffering, Love (mostly love), Hope, Pity... Everything!” said Destino.
    “What about me?” asked a woman with black hair, green eyes and a purple gown.
    “Don't worry, Speranza. You will have a part.” said Destino.
    “Well, then I shall permit it then. In twelve years, if the boy is not willing to love, you may curse him. And, yes, you can bless the girl in ten years. I myself will be there when you bless her.” said Madre Serenità.
    “Thank you, Madre.” said Sofferenza, Amore.
    And that, dear readers, is how this story begins...