Nate Blackwall part 3

Okay, I can do it, I told myself. Three minutes to class. I can't blow it this time.
"Anna-Christina Gould," I started, as red as Gina's hair last semester, "Go on a date with me on friday night."
She beamed. 
"I don't see why not!"
I let myself breathe again. "Great, I'll pick you up at your house at six," I said, sound way more confident than I actually was.
"Magnifique!" Anna-Christina often spoke French randomly. It was one of those little quirks that made me so enthralled by her.
"I'll see you in math, Nate," she said as she ran back over to her friends. I walked into the school, and dazedly found my way to room 207 for English with Ms. Green, who most people agree is the coolest teacher ever, except perhaps our crazy awesome nerdy physics teacher Mr. Smith. 

I plonked down in my desk between Kevin and Gina's. 
"So? How'd it go?" Gina said, leaning on her desk for dramatic effect. Half of the things Gina did were for dramatic effect.
"I'm taking her on a date on friday," I sputtered. Gina's jaw dropped, as did the arm on her desk (dramatic effect).
Kevin looked up from the picture he was doodling in his textbook."What? Who?"
"AC Gould," Gina whispered. "My god, you actually did it."
"Let me get this straight," Kevin said shocked. "You- Nate Blackwall, Nerd, failing math, person who understands particle physics, are going on a date with AC Gould- gorgeous, soccer playing, smart, went to France over the summer with her insanely wealthy godfather, AC Gould." He paused to throw up his arms in amazement. 
"Nathan Russell Blackwall, you are the luckiest guy at this school."

"Ahem." We looked up at Ms. Green. "I'm very pleased that Nate finally got up the courage to ask out miss Gould, but class is starting."

{What do you guys think so far? I'll have more craziness next week on Anna-Christina and Nate's date. Hope you enjoyed, because Nate's story is really fun to write!
Lady E}

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