Mark of the Raven ( Beginnings: part two )

Riki stands up. So much for confidence... He thinks. His chest starts to ache again. But he doesn't say anything. Raiden just got back from being, god knows where, for two years. He can't bring down the mood with his heart. Riki stands there, completely still, for five minutes until Rei notices.
“Riki?" She says as she walks up to him. “You okay?" Riki looks at her and tries to say yes.
“Itami. Rei, Itaidesu." Is what he ends up saying.
“Raiden! I think something's wrong with Riki. I think it's his heart." Rei says. So much for not making a scene... Raiden stops thanking Tristan and runs over to the two of them.
“Rei, get him lying down, now!" He yells. Yoshida and Tristan stand back and watch. Yoshida thinks it's funny to just watch, and Tristan can't do any thing unless told to.
“Tristan, knife. Now." Raiden says loud, but calm. Tristan sighs as the mist that makes up his body shifts into a knife in Raiden's hand.
“I'm sorry, Ricky." Raiden whispers in Riki's ear. He lifts up the knife, and shoves it into Riki's chest.

I didn't have time to finish...
Oh, for the parts in Japanese, I'm going to give something to copy and paste into Google translate. For “Itami. Rei, itaidesu" use this: いたみ、れい、痛いです
It is the same thing, not written in Romaji. No one understands what Romaji is... I'm hopeless.

Hatting a Mad Man Part 4

“Aha! There she is!” The Doctor said, smiling, when Amy reappeared, now her normal height.

“I'm almost done!” The Hatter shouted from his workspace. Amy sat next to the Doctor said whispered “What's he doing?”

“He's making a fezton!” The Doctor replied, smiling. “It's a combination of a stetson and a fez!”

Amy groaned, but the Doctor saw her lips in a small smile.

“Finished!” The Hatter said and held up his creation, his face shining. The Doctor put his fez on Amy's head and walked over to the Hatter, who placed the hat on his head as proudly as though it were a crown. The Doctor beamed at Amy and said “How does it look?”

“Ridiculous,” Amy said, smirking. The Doctor frowned and said “You're just jealous. Besides, I think it's cool! Feztons are cool!”

“If you say so,” Amy said, rolling her eyes and smirking.

Amy was laying on a sofa, staring at the ceiling while the Doctor and the Hatter talked about hats and swapped stories.

It wasn't long before the Cat joined her. He sighed and said “Tea?” And offered her a cuppa. She took it gratefully and sipped while watching the Doctor. Amy still couldn't believe where they were, for she'd figured it out by now. A cat that smiled and vanished, a mad hatter, talking flowers... It was Wonderland. As in... well, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Amy would have said it was impossible, however when with the Doctor, everything was only improbable.

“Doctor, we've been here for two days,” Amy said. She put her hundredth-something cup of tea down and added “I never thought I'd say this, but I am getting really sick of tea.”

The Doctor sighed and said “Well, it seems as though we have to go. Oh, this was brilliant! We should do this again some time.”

“Agreed,” the Hatter replied, nodding. “I'll show you the way out of Underland. Come, come, come...” They followed the Hatter out of the house and down a dirt path. He hummed and murmured a poem under his breath. Amy knew the poem from Lewis Carroll. It was called The Jabberwock, as she fondly recalled.

“We're here,” the Hatter said, stopping suddenly in front of a smallish cave. “This should take you back.” Amy looked up and saw that it was a rope ladder. She frowned and said “Are you sure about this?”

“Almost positive. McTwisp is the only one who's used it, I think, and he got back fine,” the Hatter said, not really reassuring Amy at all. Still, it was the only chance they had to get back to then TARDIS, so she turned back to the Hatter and said “Well, thank you for your hospitality, Hatter.”

The Hatter took Amy's hand and said “Fairfarren, Lady Pond. I wish you and the Doctor a good journey back to your... Ah...” He looked at the Doctor.

“The TARDIS,” the Doctor said. “It's called the TARDIS.”

“Very well,” the Hatter said. He smiled at Amy and kissed her hand. Amy smiled and said “Goodbye, Hatter. It was nice to meet you.” She grabbed the Doctor's hand and said “Come on, Raggedy Man. You first.” The Doctor started up the ladder, holding his Sonic as a flashlight, and Amy started up behind him.

“Can you see the top yet?” Amy called after what felt like an hour of climbing.

“I think so,” the Doctor called back. A few moments later, Amy could see light other than the Sonic's green glow. A few minutes after that, the Doctor poked his head out. He looked around, the fezton still on his head. He looked around, confused, before saying “The TARDIS! My TARDIS!” He clambered out of the hole and ran over to it. Amy stuck her head out and saw the Doctor opening the TARDIS. She got out of the hole and brushed herself off, the fez falling off her head. She'd completely forgotten that she was wearing it.

“Well, that was certainly... interesting,” Amy said, looking back at the hole.

The Doctor looked at her and took the fezton off. He looked at it and said “Oh, that was brilliant! Where to next?” And he walked inside the TARDIS and she heard him say “How about Fairyland? I've always meant to show you Fairyland!”

“So long as we get to save the world,” Amy said and followed him into the TARDIS. She closed the door behind her and the Doctor said “Well, the TARDIS is going to take us somewhere, I think you can assume we'll be saving a world.”

Amy laughed and the TARDIS began to move with the usual noise. Vworp! Vworp! Vworp!

The blue box faded until it was gone. A few moments later, a young woman frowned at the place where the box had been. Pushing some blond hair out of her face, she murmured “Curiouser and curiouser...” She shook her head before starting back down the hill, glancing back once, and smiling at a white rabbit in a purple waistcoat.


The Mark of the Raven ( beginning )

A young Asian boy runs into the darkness. His beat up body is almost ready to give up, but he keeps going. He will not let himself be taken back. Not after all he did to get out. The man chasing him won't give up that easily, either. Two years he had held this boy hostage. How did he get out now?
Right as the man is about to catch the boy, a hand covers his mouth. It's cold and ghostly; almost shimmering in the darkness. The hand drags the man backwards, giving the boy time to escape. The man grabs the hand, and yanks it off his mouth.
“I don't think you should interfere with this." Says the man as he turns to face, and kill, the person that grabbed him. To his surprise, there was nothing but a faint blue glow. A chill goes through the man's body as the form of a human emerges from nowhere.
“Run," Whispers a sharp voice. “You have made me angry. Remember, Tsume, this child is under my protection."
The boy comes to a large building. The street lights eliminate his path well. He walks into the building calmly. It's bright inside, and very white. A lady sitting behind a desk smiles at him as he walks past. He walks up three flights of stares, to scared to take the elevator, before he reaches a long hall way. The floor's the red flower print you would see in a hotel. With all the rooms, it would make a good one. Happily, they only will have to ever deal with five people. Yes it might get boring only seeing the same five people over, and over again, but the boy doesn't care. It's not like they have families or anything. They're dead after all.
The boy walks past empty rooms until he reaches the one with a sign on it. The sign reads: Kurosawa Akuma's! :) with the smiley face and everything. He knocks on the door. There are some loud noises, then the door swings open.
“Konbanwa, Raiden!" Yells a girl about a year older than him.
“Uh, un. Konbanwa, Yoshida.” Says Raiden as he walks past her. Three people sit on the floor in front of him. A girl that looks just like Raiden, but with green eyes, not blue, and long black hair in a ponytail. Next is a boy with dirty blond hair and gold eyes, and lastly at the far left is the ghostly form of a 24 year-old with bright blue hair. The girl smiles, the boy looks away, and the ghost has no expression.
“Hello Rei.” Raiden says. The girl jumps up on him, hugging her brother.
“Two years. It's been two years! Where the hell did you go?!" She yells in his ear.
“Eh, heh, long story." He mumbles. Rei lets go of him, and goes to talk to Yoshida. Raiden smiles down at the boy. He sits down in front of him. The boy still doesn't look at him.
“I missed you." The boy mumbles under his breath. Raiden kisses his forehead.
“I missed you too, Riki." Raiden whispers in his ear, then stands up. He takes two steps to the left, and stands in front of the ghost.
“Raiden Kurosawa," says the ghost. “thank me for saving your life back there."
“Y-yes. Thank you, Tristan," He mumbles. “Thank you for getting me away from my dad."

Let me know if you want me to continue it or not. Either way I will.
I realized that I was still on this blog, so I decided to post something. I have been working on these characters for a while now, and just put them together. I want to warn you, I've been working on the characters not the story. So it might seem not quite right at some points. Also, I'm just not good at writing in general.
Yes, some of the dialogue will be in Japanese... And yes, some of the Japanese will be wrong... Give me a break! Five out of six characters are Japanese! And I'm still learning! That's not my fault! Okay, it is... Shut up!