B'rinna {Part 8}

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Last time...
 "If she doesn't save us, we are doomed. If Mercury is bluffing us, he's dead to me, and the Heavens." 
Zeuz was in my face now. I could smell his breath, sweet, yet sour at the same time. He grabbed my arm and lifted it to his face. "Well," he said as he dropped it,"You have the Mark, but are you brave enough?"
"I don't know, sir. I've always been told that I have the strength of a lion, the gentleness of a dove, and the craftiness of a serpent. Will that be good enough for you?" I replied with as much courage as I could muster. A faint chuckle erupted from the King of the Gods, and a smile spread across his face. 
"Good enough, B'rinna, you are perfect for the task set before you." 
"Um, sir, eh, what is the Dark Lands?" I asked, all the while looking at Mercury, willing him to say something. 
Mercury stepped forward and said,"My Lord, I shall proceed with educating this fine young female mortal in all things Dark Lands."

to be continued...

A knife in the dark part 10 (Jon)

Jon was all the way to the end when he herd something back at the fire pit.
“Help!” Jon ran back to the pit and looked down. A boy about 8 was at the bottom. Jon jumped in the pit down to the boy. He grabbed the boy's arm and polled him out of the pit. Half way up the fire got higher until it was at the boy's feet.
“climb over me up to the top!” so the boy did but he was slow at climbing. When he reached the top of the pit, the fire was so high Jon couldn't move without touching it. He climbed though fire and only got burned once. On his left leg.

The Girl Called Fin

The little boy saw the girl. The girl smiled. The boy smiled. The girl waved her hand. The boy sat down in the sandbox.
"Hello," she said. "My name is Fin."
The boy ducked his head. The boy was shy.

The girl poked the boy's arm. "Do you have a name?" the girl named Fin asked.
The boy nodded.
"Well?" she asked. "What is it?"
"Andy," said the boy shyly.

The girl called Fin smiled.
"Do you live here?" the girl asked.
"No," said the boy. "Don't be silly," he said. "Nobody lives at a park."
"What if I live here?" the girl asked.
"Then," said the boy, "You are a liar." The boy smiled at his own cleverness. The girl called Fin stuck out her tongue.

"Where do you live, than?" the girl asked.
"Close," the boy said. "What about you?"
"In a house," the girl said. "In a great big house with my Daddy."

"Do you want to come play at my house?" the boy asked.
"No," she said. "I can't."
"I don't remember."
"Why not?"
"Because," she said. "But I can come to your house yesterday."
"No you can't," he said.

The girl called Fin puffed out her chest. "Why not?" she asked.

"Because," said the boy. "That's unpossble," he said. His young lips tripped over the word. His brother had taught it to him.

The little girl smiled. The girl had a mischievous smile.
"No silly. That's why houses have doors," she said.
"No it's not," the boy said angrily.
"Is too," the girl named Fin insisted.

The little boy opened his mouth. He was going to say, " is not!" when across the park a voice came.

"Infinity!" the voice said. "Time to go home."
A man walked up to the sandbox.
"Infinity, we have to go," said the man.
"But Daddy…" the girl call Fin said.
"Infinity Hawthorne, we are leaving now." The man put his hands on his hips sternly. His suit was wrinkled, but clean. His hair was long, but tidy. His mouth frowned at the little girl. His clear blue eyes smiled.

The girl pouted, but she stood up. The father brushed the sand from the girl's hair. The man took the girl called Fin's hand.

The man took a big key from his belt. He turned the key in the air. A shimmering door appeared in the air. He turned the handle. The door swung open. The man and the little girl stepped through.

The door dissolved behind them. The boy called Andy's eyes lit up. He ran back to tell his great uncle. His great uncle frowned and told the boy to stop telling stories.
"Someday, lad," the old man said. "You'll get quite the beating for stories about magical girls."

"Don't worry," the boy said. "I'm going to play with her yesterday."

{Two things:

1. Sorry I haven't posted in so long :( I've been pretty busy. I should start posting more often though, because

2. This is the first of a whole bunch of stories about Fin and Andy and their adventures that I've come up with, so I'll be writing those down finally.}

Hugs and Poems, Lady Elisabeth

A knife in the dark part 9 (Eli)

Eli was cold. In fact, he was frozen. The chill was coming from his neck. It spread from there around his whole body. He tried to move, but he was well... Frozen. He could still see but what he saw was not what he excepted. He was frozen all right, but he was frozen in time. Eli had been like this before... He closed his eyes and opened his palm. The pain was intense. Eli would've screamed if he could. He was moving. He lifted up his hand, and it glowed. Now he screamed.
“OW!” Leann turned around to face him.
“how...?” for a moment he couldn't find the face of the person who was talking. Then he found it.
“Rose, I'll explain latter.”
“No, Eli. You won't”
“Rose, Eli, shut up!” Jon was right, Leann was getting ready to hit back. Rose screamed. She looked at Eli and her eyes got wide.
“Eli? Did you? How?”
“I've seen this before... Kate duck, then Jon will help Rose, Jon and Rose will zap Leann. Kill the dead.” right after Eli said it, a light beam shot over Kate's head and she ducked, Jon helped Rose. and she shot some sort of beam back at Leann, and it hit her. Leann fell back into the ground.
“Shes not dead.” said Jon.
“hay, where is Kate?” Jon glared at him, and it was obvious what he was thinking… The last straw. Eli swore he could see fire in his eyes. Jon stepped forward toward Eli.
“That night I helped you! I should've let you die in the contest! Now I'm forced to be here with you!”
“hay man. I don't know what you're talking about.” Jon was in his face now. Jon touched his shoulder and Eli screamed in pain.
“You made me this, Eli! When I helped you out of that pit of fire I got burned!” Jon hit Eli in the stomach and he doubled over in pain.
“Jon! Stop!” it was Rose. Jon looked over and shoved his hand though her hart, and Rose burst into flames. Eli stood up and took a deep breath.
“Jon, I don't know what you're talking about.”
“of course you don't! It's only how we met!”

A Blood Red Sky. Part Five.

Chapter Three

When I got home, I went to Hannah and said “Can I paint my room?”

“No.” she said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“We don't have time, or money to buy paint and paint your room.” said Hannah.

“Fine. Hey! What if I use my acrylic paints!” I said as the idea hit me.

“Well, you have enough paint to paint your room that way. Go ahead.” said Hannah. “But I'm not painting it again.”

“Thanks!” I said. I ran upstairs and took out the paints. I picked up the paint-roller and started to paint my wall with blue acrylic paint. Once the blue was done, I used purple. Then green. Then pink. Then red. Then orange. Then white. Then lavender. And so on until my entire room was painted with different colors. I laughed at my room and started to paint little squiggles on the walls and swirls and stuff. It was really fun. The most fun I'd had in a very long time.

Once I was all done, I did my homework. Then I went Dragon hunting. Dragons like the beach best, so I walked along the beach. I took off my shoes and slung them over my back.

“Here, Dragon, Dragon, Dragon. Come on. Come to Magistra Sanguis.” I muttered under my breath. It was seven o'clock and I was heading back home. Though, I had already killed a Dragon earlier today, so maybe they wouldn't bother me until tomorrow.

I soon saw a Dragon lurking about the water. I walked over to it and killed it.

I looked around and saw Dell in her room, watching me. She saw me and looked away. I bit my lip. I had a really bad feeling. I ran home and yelled “Hannah! Can I have a friend over for a sleepover tonight!”

“Sure! Tell her we'll feed her!” yelled Hannah from the kitchen.

“Okay!” I yelled. I ran out to Dell's house. I knocked on the door and a lady with Dell's dark brown answered.

“Hello?” she said.

“Hi. I'm Rebecca Jones. I go to school with Dell. I was wondering if she would like to have a sleepover tonight?” I said. “We won't stay up too late.” I added.

“Oh. Okay. DELL!” Mrs. Clemons called into the house. I heard “What!” come distantly from upstairs.

“A friend wants you to go over to her house for the night! You wanna go?” Mrs. Clemons called.

“Who?” called Dell.

“A girl named Rebecca!”

“Sure! Let me back a bag!” Dell called from upstairs.

“Why don't you come in? It'll take her about half an hour for her to get ready.” said Mrs. Clementine.

“Oh. Okay.” I said, taken aback. I walked into the house. It was a lot like our house, but more cozy. I smelled cookies from the kitchen and I smiled. I could tell that they where chocolate chip cookies, like the ones Mom used to make before she got too sick.

“Can I call your mom?” asked Mrs. Clemons.

“No. You can call my sister instead.” I said.

“Mom out working late?” she asked.

“No.” I said sighing. I straitened my hat as Mrs. Clemons said “Do you have any other siblings?”

“Yeah. Two brothers. I'm the youngest in my family.” I said.

“Would you want a cookie?” she asked.

“I wouldn't say no.” I said with a smile.

“Come on.” said Mrs. Clemons. She took out a few freshly baked cookies and put them on a plate.

“Want some milk?” she asked.

“Sure!” I said as I bit down on a cookie. It was very good. I savored the flavor as Mrs. Clemons put a glass of milk next to me. I polished off the cookies and milk and Dell came down.

“Hi, Becca. I'm ready to go whenever.” said Dell.

“Okay. My sister offered to feed you, but her cooking's not the best. You might want to eat here.” I said with a smile.

“Nah. I ate already. It's okay.” said Dell.

“Okay then. We can go. Thanks for the cookies and milk. They where excellent.” I said.

“Any time, dear.” said Mrs. Clemons. “Bye, Dell.”

“Bye, Mom.” said Dell. Her mom kissed her on the cheek and we walked to the door.

“And here's my room.” I said to Dell. She opened her mouth and said “Whoa. That. Is. So. COOL!”

“I know, right? Just did it today. It used to be just white.” I said. Dell put her stuff in a corner and said “I wish my mom would let me do this.”

“Yeah. My sister let me.” I said with a sigh.

“Dinner!” called Hannah.

“You can come down if you like.” I said to Dell.

“Sure, but I'm not going to eat anything.” said Dell.

“Good thinking.” I said. We walked downstairs and Hannah said “Hi! You must be Becca's friend. Well, I have an extra place on the table if you wanna eat something.” said Hannah.

“Nah, it's okay. I ate at home already.” said Dell.

“Oh, okay. Guys! Dinner!” yelled Hannah up the stairs. “Dave! Logan!” I heard a thumps upstairs and I said “Have a seat, Dell. They usually take a while. Oh, dude! Hannah got Chinese food!” and I served myself some food.

“Well, maybe I will have some.” said Dell smiling.

“I should invite you here more often! Hannah rarely ever orders in!” I said. I pushed a dumpling into my mouth and started to eat. I saw Dell put some food on her plate and I smiled.

Once we were done, we went back to my room.

“So, what's this talk about you and Dragons?” asked Dell.

“Uh, you really want to know? Most people I meet never talk to me again once I tell them.” I said.

“Come on! Please? I really want to hear it from you! I've heard rumors, but it's not the same!” said Dell. I sighed and said “Fine. I'll tell you. But you can't tell anyone. Okay?” I said.

“I promise! I won't.” said Dell.

“Okay then. I have always been able to see Dragons. Until about a year ago, they didn't bother me at all. They were simply there. But then they started to attack me. Mom got worried about me. I was worried about my family. The Dragons have been threatening them for a year. They poisoned Mom.

“When I found out about Fairies, they told me everything. About Dragons, types on Dragons, and most importantly, how to kill them. That thing I have on the beach? It's a trap for them. It's food with poisonous berries in them.” I said. I told her all about Fairies, Dragons and the Sight. Dell didn't interrupt or anything until I was done. Then she said “You've been keeping this all to yourself for a year? Why didn't you tell anyone?”

“Who would believe me?” I asked.

“I do.” she said softly. I looked at her and said “That's exactly what I needed.” and I gave her a hug. I looked at the time. It was eleven o'clock.

“Dell?” I asked.

“Mm?” she said.

“Do you have any nice clothes with you?” I asked.

“No. Why?” she asked.

“Because the Fairy Queen invited me to a ball and I want you to come with me.” I said. Dell looked at me and said “I don't have anything with me.”

“It's okay. You can borrow something of mine. But we'd better hurry.” and we ran to get dressed.

“It's eleven thirty. Let's go.” I said. We crept out of the house slowly and I made sure I had Stella Ensis with me, as usual. I got to the portal and took out my key. I unlocked the door and pushed it open.

“Okay, go in.” I said to Dell. She went in and I went in behind her, locking the door behind me.

I looked around the garden of the world, but it was wrong. Fire and smoke came out of trees and bushes.

“Get down.” I breathed to Dell. “Stay by the door and don't move.” and she got onto the ground.

“I'll be back.” I whispered and before Dell could say anything, I had run off to the palace.

Dragons were everywhere. They tore up trees, killed Fairies and I stood there in the doorway. I took out Stella Ensis and killed them all in the room. I ran to the Queen's room and said “Majesty! Are you all right?”

“I'm fine, but we need to get out of here.” said the Queen. I nodded and I said “I have a friend with me. She is waiting my the door.” and the Queen and I went back to the door.

I saw Dell sitting there and she said “Rebecca! Let's get out of here! The Dragons have passed by twice already!” and I said “You actually saw the Dragons?”

“Well, duh! Either Dragons, or dinosaurs, Rebecca.” said Dell. I took out my key and unlocked the door. We all got back to my house and went to my room. I locked my door behind me and took Dell by her shoulders and said “You saw them. Are you sure? You really saw the Dragons, Dell?”

“Yes!” said Dell. I let go of her and said “I'm not crazy. They really do exist.” and I looked out the window.

“I was kinda half hoping they didn't exist. That I really was just making it all up. But no. You can see them too.” I said quietly.

“How long have you been able to see them?” asked Dell. “I can only see them once in a while.”

“For as long as I can remember.” I said. I thought about it for a moment. Yes, I had been able to see them for as long as I could remember. It was only recently that they had decided to kill me.

“Why do you think they want to kill you?” asked Dell.

“I don't know! That's the problem. I think it was because the Fairies made contact with me for the first time. Maybe they discovered I was a threat. I don't know, Dell.” I said with a sigh. “Let's get back to my house before Hannah realizes we're gone.” and we ran back to my house.

B'rinna {Part 7}

Read {part 1}, {part 2}, {part 3}, {part 4}, {part 5}, and {part 6} by clicking on them. Sorry I've been a bit MIA lately, I've been sick. :)

Last time...

People (creatures) started touching me, and proclaiming my feat (that I hadn't yet completed) of bravery, courage, and absolute heroism. 

I'd never been popular before, so the feeling was completely new and distant. I started to understand why famous people hated the paparazzi, nothing safe, everything open to the public. Suddenly, Zeus got up and walked  towards me. Pushing aside those creatures, he muttered to himself, "If she doesn't save us, we are doomed. If Mercury is bluffing us, he's dead to me, and the Heavens." 

to be continued...

A knife in the dark part 8 (Kate)

Jon looked at me and I grabbed the back of my neck. The scar burned from when the ghost had grabbed me.
Memories flowed back.
“Leann.” Jon said under his breath. The ghost turned and I saw her face: she was pretty. Her silver hair draped over one shoulder. Her dress was long with a moon on the bottom corner. Jon and Leann said something in sign language, so Kate didn't understand any of it. Jon looked back at her his eyes full of pain.
“Jon?” I said “are you okay?”
“no not at all.” I was still trying to find out how Leann had frozen Rose and Eli.
“she said we have to go to the contest again.” he was not happy saying that.
“only one” he took a beep breath
“only one, has not stepped foot in the contest.”
“Eli or Rose?” I asked
“don't know but one of them is going to change the game...” that didn't make Kate happy. Change the game, one shall be lost, non remain...
Leann said something else and Jon repeated it.
“she is saying that we're the only two that can remember the contest... And that you are lost for good,”
“me? Why me?”
“do you not remember?” I wanted to yell at him.
“no, my mind was wiped so I could come back from the dead!” all the sudden my vision went blank, the world started to spin, Leann grabbed my arm.
“Jon, what is she doing...” it began to sting. Jon hit my other arm.
“shock. It should help.” Leann's grip on my arm got tighter.
“can you tell her to stop!” she touched the back of my neck and I screamed.
“Kate?” his voice drowned out of my ears, and I fell into nothing.

A Blood Red Sky. Part four.

Chapter Two

I sat on my bed in a suit of armor. Stella Ensis was in my bag. I was waiting for Hannah to call for dinner while Relicta talked nonstop to me. I looked out my window and saw the ocean. The sun was setting, making the water a bright orange.

“Dinner!” yelled Hannah. I got up and Relicta followed me. I was suddenly glad that the rest of my family couldn't see Relicta. As I walked down the stairs, my armor fell away. I got to the kitchen and sat at my place and ate in silence.

“'Becca?” asked Hannah.

“Yeah, Hannah?” I asked.

“Can you take Mom her dinner?”

“Yeah. Sure.” I said, and took the tray and carefully walked upstairs and down the hall into my Mom's room. She was lying on her bed. She was asleep. I put the tray on her bedside table.

“Mom?” I whispered. I touched her soft brown hair. She didn't wake up. Tears burned my eyes as I thought about what the Dragons had done to her. I took her wrist and and felt her pulse. It relaxed me to know she was alive.

“Rebecca?” Mom asked as she woke up.

“S'okay Mom. I'm here.” I said softly. I crouched a little and said “I have your dinner. Hannah made chicken curry. It's pretty good. And if your thirsty, Hannah made tea.”

“I'm all right. But I'm a bit cold.” Mom said. So I took the big red blanket in the closet and put it on her. I got into the bed with her and listened to her heartbeat. I almost didn't notice when Relicta said “Oh. I'm just gonna go now...”

“How's school?” asked Mom.

“It's alright, I suppose. I made a new friend. She just moved here. I can't remember her real name, but she said to call her Dell.” I said.

“That's nice.” said Mom. She dozed off to sleep. I left.

I walked to the door and went to the beach. I looked at my trap and then went to the stairs that went back to the street. I sat on the bottom step and started to draw in the sand with a stick. I then looked at it and wiped it.

“Hi, Rebecca!” I heard someone say. I looked up and saw Dell running to me waving her hand. I raised my hand for a second, but then put it down again. Dell came over and sat next to me on the stair.

“What are you doing?” she asked. She looked at my trap and said “What's that?”

“My Dragon trap. You won't want to know.” I said.

“I do want to know! Tell me!” said Dell.

“I kill Dragons. I'm the only one who can see them, so I have to kill them. Otherwise, they kill me. They leave me alone at school, but after school is over, they come after me.” I said.

“Oh. So, it's like a game?” said Dell. I laughed humorlessly.

“Game? Would you call it a game if you had to do it every day because no one else can see them. In fact,” I said. I stood up. “You shouldn't get too close to me, Dell. People who are close to me get hurt.” I walked up the stairs.

“What do you mean?” called Dell. I didn't answer.

“The next morning, I got up and dressed and went to the bus stop. Dell came over and sat next to me.

“I don't are.” said Dell suddenly.

“What?” I asked, nonplussed.

“I don't care if I get hurt. I want to get close to you. I've never had a friend before! All the people at my old school thought I was weird.” said Dell.

“But I care, Dell. It would be my fault if you got hurt.” I said.

“But I want to know you, Rebecca. I like you.” said Dell. “I want you to be my friend.”

“Even though I'm wearing an army green shirt with BIKER WEEK printed in blood red letters and a skull and crossbones?” I asked.

“Yup.” said Dell. I smiled.

Once we where at school, I got the usual bullying about my hat and ratty clothes.

“Hey, guys! What's that smell? Oh, yeah, it's the smell of Rebecca Jones.” said a girl named Jade.

“Ha ha, Jade. Very amusing.” I said. I looked at her clothes and said “Nice top. Who shot the couch?”

“Aw, shuddup, Jones.” said Jade. I sighed and said “Yeah. I'm scared of you.”

Rebecca Jones to the principles office please.” said the announcer suddenly.

“What did you do?” asked Dell.

“Nothing, as far as I know.” I said, feeling bemused. “I guess I'll see you later.”

“Oh. Yeah. See you.” said Dell. She walked off.

I knocked on the principles door.

“Come in, Rebecca.” said Principle Gordon and so I walked in.

“Okay, this is a first,” I said as I sat in the chair. “What did I do?”

“Lot's Rebecca. Lot's. Your talk of Dragons are concerning the teachers. I would like you to see the guidance councilor once a day.” he said.

“What? Why?” I asked, standing.

“Sit please, Rebecca.” said Principle Gordon.

Not until you tell me why. And not all the 'the teachers are concerned' stuff, the truth.” I said.

“Fine. Your sister, Hannah, -”

“I only have one sister.” I said, annoyed.

“I spoke to her and she told me that you have a severe case of schizophrenia. I would like to keep it so that you can't see them anymore. They seem to scare you.” said Principle Gordon.

“That is a complete LIE. I have always been able to see Dragons, no, it is NOT schizophrenia, and I AM NOT AFRAID ON THEM!” I screamed. “I'd never had any reason to hate Dragons until they started to try and KILL ME.”

“They try to kill you?” he asked.

“Only when I'm not in the school building. But yeah. I kill them. I have been for the last year. That's my job.” I said.

“What do you kill them with?” he asked.

“Tell me, Principle Gordon, shouldn't the GC be questioning me and not you?” I asked sweetly as poison.

“Fine. Go to the councilor after school is done.” said Principle Gordon.

“Fine.” I muttered. I walked out of the room and into class. I sat next to Dell and sighed. I looked over at Dell and she tied a piece of paper to a pencil with a hair tie and dropped in on the ground. It rolled to me and I picked it up. I untied the paper and read it.

How did it go? It said.

I looked at Dell and shrugged and then glared at the wall.

Dell looked at my pityingly. I sighed again and looked at the teacher. We where learning about algebra. But I didn't take a word of it in. I started to draw a Dragon on the back of the paper Dell had sent me with the pencil. I saw Relicta out of the corner of my eye sitting on the windowsill. I looked over at her and shot her a go-away-before-you-get-me-into-trouble look. She smiled innocently. I shot daggers from my eyes.

“Mrs. Ryann? Can I go to the bathroom?” I asked.

Go ahead. And then you take x and you-” I got up and went to the bathroom down the hall. I saw Relicta shoot up the hall after me. I walked into the bathroom and made sure it was empty before locking the door behind me and saying “Okay, Relicta, what do you want? You know I'm off limits at school. Even the Dragons know it! So what you have to say to me better be important.”

“Magistra Sanguis, no offense, the Queen has invited you to the ball tonight.” she said. “I would be an honor to have you, Magi.”

“I'll think about it.” I said. I unlocked the bathroom door and walked back to class.

When school was over, I sighed as I walked to the guidance councilor room. I knocked on the door.

“Come in.” said a woman's voice. I opened the door and saw a woman with short brown hair sitting at a round table. On the table was paper, crayons, pencils, markers, erasers, and paint. I sat and said “So. Let's get this over with. I have things to do and not much time to do them.”

“Mm. You can call me Hope.” said Hope.

“Huh. Funny. Real cute. Your name is Hope and you give hope to kids that they'll be okay. But, thing is, I don't need hope. I need someone human who believes that I see and kill Dragons.” I said.

“Okay, Rebecca. Can you draw for me what Dragons look like?” Hope asked.

“Sure.” I said. “Which kind on Dragon do you want me to draw?”

“How many kinds on Dragons are there?” she asked.

“Dunno. I've never really paid much attention to be honest. I know there are at least ten.” I said.

“Then draw the first one that comes to mind.” said Hope.

“Okay.” I said. I took a pencil and started to draw. Fortunately, I had always been a pretty good artist, unlike what Relicta said. I drew a Tueur. With it's huge wings and it's killer black beak and it's sharp, green glittery eyes. It looked more like a bird than a Dragon.

“This is a Tueur.” I said.

“It it bad?” she asked, looking at it.

“Well, duh.” I said. I rolled my eyes. “How long is this going to take?”

“As long as it takes.” she said. I sighed and said “Can we cut this short then? I need to check on my trap.”

“No.” she said. I shot knives from my eyes at her.

“Lady, Honestly, I don't care about this. I don't have whatever mental disease you think I have, okay? You wanna give me hope? Then give me hope that we can find a cure for what's killing my Mom. The more time I spend here, the more she's dead.” I said. I kicked back and said “So?”

“I... What do you use to kill Dragons?” Hope asked.

“A sword.” I said.

“Do you carry with you?” she asked.

“Duh.” I said rolling my eyes again.

“Where on you do you keep it?” she asked.

“A bag.” I said.

“What is it made out of?”


“What do you work for?”

“The Queen. Again, duh.”

“What is she?”

“A Fairy.”

“What do they call you?” she asked. I blinked. I knew that what I was called wasn't a secret. I mean, every Dragon knew that that's what I'm called, but a human had never actually asked me what I was called.

“They call me Magistra Sanguis.” I said. “But sometimes just Magi.

“Why?” she asked. I was about to answer, when I stopped. I shut my mouth the thought.

“I... I don't know...” I whispered. “They just do. From the very start.” I cleared my throat and leaned forward to her.

“You won't say a thing to anyone else, right?” I asked.

“Nothing we say leaves this room, Rebecca.” said Hope. I sighed, kind of relieved.

“Everyone thinks I'm crazy. But I'm not. I've always been able to see Dragons. But they've never posed much of a threat. I also saw Fairies too, but they never talked to me. They only ever watched me.” I said.

“What do the Fairies look like?” asked Hope.

“They look like people. They can grow and shrink. Their wings, like woven spiderwebs. They would follow me when I was little. They would fly close to me sometimes. I would try to catch them. Then once stole a picture from me that I had drawn of them. My Mom- My sister said 'Oh, look! Bye-bye picture. It's going off with the wind.' Wind. Not Fairies. I'd said 'Not wind. Fairies!' of course, no one believed me. I was little! Everyone said it was my imagination. Like an imaginary friend. Dragons would follow me too. They would always be wary of me, but they would definitely follow me. In fact...” I said. I walked over to the window and said “I see one right now.”

“Where?” Hope asked.

“There.” I said. I pointed to it and I saw Hope sigh.

“That's a pine tree, Rebecca.” she said., but she shifted uncomfortably.

“See what I mean? Oh look, it's moving.” I said. “Right at us. In fact...” I said. I looked around and said “Can this window open?”

“Yeah.” Hope said slowly. I opened the window and waited until the giant was standing right outside the window. It bent down to look at me. I took a pencil and put it in the giant's eye. It screamed and I put in another one. Blood came out of it's eye and I tackled Hope (who was standing next to me) to the ground to duck the blood drops. Blood it like acid and can burn skin. I shut stood and shut the window hastily, but the Dragon put it's fist through the window and I screamed. I pulled out Stella Ensis and I swung blindly at the Dragon. It screamed a high pitched noise and I opened my eyes. I saw blood gushing out of it's hand. I jumped onto the fingers and ran up it's arm. I pushed Stella Ensis into the forehead and it burst into flames. I jumped onto a tree that was close by and jumped back into the school building. I saw Hope gaping at me and I said “You, Hope, just saw me kill a Dragon.”

“You- I- ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?” she yelled.

“That's why I'm here, isn't it?” I asked. I could tell she was trying to keep it together for the sake of this appointment. It amused me greatly, so I smiled and said “Should I go home now?”

“I- You- It- I'm- Arg! Yes! Go home. PLEASE!” said Hope. I walked to the door, but before I opened it, I said “And, Miss Hope, what we do here, stays here. Remember, or things will start to happen to you. But don't get connected to me. People I care about get killed. I'm alone, and I will always be alone. And, don't worry, I do this all the time.” I smiled and ran out.

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A knife in the dark part 7 (Jon)

There was silence before it started.
“Jon?” I couldn't see who it was. for a moment I thought that it hadn't worked and I was still awake.
“Jon? Is that you?” okay it had worked, it had to be Kate.
“you-you did it, didn't you” she asked.
“I had to...”
“you're so dead Mr. Star”
“thanks little sis.”
“I can't believe you did this it'll find us!” I knew she was right, but if I was to contact her it had to be now.
“it can't find us, and if it does I won't let it hurt you no matter what.” if there was one thing I was sure would happen is one of the four, will be lost this place... The endless road, the contest.
I woke up with a start. Kate, Rose, and Eli were siting on a couch. Then I realized that I was too.
“you live!” Kate yelled and hugged me so hard she was choking me.
“can't breathe!”
“sorry!” she let go and I gasped for air. And I knew it had worked, heck I'd even survived.
“Leann...” I started, but Rose had other ideas.
“the contest. The endless road... One shall be lost, and none remain.” I didn't like the sound of that... One shall be lost, and none remain. How does that even work? There's four of us, and if one is lost...
“we need four for after the contest” I said “And if one is lost that means we need five to go in.”
“no, we stay four.” Eli said it in sign language but Jon understood it fine.
“but, the contest of Leann...” he was saying it in sign language but he couldn't for the life of him remember how to say horrible. Eli got the message.
“no!” he yelled this time out loud. The way he said it made a chill go down Jon's back, and the ward rang in his ears not again! He thought, but too late... Something ran in-no not ran floated in- Kate stumbled back, Rose, and Eli looked frozen in time Eli was making a sign with his hands, run!

A Blood Red Sky. Part three.

I walked out and Relicta took me to an alleyway. She took a very small key from the pocket of her little Fairy dress and lifted a little flap in the brick. She fit the key into the hole under the flap and another little flap appeared and Relicta said “All hail our Mother, Queen!” and the flap shut and a door appeared and Relicta said “You coming?” and I walked into a world that wasn't my own.

The world was like this. The sky was purple and pink with sparkle lights floating around in the clouds so that they looked like they where sparkling. The ground was paved with water. Solid, but water. I mean, you could feel it, it wasn't ice, and when you touched it with your hand, you could take some and drink it. But when you walked on it, it was as solid as stone. The buildings where made of a white stone and where beautiful. With domed roofs and pillars that had carvings in them. It was warm in this world. Not too humid and not too hot. But warm and cozy, like when you crawl under the covers of your bed and it's all warm.

It was night in this land. It's always night. But you could tell when it was daytime in this world because the sparkles in the clouds had lights and they dimmed when it was day.

Relicta took me to the middle of the city and into a palace of white and silver with diamonds. This it where the Queen lived.

The Grand Hall of the palace was completely silver with diamonds covering every wall. I was taken up a staircase and more staircases until we got to the Queen's chamber. Relicta knocked on the door three times and turned to me and said “Now watch your manners, Rebecca.” and the door opened and Relicta pushed me inside and shut the door again.

“Hello, my dear,” said the Queen sitting on the other side of the room drinking some tea. “It's wonderful to meet you. Why don't you sit down and have a cup of tea?”

The Queen was nothing like I had thought she would look like. She was taller than most woman, with very long, brown/red hair with two strips from the front braided and pulled back and was tied off. She had pointed ears, lovely brown eyes, and light red lips. She was wearing a lilac silk dress with blue trimming with a gold braided sash with a silver necklace with a gold star on it and a gold circlet crown (A lot like the one that Lucy wears in the Chronicles of Narnia).

“Thank you.” I said and sat down opposite her and took a tea cup and started to drink, and then I spit it out coughing. The tea had burned my mouth and throat. Not in a bad way, but I wasn't expecting it.

“Yes, it's an acquired taste. It took me some time before I came to like it. Now I simply love it! Strange how things like that happen.” said the Queen and took another sip of the strange tea. I set mine on the table and asked “What kind of tea is that?” and she looked up and frowned a little as though trying to remember and then said “Kitterberry. It's a little light purple berry that grows on a vine near Star Lake. You can't eat any other part of the plant because it's poisonous, but the berries are okay to eat so long as you cook them or dry them first.” a silence stretched between us.

I finally said “Relicta said you wanted to see me?”

“Ah yes. I've got a gift to give you.” and she took out a sword from behind her chair.

“This is Stella Ensis, the Blade of Stars. Stella Ensis is the only sword that can kill the Dragons you can see” said the Queen softly. “Rebecca, I need you to get down on one knee.” I did so and she said “Rebecca Jones. Do you accept that you must face Dragons and defeat them?”

“I do.” I said nervously.

“Then by the power of Sidera, I give you the name of Magistra Sanguis, Keeper of Stella Ensis, Blade Of the Stars, slayer of Dragons.” and she tapped my shoulders with the tip of the blade and said “Rise, Magistra Sanguis.” and when I stood, she handed me the sword. It was as lighter than I thought it would be.

The Queen suddenly said “I must leave.” and she walked to the door when I called “Majesty, what is your name?” and I was surprised to find her smiling.

“My name is Queen Amelinda. Amelinda means the Loved and Beautiful.” said Queen Amelinda and she left. Relicta brought me home and I knew I had to make Stella Ensis a bag. I made one and I put Stella Ensis in the bag and always carried her with me wherever I went.

That's how I started killing Dragons. In the Fairy world, I was known as Magistra Sanguis (or, Blood Mistress). In my world, I was still known as Rebecca Jones.

One evening, I was sitting on the beach behind my house, setting a trap. I set chains and I found food and I had laced the food with raw, poisonous, Kitterberries. The food was unappetizing to humans, so I didn't have to worry about people eating it by mistake. I was pouring sand into one hand into the other one, thinking about my Mom. The Dragons had gotten to her a while ago. Everyone else thought it was cancer, but I knew better. The Dragons had taken Junnberries (a bright orange berry that was poisonous) and fed them to her in the night. She threw them up, but the poison had gotten to her. She was dying. Slowly.

Suddenly, my thought where brought back down to earth when a girl with dark brown hair walked up to me and said “Hi! I'm Clary Clemons. But call me Dell. Everybody does. Even my parents. It's because I'm really good at figuring out computers. I just moved in over there.” and she pointed behind her. “What's your name?” Dell asked. I stared at her for a moment and said slowly “Rebecca Jones.”

“Oh. Well, I'm going to go to 7th grade tomorrow. You go to Clairimont?”

“Yeah.” I said in that same slow voice.

“Oh. Well, are you going to go on the bus?”

“No, I'm going to fly. Of course I'm going on the bus!” I said, suddenly impatient.

Suddenly, I heard a voice call “Dell! Come in for dinner!”

“Coming, Mom!” called Dell looking behind her and she said to me “Bye, Rebecca! Se you at school tomorrow!” and she took off towards her house. I could now hear thunder as a storm came towards me from the sea. I sighed. I knew I should go home, but I couldn't stand being asked what my day was like, or eating my sister's cooking. It started to rain.

I was suddenly filled with anger. I didn't know why, but I needed to scream. So I did. I screamed. I didn't say anything, but I screamed. The rain was falling so hard now, nobody could hear me anyway. Thunder came again and I kept screaming. Then I collapsed and started to cry. I cried angry tears of hate for the Dragons who ruined my life. Tears of dread of what lie ahead for me. Tears that I knew that Dell's life was perfect and mine was miserable. I was now drenched to the bone and I looked at my trap. I stopped crying and I didn't scream anymore. Instead, I sighed and I started to walk back home. I took Stella Ensis and her bag with me. I walked into the house and Hannah said “'Becca! Your soaked!” She looked at me and then looked alarmed and said “Rebecca, have you been crying? Your eyes are all puffy and red!” Hannah sighed and said “Okay, Becca, go get into the shower and I'll bring you some Chinese food and warm milk.”

“Okay, Han.” I said sighing and I walked upstairs, undressed, pulled on my robe and got into the shower. I finished and walked back into my room and got into pajamas. Then I crawled into bed as Hannah came in with the food and milk. I ate and drank and by then I felt all sleepy and warm I fell asleep. I dreamed that I was flying. I was climbing the clouds. I went up and up and up until I looked down at the ground. I saw Dragons walking around. Dragons flying below me and Dragons walking and hummers flying around my ears. One of the Dragons pointed me out to a Dragon and it started to chase me I climbed, but slipped and fell through the sky, clouds making me wet. I screamed as I fell, but I remembered that this was my dream. I pulled Stella Ensis out of my bag and I started to fly again. I hovered in mid-air and shouted “Get out of my dreams! It's bad enough that I have to see you in the real world!” and I slashed the Dragon's head off. It's blood splattered me and I started to kill. Soon I was covered in blood. I had conquered my dreams. I woke up just as my alarm clock started to beep. I turned it off and started to get ready for school.

I got on the bus, and saw Dell waving at me and saying “Hi, Rebecca! Come sit next to me!” and since I couldn't find anywhere else to sit, I sat next to her.

So, what class are you in, Rebecca?” asked Dell and I looked at her for a moment.

“Ms. Ryann's class.” I said.

Wow! Me too! So, what do you like to do, Rebecca?” asked Dell.

“I dunno. I like to read. I mostly keep to myself.”

“I love to read too! What kind of book do you like?” asked Dell in an enthusiastic kind of way.

“Mystery books. Fantasy. Fiction books, mostly.”

“I like fiction too. Do you read comic books?” asked Dell.

“Yeah. You?” I asked.

“A little. I like D.C Hero’s.” said Dell.

Me too.” I said. “Now let me ask you a question, Dell. Why do you like me?” I asked. Dell seemed to think for a moment before saying “I dunno. I just do. You seem... interesting, I guess. And I like your hat.” I felt my head and took my hat off and looked at it. It was a hat that had shoulder long fuzzy ears on it. Hannah had made it for me.

“Thanks.” I said and put my hat back on. Dell wasn't so bad after all.

A knife in the dark part 6 (Jon)

I can't do this. I thought. It hasn't been done in years. No way will this work!
“Come say hi Jon” the evil voice rang in my eras.
“No!” even then at the age of 7 I was not going to let this-this thing hurt me. My younger sister stood at the doorway. her black hair tied up, and her shirt was ripped and stained with blood. I wasn't going to let that thing hurt her ether. Run! I thought but no words came out. As if she read my mind, Kate started to run but something grabbed her by the neck I would not let her die, not now. But I couldn't move. I was stuck watching my sister be killed.

I was slapped in the face and snapped out of my vision from 10 years ago. Rose was standing in the doorway not my sister and where the thing was Eli stood.
“are you ready now?” Rose said impatiently.
“yeah, I think so.”