The Girl Called Fin

The little boy saw the girl. The girl smiled. The boy smiled. The girl waved her hand. The boy sat down in the sandbox.
"Hello," she said. "My name is Fin."
The boy ducked his head. The boy was shy.

The girl poked the boy's arm. "Do you have a name?" the girl named Fin asked.
The boy nodded.
"Well?" she asked. "What is it?"
"Andy," said the boy shyly.

The girl called Fin smiled.
"Do you live here?" the girl asked.
"No," said the boy. "Don't be silly," he said. "Nobody lives at a park."
"What if I live here?" the girl asked.
"Then," said the boy, "You are a liar." The boy smiled at his own cleverness. The girl called Fin stuck out her tongue.

"Where do you live, than?" the girl asked.
"Close," the boy said. "What about you?"
"In a house," the girl said. "In a great big house with my Daddy."

"Do you want to come play at my house?" the boy asked.
"No," she said. "I can't."
"I don't remember."
"Why not?"
"Because," she said. "But I can come to your house yesterday."
"No you can't," he said.

The girl called Fin puffed out her chest. "Why not?" she asked.

"Because," said the boy. "That's unpossble," he said. His young lips tripped over the word. His brother had taught it to him.

The little girl smiled. The girl had a mischievous smile.
"No silly. That's why houses have doors," she said.
"No it's not," the boy said angrily.
"Is too," the girl named Fin insisted.

The little boy opened his mouth. He was going to say, " is not!" when across the park a voice came.

"Infinity!" the voice said. "Time to go home."
A man walked up to the sandbox.
"Infinity, we have to go," said the man.
"But Daddy…" the girl call Fin said.
"Infinity Hawthorne, we are leaving now." The man put his hands on his hips sternly. His suit was wrinkled, but clean. His hair was long, but tidy. His mouth frowned at the little girl. His clear blue eyes smiled.

The girl pouted, but she stood up. The father brushed the sand from the girl's hair. The man took the girl called Fin's hand.

The man took a big key from his belt. He turned the key in the air. A shimmering door appeared in the air. He turned the handle. The door swung open. The man and the little girl stepped through.

The door dissolved behind them. The boy called Andy's eyes lit up. He ran back to tell his great uncle. His great uncle frowned and told the boy to stop telling stories.
"Someday, lad," the old man said. "You'll get quite the beating for stories about magical girls."

"Don't worry," the boy said. "I'm going to play with her yesterday."

{Two things:

1. Sorry I haven't posted in so long :( I've been pretty busy. I should start posting more often though, because

2. This is the first of a whole bunch of stories about Fin and Andy and their adventures that I've come up with, so I'll be writing those down finally.}

Hugs and Poems, Lady Elisabeth


  1. This is so cute! I love the style you wrote it in. Very lovely. ;)

  2. That is so cute! I love that story!

    1. Thank you! I've got way more coming :)

  3. That's really Awesome Lady E!

    1. thanks! You know I'm working on more :P