Mark of the Raven ( Beginnings: part two )

Riki stands up. So much for confidence... He thinks. His chest starts to ache again. But he doesn't say anything. Raiden just got back from being, god knows where, for two years. He can't bring down the mood with his heart. Riki stands there, completely still, for five minutes until Rei notices.
“Riki?" She says as she walks up to him. “You okay?" Riki looks at her and tries to say yes.
“Itami. Rei, Itaidesu." Is what he ends up saying.
“Raiden! I think something's wrong with Riki. I think it's his heart." Rei says. So much for not making a scene... Raiden stops thanking Tristan and runs over to the two of them.
“Rei, get him lying down, now!" He yells. Yoshida and Tristan stand back and watch. Yoshida thinks it's funny to just watch, and Tristan can't do any thing unless told to.
“Tristan, knife. Now." Raiden says loud, but calm. Tristan sighs as the mist that makes up his body shifts into a knife in Raiden's hand.
“I'm sorry, Ricky." Raiden whispers in Riki's ear. He lifts up the knife, and shoves it into Riki's chest.

I didn't have time to finish...
Oh, for the parts in Japanese, I'm going to give something to copy and paste into Google translate. For “Itami. Rei, itaidesu" use this: いたみ、れい、痛いです
It is the same thing, not written in Romaji. No one understands what Romaji is... I'm hopeless.

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