The truth on Fairytale creatures

Chapter one. Witches.
    "Have a good day at school, Trissa!" my Mom called to me as I walked down the street to the bus stop for school. A few kids going the same way snickered and I felt my face turning tomato red. I didn't respond to her, but I looked at the sky and willed her to stop.
   Of course she didn't. She suddenly yelled out for the whole world to hear "Trissa! Did you remember your extra panties?" and the kids behind me started to laugh and I slouched.
   I was relieved when the school bus came and I could block out my Mom's calls to me and sat down. The bus went a few blocks down and picked up a few more kids. One was a girl with black clothes and electric green hair. Her skin was olive colored and she had acne. Her eyes were back and she was skinny. She sat down next to me and I took out my notebook and wrote down Witches. What about them? They are the most evil things in this world, with glowing yellow and red eyes and-
   But here I had to stop because the girl sitting next to me (who I realized was reading over my shoulder) said "That's not true."
   I looked at her and said "What?"
   "About Witches. It's not true. My mom's a Witch. I'm a Wickrey." she said "That's why my hair is green. My Dad's a Fayrey. Anyway, Witches aren't evil, they just can't channel their magic in the same way Fairies can." I noted the way she said Fayrey like  Fay-REE and Fairies like Fair-EE.
   "What's the difference?" I asked. "Between a Fayrey and a Fairy?"
   "Fayries can't fly and are human sized. They marry Witches and Warlocks. Fairies are about as big as my thumb and can fly around. Witches can shrink and grow, but can only fly on certain things." she said.
   "Riiiiight. Great." I said. I went back to my story.
   "Listen! This is important!" said the girl. She stood at the next stop and sat in the row behind me. "Fairytale creatures are real!"
   "No, they're not." I said.
   "Look," said the girl. She took a slip of paper out of her pocket and said "Come over to my place after school. I'll show you. Oh, and I know it looks made up." and I took the paper. I looked at it. It said:
Alycia Katerzyna
777 Yellowbrick Street, FW
 I turned to tell her that this address didn't exist, but she was gone.


I don't understand
Why Persephone ate
That pomegranate!

The Flame

I see the candle burn on my table.  Flicker, flicker.  I see the orange flame as it gives smoke.  Flicker, flicker.  I watch as wax gets onto the table.  Flicker, flicker.  I cry as smoke gets in my eyes and burns.  Flicker, flicker.  I watch as the candle is getting small.  Flicker, flicker.  I start to wonder if it will go out.  Flicker, flicker.  I watch as the candle is almost done.  Flicker, flicker, gone.

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Lady Elisabeth Presents: Flashlight Mystery Night

"Goodnight Lily," her parents said, tucking her into bed.
"Goodnight Mom. Goodnight Dad. I'll see you tomorrow," She said back as the door closed behind them.
She closed her eyes and smiled as their steps faded away down the stairs. Soon she could hear the tv sounds floating up from the living room.
She couldn't tell what they were watching, but that wasn't important.
Lily had a murder to solve.

She snatched up her flashlight and flicked it on.
She reached under her pillow and pulled out the book. She ran her hands along the cover lovingly. It was so special.
Lily flipped it open to the page where she'd left off, somewhat nervously. They had been stuck in quite the situation last night,  and Lily was excited to see what happened next.

She started reading, devouring the pages, eagerly running through the night alongside Holmes and Watson, trying her hardest to follow along. She never could.
That was fine though, neither did Watson (although he was always more surprised than Lily when he found Holmes in such strange places).

She flipped the next page, reading furiously, and before she knew it, she screamed out, "RUN! It's the murderer!"

Lily clapped her hands over her mouth. All was quiet. Silently, she slid the book back under her pillow, clicked her flashlight off, and snuggled up into her soft, warm blanket. She closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep, dreaming the whole night through about her next flashlight mystery night.

A fish

Here is a very strange story I found archived in my account. I used a random word from the WordWeb (free* downloadable dictionary with random word feature. Best dictionary program I've ever found) and started writing.

The pacific halibut lay on the plate. It had been roasted over a small fire, rolled in toasted crumbs and butter, and expertly scaled. Columbia couldn't stand it. Its eyes stared up at her. It seemed to reproach her for eating it. "I had a life," the eyes seemed to say, "It may have been in a fish farm, a crappy life, but I had a life. And you took it from me. I think that's pretty rotten of you. I can't believe that you would do that." Columbia wondered if the fish had had a family. Maybe he had had a wife, children, and a whole swarm of aunts, uncles, and cousins. Including crazy Aunty May who sticks her fork in the sweet potatoes and starts talking to it. "Madame," said a voice. It was Columbia's waiter. The waiter dumped a mound of wild rice over the fish. "I'm sorry this was late, Madame," said the waiter, "I sincerely apologize. The rice cooker caught fire. I got your rice as soon as I could." Columbia looked where the kitchen was. The frosted glass looked slightly orange and there were some shrieks coming from inside. "Is the fire out?" she asked hesitantly. "Not yet, Madame," said the waiter, "They are still working on that. Please, I beg you, dig in." Columbia turned back to her fish. Now the eyes were covered. The feeling of eating something that had had a crazy Aunty May disappeared. Columbia took her fork and knife and dug in.

Reading this over, I can see how I never showed it to anyone. It's pretty weird. Expect more like it.


*Free for 30 days. Then you have to tell it how many flights you take a year. More than 1-2, and it makes you pay $19 to keep using it. If you click 1-2, you get to keep using it for free forevah.

on a late saturday night

I must admit, I can't wait until he shows up.

Talking to boys. An awkward poem by Lady Elisabeth

Hey there.
I like your... 
I wanted to tell you
That you smell like coconuts
I like coconuts.
Do you think maybe...
Never mind.
Did you know that I still have a baby tooth?
So where do you go to school?
Oh cool.
Me? No, I'm homeschooled.
Yes, really...
Hey do you watch Doctor Who?
Oh. Why not?
Do you...
I mean, will you...
Can we...
There's this dance...
And maybe do you want to come with me?

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