A knife in the dark part 6 (Jon)

I can't do this. I thought. It hasn't been done in years. No way will this work!
“Come say hi Jon” the evil voice rang in my eras.
“No!” even then at the age of 7 I was not going to let this-this thing hurt me. My younger sister stood at the doorway. her black hair tied up, and her shirt was ripped and stained with blood. I wasn't going to let that thing hurt her ether. Run! I thought but no words came out. As if she read my mind, Kate started to run but something grabbed her by the neck I would not let her die, not now. But I couldn't move. I was stuck watching my sister be killed.

I was slapped in the face and snapped out of my vision from 10 years ago. Rose was standing in the doorway not my sister and where the thing was Eli stood.
“are you ready now?” Rose said impatiently.
“yeah, I think so.”

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