A fish

Here is a very strange story I found archived in my 750words.com account. I used a random word from the WordWeb (free* downloadable dictionary with random word feature. Best dictionary program I've ever found) and started writing.

The pacific halibut lay on the plate. It had been roasted over a small fire, rolled in toasted crumbs and butter, and expertly scaled. Columbia couldn't stand it. Its eyes stared up at her. It seemed to reproach her for eating it. "I had a life," the eyes seemed to say, "It may have been in a fish farm, a crappy life, but I had a life. And you took it from me. I think that's pretty rotten of you. I can't believe that you would do that." Columbia wondered if the fish had had a family. Maybe he had had a wife, children, and a whole swarm of aunts, uncles, and cousins. Including crazy Aunty May who sticks her fork in the sweet potatoes and starts talking to it. "Madame," said a voice. It was Columbia's waiter. The waiter dumped a mound of wild rice over the fish. "I'm sorry this was late, Madame," said the waiter, "I sincerely apologize. The rice cooker caught fire. I got your rice as soon as I could." Columbia looked where the kitchen was. The frosted glass looked slightly orange and there were some shrieks coming from inside. "Is the fire out?" she asked hesitantly. "Not yet, Madame," said the waiter, "They are still working on that. Please, I beg you, dig in." Columbia turned back to her fish. Now the eyes were covered. The feeling of eating something that had had a crazy Aunty May disappeared. Columbia took her fork and knife and dug in.

Reading this over, I can see how I never showed it to anyone. It's pretty weird. Expect more like it.


*Free for 30 days. Then you have to tell it how many flights you take a year. More than 1-2, and it makes you pay $19 to keep using it. If you click 1-2, you get to keep using it for free forevah.