A knife in the dark part 9 (Eli)

Eli was cold. In fact, he was frozen. The chill was coming from his neck. It spread from there around his whole body. He tried to move, but he was well... Frozen. He could still see but what he saw was not what he excepted. He was frozen all right, but he was frozen in time. Eli had been like this before... He closed his eyes and opened his palm. The pain was intense. Eli would've screamed if he could. He was moving. He lifted up his hand, and it glowed. Now he screamed.
“OW!” Leann turned around to face him.
“how...?” for a moment he couldn't find the face of the person who was talking. Then he found it.
“Rose, I'll explain latter.”
“No, Eli. You won't”
“Rose, Eli, shut up!” Jon was right, Leann was getting ready to hit back. Rose screamed. She looked at Eli and her eyes got wide.
“Eli? Did you? How?”
“I've seen this before... Kate duck, then Jon will help Rose, Jon and Rose will zap Leann. Kill the dead.” right after Eli said it, a light beam shot over Kate's head and she ducked, Jon helped Rose. and she shot some sort of beam back at Leann, and it hit her. Leann fell back into the ground.
“Shes not dead.” said Jon.
“hay, where is Kate?” Jon glared at him, and it was obvious what he was thinking… The last straw. Eli swore he could see fire in his eyes. Jon stepped forward toward Eli.
“That night I helped you! I should've let you die in the contest! Now I'm forced to be here with you!”
“hay man. I don't know what you're talking about.” Jon was in his face now. Jon touched his shoulder and Eli screamed in pain.
“You made me this, Eli! When I helped you out of that pit of fire I got burned!” Jon hit Eli in the stomach and he doubled over in pain.
“Jon! Stop!” it was Rose. Jon looked over and shoved his hand though her hart, and Rose burst into flames. Eli stood up and took a deep breath.
“Jon, I don't know what you're talking about.”
“of course you don't! It's only how we met!”

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