B'rinna {Part 6}

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I looked at Mercury like he grew 15 extra arms. "What's the Mark," I asked, "And where do I have it?"
"My dear," Mercury looked put out, "The Mark is on your arm, right there." he said pointing.
"Oh that," I was flabbergasted, that was just an old scar, "That happened when I fell off my horse, and got gravel rash. Nothing spectacular." All of a sudden, a light, faint at first but growing stronger, seemed to emit from my arm. "Mercury, what did you do?"
"Nothing, that's just what happens." He sighed and continued to talk to Zeuz, "As I was saying, she has the Mark. And B'rinna shall defeat the Dark Land once, and for all!" A startled silence fell, and then, slowly, applause started. Like wildfire it spread, and soon I was hoisted on to a faun's shoulders and carried around the room. People (creatures) started touching me, and proclaiming my feat (that I hadn't yet completed) of bravery, courage, and absolute heroism.

to be continued...

A Knife in the Dark part 5 ( kat )

I woke up in some sort of hospital. There was a boy next to me, and I had no idea who he was. He had brown hair and blue eyes. His face was scratched, and cut all over. He looked at me with fear in his eyes, but he looked nice too. Like you wanted to do anything for him.
He backed up as he saw me. I thought that he would jump or something.
“Hi,” I said trying to sound nice.
“umm...hi,” he looked scarred.

A Blood Red Sky. Part two.

So, I won't be able to post this week, so I'm posting now. Enjoy!

Chapter One

So you think Dragons don't exist. If you can't see Dragons, then you don't have what's called Sight.

“And now, class," announced Mr. David Crowfoot to my 7th grade class, “If you were to get a job, you
“I'm sorry to interrupt,” said my teacher, Ms. Ryann to the class, “But someone is sitting in the back row reading and not listening to our guest. Can you guess who that person might be Rebecca Jones? “Someone is interrupting our guest, Ms. Ryann. Isn't that more rude that reading? said me. Rebecca Jones. Also known as Magistra Sanguis, or, if translated, Mistress Blood.

“Rebecca, Principle's Office. Now.

“I know, I know,” I said and put my book away and walked to the principle's office.

I am the Dragon Killer. I have a special sword I use, called Stella Ensis. It means Star Sword.

I didn't used to kill Dragons. I've always been able to see them, but they always left me alone. Sometimes they would talk with me, sometimes not, but about a year ago, I went into my room to see a venom green Dragon standing there. It had yellow symbols all over it's body and it hissed “We shall take everything you hold dear, Rebecca Jones.” and it snapped at me with sharp teeth.

I ran downstairs and started babbling about the Dragon. My family usually ignored me when I talked about Dragons. I knew my older sister didn't believe me, but when they didn't pay any attention, I got angry. I started to yell and Mom calmed me down.

The next morning, I woke up to find a Fairy flying around my head and trying to get me up and out of bed.

“Good morning, Rebecca. I've been ordered to bring you to our Queen.” said the Fairy. “My name’s Relicta.”

“Okay. But let me take a shower.” I said. So, I took a shower. When I got out, Relicta was looking through my drawings.

“Get away from those!” I said.

“You're a horrible artist.” Relicta remarked.

“And?” I said.

“Nothing. Let's go.” and so we left.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll tell the rest of the 'How I came to fighting Dragons' story later. For now, I need to get back to my life.

I go to the principles office much to often. I walked into the office and vice-principle Sally Morgan looked up and said “Usual chair, Becca.” and went back to work.

“Thanks, Sally.” I said casually. That's how often I go. Well, I sat down and saw a few kids sitting and one was sitting in my chair. So, I said “Budge up, Loser. that's my seat your sitting in.” I knew it was kinda mean, but I was annoyed and angry. He gave me a nervous look, and moved. Wise move, getting up and moving. I dropped my backpack on the chair next to me and sat, slouching like I always did and rearranged my hat.

I always wear a hat. Sometimes it's a hat with a dolphin on it. Sometimes it's a hat with animal ears. Sometimes it's just a random had that was the first one I grabbed.

Mrs. Morgan came past and said to me “So, what did you do this time, Rebecca?” I told her and she said “Rebecca, when will you just give this Dragon stuff up?” and walked away. I rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out at her back.

“Nice one.” said the older and dumber kid, sounding sarcastic and I swear, if looks could kill, his guts would be scattered all over the opposite wall.

“Rebecca Jones.” said the Principle Mike Gordon, calling me into his office. I walked in and said with mock surprise “Hey, Mike! How's it going?” and I sat in the chair facing him and said “You know, we are just never going to get anywhere with this relationship between you and me, if I only ever come to your place.” and he scowled.

“Rebecca. What did you do this time.” I looked at him,smirking a bit and I leaned on his desk and said “Again with the relationship, you need to greet me by saying 'Hi, Rebecca! How has your day been?' or 'Hi, Rebecca! Is that a new hat?' Speaking of new hats, do you like mine? It's new. I don't know if I like it or not.”

Rebecca.” said Principle Gordon impatiently.

“Fine! I was reading while our 'guest', Mr. Crowfoot, was talking and Ms. Ryann caught me and told me to come to the principles office. Like I said last time, Ms. Ryann is crazy.” I stopped and Principle Gordon sighed and stared at me. After a while, he said “So, no Dragon stuff again?” and I said “No, Principle Gordon, no Dragons.”

“Very well, Rebecca, go back to class. But no more sassing the teachers!” and I looked at the clock and said “But school's over.”

“Then go home!” said the Principle.

“Thanks, Principle Gordon, see you on, probably, Monday!” and I grabbed my backpack and made sure I had my yellow leather with me and I walked home. You may be thinking What's so important about the bag? I'll tell you. The bag holds my greatest weapon against the Dragons. It's name is Stella Ensis. Stella Ensis is Latin for Star Sword. Stella Ensis's a really beauty. She's a sword made out of starling silver and the hilt is starling gold. It had poison on the blade that will never wash off. No matter how mush I stab it into Dragon skin.

Anyway, you need to know the rest of the Dragon story. Where was I? Oh, yes. Relicta was taking me to see the Fairy Queen.

A Blood Red Sky. Part one

This is a different story. Tell me what you think and I'll post more next week! (If I can.)


A small girl was sitting on a bridge. She was looking at the water. She breathed in the sent of pine trees and nature.

“Rebecca!” called a woman. The girl looked around, her hair hat a little sideways.

“Mommy, the Dragons are looking at me.” the little girl complained.

“Then tell them to go away, Rebecca.” said the mother.

“Oh! Okay!” said the girl. She walked to the side of the bridge and yelled “You leave me alone, Dragons!” and the wind howled.

“Mommy, they told me to go back home.” said the girl. “Or they'll make the tree fall over.” and she pointed to the big pine tree next to them.

“Then we'd better go home, then. C'mon.” said the woman.

“Okay, Mommy!” said the girl. She picked up a stick and started to swing it around like a sword.

“Why don't you run ahead and get Hannah.” called the woman to the girl. The girl ran off, screaming and laughing. Yet when they got to the car, she turned.

“What's wrong, Becca?” asked the girl's older sister.

“Dragons, Hannah. Big, black Dragons.” said the girl.

“Dragons don't exist, Becca!” said the older sister, rolling her eyes. The little girl looked at her sister in a hurt way and said “But they do!” and they got in the car and drove away. Yet no one noticed the black, hundred headed Dragon watching the car.

That is, no one except Rebecca Jones.

Little post by Zay

I didn't have the time to make the next part so here is a short song!

Do you lie to the moon?
Can you fly there to?
Is it possible to never die?
Can you, oh can you?

Do you sleep at night?
Do you try to give up?
Do you know the way down, to the sea?
Stay with me.

Noya and The Black Lion. Part five

    I found the dining room quickly. I saw Lion sitting at one end of the long table. I sat down and we sat in silence for an awkward moment.
    You look nice.” he said at last. I looked up at him and said “Er, thank you...?”
    He started to eat, but I only took a piece of bread and nibbled it for a while, to nervous to do eat anything else.
    So... Do you like music?” I asked, trying to make conversation.
    It depends on what it is. Do you?” he asked.
    Yes. I like to sing and play my flute. I also have an odd habit of reciting poetry.” I said.
    Do you like books?” he asked.
    Oh, yes! I love to read and write. I can sew practically anything even though I don't like sewing very much. My family usually comes to me if something needs mending. I like to draw too. I wish I had my sketch book with me. My memory is very detailed and so if I remember something, I just have to draw it on paper.” I said.
    There's an art room. On the second floor. Just go up the stairs and go down the left hall.” said Lion. I looked up and said “Really? Very nice. I'll have to go up and take a look.”
    He nodded and said “Yes. I've never been one for art, but I kind of wish I were.”
    Mm.” I said as I took a sip of water.
    Suddenly, the window behind us burst open and I jumped. I stood and walked over to it. I was about to shut the window, but I stopped, as though in a trance. I knew I was making a memory.
    A storm was coming. Dark, gray clouds were rolling in and the wind smelled like rain. It was very humid out. I loved the smell of rain. My oldest brother thinks I sound ridiculous when I say I smell rain.
    Rain has a smell? Nonsense, little sister.” he would say. I would just shake my head and say “You can't smell it?”
    Of course I can't smell it. Tell me, what does rain smell like?”
    It smells like... It smells like... Dreams.” I'd say. And it was true! It was the only way I could describe the smell.
    Are you okay?” I heard. It shook me out of my trance. “It smells like rain.” I said.
    Rain?” said Lion. He stood and walked up behind me. I tensed for a moment. He sniffed and he said “Yes. It does.”
    I looked up at him and said “How would you describe the smell of rain?”
He looked thoughtful for a moment. Then he said “Moist. It smells a bit like fresh water on a... Never mind.”
    Okay. Moist, though? Huh. I suppose that's the word. My brother can't understand how I can smell rain, but I just can.” I said.
    What do you think it smells like?” Lion asked.
    Non of your business.” I said firmly. He glared at me for a moment, then said “Fine. Have it your way.” and he left the room. I started out until I saw a flash of lightning and heard thunder following it.
    I shut the window just as it started to rain. I walked out of the room and went to go find the art room.
    I looked in every door on the way. I would open a door and look in and then shut it again. That is, until I came to a locked door. I tried to open it a few times, but it remained locked. I looked around.
No one. I bent down and peered through the key hole. I saw a portrait of a boy of twelve or thirteen looking back at me. He had black hair and deep, blue eyes. I went into the trance that meant I was making a memory of this. In the room next door was the art room. I went in and found a wall lined with empty sketch books. I took one and opened it. I started to draw the boy. Then on the next page, I drew what he would look like if he were my age. Maybe older. He had jet black hair like mine, except shoulder length and wavy. My hair was down my my waist when it was down and it was stick straight.
    I heard someone come in and I turned to see Lion.
    What are you drawing?” he asked.
    I... I don't really know who I'm drawing.” I said with a frown. I showed him the picture I had just drawn and I saw him tense up. I showed him the other and he started to shake with rage. I looked at his eyes and put the book down. His eyes were turning red. He grabbed the book and tor it in half, proving his strength. But it wasn't enough. He started to rage and soon, he turned to me, his face full with anger.
    He started to come after me. I turned and ran as fast as I could. I pulled my knife out as I ran and I slashed behind me, I heard a yelp and I ran on. I ran into the pitch dark woods and didn't stop until my sides were hurting. I breathed heavily and my eyes adjusted to the darkness.
    Eyes. Yellow wolf eyes peered at me from the darkness. I got up and climbed a tree as they started to circle the base of the tree. I climbed higher until I heard a CRACK!
    I fell and I grabbed a branch. But I was now in range of the wolves. I tried to pick my legs up, but it was impossible. I knew I was going to fall eventually. I wasn't wearing my gloves and the rain had made the branch slippery.
    I was going to fall.

B'rinna {Part 5}

Read {part 1}, {part 2}, {part 3}, and {part 4} by clicking on them. Sorry this is so late, and stuff!

Last time:
"He's in a bad mood today, Mercury, you better have that mortal." I walked into the throne room with shaky legs and the doors slammed shut behind us...
And we were standing in a room that stretched as far as the eye could see. Filled with all types of plants, creatures, and, ugh, insects. In the middle sat two thrones. In one there was a lady, her eyes filled with sparkles, her hair shimmering like gold. Next to her sat a man, whose face looked like it could, in one glance, crumble entire empires. Which it probably did. 
"Mercury," a booming voice emitted from the hard face, "Did you bring the mortal?"
"Yes, my Lord Zeuz, may you prosper forever," he gasped,"She is right here." And then, he shoved me forward. Zeuz looked at me with a long, withering stare. 
"A girl," he spluttered, "All these weeks waiting, and you brought me back a female mortal?" His face had begun to grow red and angry.
"Um, not just any girl, my League, this one bears the Mark." A gasp came from every corner, every spot in the room. Faces were staring at me, and whispers were flung around, carelessly, in my hearing.I heard it all around.

"Yes," Mercury continued, "The Mark!"

to be continued...

A Knife in the dark part 4 (Eli)

She came out the dark with two shots in her back, And she wasn't breathing...
" are you okay?" now I felt like an idiot, she obviously wasn't.
"I am going to take you to the hospital," and so I did.

(zay) again I am sorry... But I don't have that much time.

Noya and The Black Lion. Part four

    “Who is it?” I called.
    “No one important. I thought I should tell you that dinner is ready.” said a woman's voice.
    “No, thank you. I'm not hungry.” I said.
    “The Master won't like that. He's very short tempered.” said the woman.
    “I'm sorry, but that's not my problem.” I said.
    “I think you're just trying to annoy him.” said the woman after a short pause.
    “Exactly.” I said. I heard footsteps retreating and I walked over to the bed.
    Not five minutes later, I heard a roar and not two seconds after that, I heard a booming on my door. I was on the bed, but I fell off in surprise and I heard Lion yell “I told you to come down!”
    “I don't care!” I shouted.
    “You come down, or... Or I'll just strangle you!” he screamed.
    “Come here and try, you monster!” I shouted. I heard deep breathing then he said “Come down to dinner.”
    “No, thank you!” I said. I sat on the bed and crossed my arms.
    “It would be a privilege and an honor to dine with you.” he said. I could tell he was really trying to keep his temper. It wasn't really working.
    “No, thank you!” I said firmly.
    “You can't stay there forever!” he shouted.
    “Wanna bet?” I called.
    “You just- I'm going-” he started, but then he roared and he thundered down the hall, slamming a door behind him.
    I sighed. I decided I wanted to go into the gardens.
    I got to the gardens and I looked around. It wasn't special. There was barely any trees and almost no flowers. I sat down and pulled out my flute. Mother had told me once that it was magic. I needed there to be flowers.
    I played a happy and cheerful song and soon enough, roses and wildflowers bloomed. I stopped playing and they stopped growing. It now, at least, looked a little bit like a garden. I wished I had my dog here. I took out my journal and gold pen.
    Today, I lost me freedom. I wouldn't mind, except that, well, I DO. I'll never see my family again, I now live with a Lion (who doesn't have a name, so I've taken to calling him Lion) and I've been trying to annoy him as much as possible. I never thought I would be grateful for all my brothers teasing and annoying me. It might just come in use now!
    I'm trying to be brave and I'm trying not to shoe Lion that I'm afraid of him, but I'm terrified! How long will this go on for? I've never stayed in one place for more than a week. Oh, this shall end up being so boring.
    Oh, dear. Well, I must go now, I suppose.
    I put down my journal and I took out the food from my bag. It was only some salted pork, some bread and some cheese, but I ate it quickly. I then drank some water and I sighed.
    I stood and went back inside. I heard footsteps and I hid behind a statue.
    “How am I ever going to control my temper?” I heard Lion say.
    Even though I heard nothing, Lion seemed to hear something in response.
    “What?” he shouted. There was a pause. “Okay. I'll try.”
    Lion sat down and I stood there for a moment. Then, he stood and left.
    I went back to my room and I started to read. I played some music on my flute until I heard a knock on my door. I froze and I walked to the door.
    “Who is it?” I called.
    “Me.” said Lion. I tensed for a moment, then I unlocked the door and I opened it a crack.
    “What?” I asked.
    “Could we talk?” he asked. I reluctantly opened the door and he walked in quietly. I shut the door and said “Well?”
    “Er, this is a little complected... I... I... apologize. I lost my temper.” he said.
    “You think?” I said coldly. His gaze hardened and I sighed. “Apology accepted. This time.”
    “Will you have supper with me tonight?” Lion asked.
    “Why not?” I said. “I have nothing else to do except be a... Never mind. What time?”
    “Six-thirty sharp.” he said. I nodded and said “See you then.” and he left.
    I flopped onto my bed and stared at the ceiling until the clock struck six. I stood and looked for something to wear to dinner. I looked in the closet until I found a dress that was blood red. And it was made of cotton and silk. I put it on and I cleaned my boots off. I combed my hair and put the front strips of hair back and tied it up. I touched my necklace. It was a black nylon ribbon with a porcelain circle charm. The porcelain had the picture of a tree on it. I tucked it under my shirt before going down.

A Little Deeper

One of our authors sent me this poem and requested it be posted anonymously. Enjoy.
-Lady E

There’s nothing left.

All you feel is pain.





There’s nothing left.






Why are you here?

No one cares about you.










The whole world is black.

You take your weapon of choice.




time, you say.

You breathe in,

you breathe out.

You press down


You breathe a sigh of relief.

Colors everywhere.

Exhaustion flows out your veins.

You went a little further than last time.

So what?






I knife in the dark 3( Rose )

"Jon?" I said.
"do you know how to get to the other village?"
"oh...alright," I walked away not knowing were I was going. I tied my hair up and out of my face, and walked to the other village, Saré.
I met up with an old enemy, Eli the one boy that can harm me.
" did you find her?" I asked.
"no, not yet," Eli sighed.
"then why are not looking right now?" I got the feeling that he had found her but didn't what me to know that she's alive... So I got mad.
" I know you do!"
" no I don't! If I did I would be with her at the hospital! Not everything is what you want!"
"so she's at the hospital! Thank you Eli,"