Nate Blackwall and the Quest for the Painting (Part one)

Some guy painted a picture of my town once.
It’s Pinnacle Wisconsin’s proudest moment as a town. It’s pretty pathetic, saying as nobody’s seen the painting.

I guess the artist specialized in boring towns, and never bothered learning their names. But we’re pretty sure one of them is of Pinnacle.

If the guy was still alive, he would most definitely still recognize our stupid little town. Honestly, the only thing that's changed is the name of the high school.

It used to be called Pinnacle High School, but in the eighties they renamed it after a girl that died. This is why I go to Lily Willow Marie Caldridge Memorial High School. I'd rather just go to Pinnacle High, but C'est la vie.

I think those few paragraphs are all the interesting things about Pinnacle, so I might as well tell you about myself. 
My name is Nathan Blackwall, but my parents and my irritating math teacher Mrs. Feldman are the only ones who call me that. Everybody else calls me Nate. Or Nerd. 
I keep telling them I'd prefer "Intellectual Badass", or at least "Mr. Nerd." Oh well.

My best friend is named Gina, and she got a girlfriend before me. I try not to let it bug me that girls find her more attractive than me, but at least since she and Kate got together, she isn't competition. My other best friend is Kevin. He'd rather I call him my "Epic Bro," but there's only so far I'll go with that one.

Gina, Kevin, a girl named Eleanor, a broom handle, and occasionally me when I'm bored, make up Pinnacle's only (and lamest) LARP club. Don't get me wrong- I'm totally into this stuff. The problem is just that there's four of us, and Kevin spends the whole time flirting with Eleanor. I try to go as often as possible, if only so Gina doesn't get bored.

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