B'rinna {Part 5}

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Last time:
"He's in a bad mood today, Mercury, you better have that mortal." I walked into the throne room with shaky legs and the doors slammed shut behind us...
And we were standing in a room that stretched as far as the eye could see. Filled with all types of plants, creatures, and, ugh, insects. In the middle sat two thrones. In one there was a lady, her eyes filled with sparkles, her hair shimmering like gold. Next to her sat a man, whose face looked like it could, in one glance, crumble entire empires. Which it probably did. 
"Mercury," a booming voice emitted from the hard face, "Did you bring the mortal?"
"Yes, my Lord Zeuz, may you prosper forever," he gasped,"She is right here." And then, he shoved me forward. Zeuz looked at me with a long, withering stare. 
"A girl," he spluttered, "All these weeks waiting, and you brought me back a female mortal?" His face had begun to grow red and angry.
"Um, not just any girl, my League, this one bears the Mark." A gasp came from every corner, every spot in the room. Faces were staring at me, and whispers were flung around, carelessly, in my hearing.I heard it all around.

"Yes," Mercury continued, "The Mark!"

to be continued...

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