A knife in the dark part 7 (Jon)

There was silence before it started.
“Jon?” I couldn't see who it was. for a moment I thought that it hadn't worked and I was still awake.
“Jon? Is that you?” okay it had worked, it had to be Kate.
“you-you did it, didn't you” she asked.
“I had to...”
“you're so dead Mr. Star”
“thanks little sis.”
“I can't believe you did this it'll find us!” I knew she was right, but if I was to contact her it had to be now.
“it can't find us, and if it does I won't let it hurt you no matter what.” if there was one thing I was sure would happen is one of the four, will be lost this place... The endless road, the contest.
I woke up with a start. Kate, Rose, and Eli were siting on a couch. Then I realized that I was too.
“you live!” Kate yelled and hugged me so hard she was choking me.
“can't breathe!”
“sorry!” she let go and I gasped for air. And I knew it had worked, heck I'd even survived.
“Leann...” I started, but Rose had other ideas.
“the contest. The endless road... One shall be lost, and none remain.” I didn't like the sound of that... One shall be lost, and none remain. How does that even work? There's four of us, and if one is lost...
“we need four for after the contest” I said “And if one is lost that means we need five to go in.”
“no, we stay four.” Eli said it in sign language but Jon understood it fine.
“but, the contest of Leann...” he was saying it in sign language but he couldn't for the life of him remember how to say horrible. Eli got the message.
“no!” he yelled this time out loud. The way he said it made a chill go down Jon's back, and the ward rang in his ears not again! He thought, but too late... Something ran in-no not ran floated in- Kate stumbled back, Rose, and Eli looked frozen in time Eli was making a sign with his hands, run!

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