Nate Blackwall Part 4

(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

The day was uneventful until Physics that afternoon. I should probably explain a little more about Mr. Smith.

Mr. Jonathan Smith (Yes, people actually name their kids Jon Smith. I don't know why.), age early-thirties, has been a physics teacher here at Memorial for three years. He's my favorite teacher, because he's really funny, smart, and if I get to class early, we have nerdy "yo momma" contests. Also, he has a goatee.

I walked into the classroom, where Mr. Smith was grading papers. I didn't think he'd seen me, but then I heard him say, "Yo momma's like an incandescent lightbulb- old, wasteful, and not that bright."
I chuckled.
"Yeah? Well, yo momma's so ugly, even fluorine doesn't want to bond with her."
He looked up.
"As a science teacher, I have to give you props for that one."
I bowed dramatically, and walked over to my seat. Only a couple of other people were here yet.
Just me, one of Anna-Christina's soccer teammates, and that OCD guy, who was sharpening his pencils until they were all the same height.
None of my friends have physics this period, except Gina's girlfriend Kate, who I don't know all that well, and my neighbor Jason who I don't get long with all that well.

After school I met up with Kevin, Gina, and Kate next to the statue of Lily Willow Marie Caldridge, and we walked home. Well, Kevin and Kate split off to go to there neighborhoods, but Gina and I live on the street.
We talked about girls the whole way, until we reached my house and she waved goodbye.

I stepped through the door, and saw my dad with his leg propped up on the coffee table, the TV playing commercials. I don't think he even knew what was on.
"Dad? What are you doing home?"
He looked up from his phone. "Oh, I sprained my ankle," he said nonchalantly.
I nodded, as if this was all normal. "So where's Mom?"
"Had to work late. Her client got arrested."

My mom's a public defender, but she looks like a model from the 1940's. In fact, my parents met because she was doing pinup modeling on the side of law school, and my dad's a photographer. They were doing a shoot on a beach at night, and my mom couldn't stop laughing at my dad.
He didn't realize until after the shoot that a seagull had pooped on his head. She helped him clean bird crap out of his hair, and two years later they got married.

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