A Blood Red Sky. Part three.

I walked out and Relicta took me to an alleyway. She took a very small key from the pocket of her little Fairy dress and lifted a little flap in the brick. She fit the key into the hole under the flap and another little flap appeared and Relicta said “All hail our Mother, Queen!” and the flap shut and a door appeared and Relicta said “You coming?” and I walked into a world that wasn't my own.

The world was like this. The sky was purple and pink with sparkle lights floating around in the clouds so that they looked like they where sparkling. The ground was paved with water. Solid, but water. I mean, you could feel it, it wasn't ice, and when you touched it with your hand, you could take some and drink it. But when you walked on it, it was as solid as stone. The buildings where made of a white stone and where beautiful. With domed roofs and pillars that had carvings in them. It was warm in this world. Not too humid and not too hot. But warm and cozy, like when you crawl under the covers of your bed and it's all warm.

It was night in this land. It's always night. But you could tell when it was daytime in this world because the sparkles in the clouds had lights and they dimmed when it was day.

Relicta took me to the middle of the city and into a palace of white and silver with diamonds. This it where the Queen lived.

The Grand Hall of the palace was completely silver with diamonds covering every wall. I was taken up a staircase and more staircases until we got to the Queen's chamber. Relicta knocked on the door three times and turned to me and said “Now watch your manners, Rebecca.” and the door opened and Relicta pushed me inside and shut the door again.

“Hello, my dear,” said the Queen sitting on the other side of the room drinking some tea. “It's wonderful to meet you. Why don't you sit down and have a cup of tea?”

The Queen was nothing like I had thought she would look like. She was taller than most woman, with very long, brown/red hair with two strips from the front braided and pulled back and was tied off. She had pointed ears, lovely brown eyes, and light red lips. She was wearing a lilac silk dress with blue trimming with a gold braided sash with a silver necklace with a gold star on it and a gold circlet crown (A lot like the one that Lucy wears in the Chronicles of Narnia).

“Thank you.” I said and sat down opposite her and took a tea cup and started to drink, and then I spit it out coughing. The tea had burned my mouth and throat. Not in a bad way, but I wasn't expecting it.

“Yes, it's an acquired taste. It took me some time before I came to like it. Now I simply love it! Strange how things like that happen.” said the Queen and took another sip of the strange tea. I set mine on the table and asked “What kind of tea is that?” and she looked up and frowned a little as though trying to remember and then said “Kitterberry. It's a little light purple berry that grows on a vine near Star Lake. You can't eat any other part of the plant because it's poisonous, but the berries are okay to eat so long as you cook them or dry them first.” a silence stretched between us.

I finally said “Relicta said you wanted to see me?”

“Ah yes. I've got a gift to give you.” and she took out a sword from behind her chair.

“This is Stella Ensis, the Blade of Stars. Stella Ensis is the only sword that can kill the Dragons you can see” said the Queen softly. “Rebecca, I need you to get down on one knee.” I did so and she said “Rebecca Jones. Do you accept that you must face Dragons and defeat them?”

“I do.” I said nervously.

“Then by the power of Sidera, I give you the name of Magistra Sanguis, Keeper of Stella Ensis, Blade Of the Stars, slayer of Dragons.” and she tapped my shoulders with the tip of the blade and said “Rise, Magistra Sanguis.” and when I stood, she handed me the sword. It was as lighter than I thought it would be.

The Queen suddenly said “I must leave.” and she walked to the door when I called “Majesty, what is your name?” and I was surprised to find her smiling.

“My name is Queen Amelinda. Amelinda means the Loved and Beautiful.” said Queen Amelinda and she left. Relicta brought me home and I knew I had to make Stella Ensis a bag. I made one and I put Stella Ensis in the bag and always carried her with me wherever I went.

That's how I started killing Dragons. In the Fairy world, I was known as Magistra Sanguis (or, Blood Mistress). In my world, I was still known as Rebecca Jones.

One evening, I was sitting on the beach behind my house, setting a trap. I set chains and I found food and I had laced the food with raw, poisonous, Kitterberries. The food was unappetizing to humans, so I didn't have to worry about people eating it by mistake. I was pouring sand into one hand into the other one, thinking about my Mom. The Dragons had gotten to her a while ago. Everyone else thought it was cancer, but I knew better. The Dragons had taken Junnberries (a bright orange berry that was poisonous) and fed them to her in the night. She threw them up, but the poison had gotten to her. She was dying. Slowly.

Suddenly, my thought where brought back down to earth when a girl with dark brown hair walked up to me and said “Hi! I'm Clary Clemons. But call me Dell. Everybody does. Even my parents. It's because I'm really good at figuring out computers. I just moved in over there.” and she pointed behind her. “What's your name?” Dell asked. I stared at her for a moment and said slowly “Rebecca Jones.”

“Oh. Well, I'm going to go to 7th grade tomorrow. You go to Clairimont?”

“Yeah.” I said in that same slow voice.

“Oh. Well, are you going to go on the bus?”

“No, I'm going to fly. Of course I'm going on the bus!” I said, suddenly impatient.

Suddenly, I heard a voice call “Dell! Come in for dinner!”

“Coming, Mom!” called Dell looking behind her and she said to me “Bye, Rebecca! Se you at school tomorrow!” and she took off towards her house. I could now hear thunder as a storm came towards me from the sea. I sighed. I knew I should go home, but I couldn't stand being asked what my day was like, or eating my sister's cooking. It started to rain.

I was suddenly filled with anger. I didn't know why, but I needed to scream. So I did. I screamed. I didn't say anything, but I screamed. The rain was falling so hard now, nobody could hear me anyway. Thunder came again and I kept screaming. Then I collapsed and started to cry. I cried angry tears of hate for the Dragons who ruined my life. Tears of dread of what lie ahead for me. Tears that I knew that Dell's life was perfect and mine was miserable. I was now drenched to the bone and I looked at my trap. I stopped crying and I didn't scream anymore. Instead, I sighed and I started to walk back home. I took Stella Ensis and her bag with me. I walked into the house and Hannah said “'Becca! Your soaked!” She looked at me and then looked alarmed and said “Rebecca, have you been crying? Your eyes are all puffy and red!” Hannah sighed and said “Okay, Becca, go get into the shower and I'll bring you some Chinese food and warm milk.”

“Okay, Han.” I said sighing and I walked upstairs, undressed, pulled on my robe and got into the shower. I finished and walked back into my room and got into pajamas. Then I crawled into bed as Hannah came in with the food and milk. I ate and drank and by then I felt all sleepy and warm I fell asleep. I dreamed that I was flying. I was climbing the clouds. I went up and up and up until I looked down at the ground. I saw Dragons walking around. Dragons flying below me and Dragons walking and hummers flying around my ears. One of the Dragons pointed me out to a Dragon and it started to chase me I climbed, but slipped and fell through the sky, clouds making me wet. I screamed as I fell, but I remembered that this was my dream. I pulled Stella Ensis out of my bag and I started to fly again. I hovered in mid-air and shouted “Get out of my dreams! It's bad enough that I have to see you in the real world!” and I slashed the Dragon's head off. It's blood splattered me and I started to kill. Soon I was covered in blood. I had conquered my dreams. I woke up just as my alarm clock started to beep. I turned it off and started to get ready for school.

I got on the bus, and saw Dell waving at me and saying “Hi, Rebecca! Come sit next to me!” and since I couldn't find anywhere else to sit, I sat next to her.

So, what class are you in, Rebecca?” asked Dell and I looked at her for a moment.

“Ms. Ryann's class.” I said.

Wow! Me too! So, what do you like to do, Rebecca?” asked Dell.

“I dunno. I like to read. I mostly keep to myself.”

“I love to read too! What kind of book do you like?” asked Dell in an enthusiastic kind of way.

“Mystery books. Fantasy. Fiction books, mostly.”

“I like fiction too. Do you read comic books?” asked Dell.

“Yeah. You?” I asked.

“A little. I like D.C Hero’s.” said Dell.

Me too.” I said. “Now let me ask you a question, Dell. Why do you like me?” I asked. Dell seemed to think for a moment before saying “I dunno. I just do. You seem... interesting, I guess. And I like your hat.” I felt my head and took my hat off and looked at it. It was a hat that had shoulder long fuzzy ears on it. Hannah had made it for me.

“Thanks.” I said and put my hat back on. Dell wasn't so bad after all.

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