A Blood Red Sky. Part two.

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Chapter One

So you think Dragons don't exist. If you can't see Dragons, then you don't have what's called Sight.

“And now, class," announced Mr. David Crowfoot to my 7th grade class, “If you were to get a job, you
“I'm sorry to interrupt,” said my teacher, Ms. Ryann to the class, “But someone is sitting in the back row reading and not listening to our guest. Can you guess who that person might be Rebecca Jones? “Someone is interrupting our guest, Ms. Ryann. Isn't that more rude that reading? said me. Rebecca Jones. Also known as Magistra Sanguis, or, if translated, Mistress Blood.

“Rebecca, Principle's Office. Now.

“I know, I know,” I said and put my book away and walked to the principle's office.

I am the Dragon Killer. I have a special sword I use, called Stella Ensis. It means Star Sword.

I didn't used to kill Dragons. I've always been able to see them, but they always left me alone. Sometimes they would talk with me, sometimes not, but about a year ago, I went into my room to see a venom green Dragon standing there. It had yellow symbols all over it's body and it hissed “We shall take everything you hold dear, Rebecca Jones.” and it snapped at me with sharp teeth.

I ran downstairs and started babbling about the Dragon. My family usually ignored me when I talked about Dragons. I knew my older sister didn't believe me, but when they didn't pay any attention, I got angry. I started to yell and Mom calmed me down.

The next morning, I woke up to find a Fairy flying around my head and trying to get me up and out of bed.

“Good morning, Rebecca. I've been ordered to bring you to our Queen.” said the Fairy. “My name’s Relicta.”

“Okay. But let me take a shower.” I said. So, I took a shower. When I got out, Relicta was looking through my drawings.

“Get away from those!” I said.

“You're a horrible artist.” Relicta remarked.

“And?” I said.

“Nothing. Let's go.” and so we left.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll tell the rest of the 'How I came to fighting Dragons' story later. For now, I need to get back to my life.

I go to the principles office much to often. I walked into the office and vice-principle Sally Morgan looked up and said “Usual chair, Becca.” and went back to work.

“Thanks, Sally.” I said casually. That's how often I go. Well, I sat down and saw a few kids sitting and one was sitting in my chair. So, I said “Budge up, Loser. that's my seat your sitting in.” I knew it was kinda mean, but I was annoyed and angry. He gave me a nervous look, and moved. Wise move, getting up and moving. I dropped my backpack on the chair next to me and sat, slouching like I always did and rearranged my hat.

I always wear a hat. Sometimes it's a hat with a dolphin on it. Sometimes it's a hat with animal ears. Sometimes it's just a random had that was the first one I grabbed.

Mrs. Morgan came past and said to me “So, what did you do this time, Rebecca?” I told her and she said “Rebecca, when will you just give this Dragon stuff up?” and walked away. I rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out at her back.

“Nice one.” said the older and dumber kid, sounding sarcastic and I swear, if looks could kill, his guts would be scattered all over the opposite wall.

“Rebecca Jones.” said the Principle Mike Gordon, calling me into his office. I walked in and said with mock surprise “Hey, Mike! How's it going?” and I sat in the chair facing him and said “You know, we are just never going to get anywhere with this relationship between you and me, if I only ever come to your place.” and he scowled.

“Rebecca. What did you do this time.” I looked at him,smirking a bit and I leaned on his desk and said “Again with the relationship, you need to greet me by saying 'Hi, Rebecca! How has your day been?' or 'Hi, Rebecca! Is that a new hat?' Speaking of new hats, do you like mine? It's new. I don't know if I like it or not.”

Rebecca.” said Principle Gordon impatiently.

“Fine! I was reading while our 'guest', Mr. Crowfoot, was talking and Ms. Ryann caught me and told me to come to the principles office. Like I said last time, Ms. Ryann is crazy.” I stopped and Principle Gordon sighed and stared at me. After a while, he said “So, no Dragon stuff again?” and I said “No, Principle Gordon, no Dragons.”

“Very well, Rebecca, go back to class. But no more sassing the teachers!” and I looked at the clock and said “But school's over.”

“Then go home!” said the Principle.

“Thanks, Principle Gordon, see you on, probably, Monday!” and I grabbed my backpack and made sure I had my yellow leather with me and I walked home. You may be thinking What's so important about the bag? I'll tell you. The bag holds my greatest weapon against the Dragons. It's name is Stella Ensis. Stella Ensis is Latin for Star Sword. Stella Ensis's a really beauty. She's a sword made out of starling silver and the hilt is starling gold. It had poison on the blade that will never wash off. No matter how mush I stab it into Dragon skin.

Anyway, you need to know the rest of the Dragon story. Where was I? Oh, yes. Relicta was taking me to see the Fairy Queen.

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