A knife in the dark part 8 (Kate)

Jon looked at me and I grabbed the back of my neck. The scar burned from when the ghost had grabbed me.
Memories flowed back.
“Leann.” Jon said under his breath. The ghost turned and I saw her face: she was pretty. Her silver hair draped over one shoulder. Her dress was long with a moon on the bottom corner. Jon and Leann said something in sign language, so Kate didn't understand any of it. Jon looked back at her his eyes full of pain.
“Jon?” I said “are you okay?”
“no not at all.” I was still trying to find out how Leann had frozen Rose and Eli.
“she said we have to go to the contest again.” he was not happy saying that.
“only one” he took a beep breath
“only one, has not stepped foot in the contest.”
“Eli or Rose?” I asked
“don't know but one of them is going to change the game...” that didn't make Kate happy. Change the game, one shall be lost, non remain...
Leann said something else and Jon repeated it.
“she is saying that we're the only two that can remember the contest... And that you are lost for good,”
“me? Why me?”
“do you not remember?” I wanted to yell at him.
“no, my mind was wiped so I could come back from the dead!” all the sudden my vision went blank, the world started to spin, Leann grabbed my arm.
“Jon, what is she doing...” it began to sting. Jon hit my other arm.
“shock. It should help.” Leann's grip on my arm got tighter.
“can you tell her to stop!” she touched the back of my neck and I screamed.
“Kate?” his voice drowned out of my ears, and I fell into nothing.

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