B'rinna {Part 6}

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I looked at Mercury like he grew 15 extra arms. "What's the Mark," I asked, "And where do I have it?"
"My dear," Mercury looked put out, "The Mark is on your arm, right there." he said pointing.
"Oh that," I was flabbergasted, that was just an old scar, "That happened when I fell off my horse, and got gravel rash. Nothing spectacular." All of a sudden, a light, faint at first but growing stronger, seemed to emit from my arm. "Mercury, what did you do?"
"Nothing, that's just what happens." He sighed and continued to talk to Zeuz, "As I was saying, she has the Mark. And B'rinna shall defeat the Dark Land once, and for all!" A startled silence fell, and then, slowly, applause started. Like wildfire it spread, and soon I was hoisted on to a faun's shoulders and carried around the room. People (creatures) started touching me, and proclaiming my feat (that I hadn't yet completed) of bravery, courage, and absolute heroism.

to be continued...

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