B'rinna {Part 8}

Read {part 1}, {part 2}, {part 3}, {part 4}, {part 5}, {part 6}, and {part 7}. I'll try to make it longer this week. :) Enjoy!

Last time...
 "If she doesn't save us, we are doomed. If Mercury is bluffing us, he's dead to me, and the Heavens." 
Zeuz was in my face now. I could smell his breath, sweet, yet sour at the same time. He grabbed my arm and lifted it to his face. "Well," he said as he dropped it,"You have the Mark, but are you brave enough?"
"I don't know, sir. I've always been told that I have the strength of a lion, the gentleness of a dove, and the craftiness of a serpent. Will that be good enough for you?" I replied with as much courage as I could muster. A faint chuckle erupted from the King of the Gods, and a smile spread across his face. 
"Good enough, B'rinna, you are perfect for the task set before you." 
"Um, sir, eh, what is the Dark Lands?" I asked, all the while looking at Mercury, willing him to say something. 
Mercury stepped forward and said,"My Lord, I shall proceed with educating this fine young female mortal in all things Dark Lands."

to be continued...

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