Lady Elisabeth Presents: Flashlight Mystery Night

"Goodnight Lily," her parents said, tucking her into bed.
"Goodnight Mom. Goodnight Dad. I'll see you tomorrow," She said back as the door closed behind them.
She closed her eyes and smiled as their steps faded away down the stairs. Soon she could hear the tv sounds floating up from the living room.
She couldn't tell what they were watching, but that wasn't important.
Lily had a murder to solve.

She snatched up her flashlight and flicked it on.
She reached under her pillow and pulled out the book. She ran her hands along the cover lovingly. It was so special.
Lily flipped it open to the page where she'd left off, somewhat nervously. They had been stuck in quite the situation last night,  and Lily was excited to see what happened next.

She started reading, devouring the pages, eagerly running through the night alongside Holmes and Watson, trying her hardest to follow along. She never could.
That was fine though, neither did Watson (although he was always more surprised than Lily when he found Holmes in such strange places).

She flipped the next page, reading furiously, and before she knew it, she screamed out, "RUN! It's the murderer!"

Lily clapped her hands over her mouth. All was quiet. Silently, she slid the book back under her pillow, clicked her flashlight off, and snuggled up into her soft, warm blanket. She closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep, dreaming the whole night through about her next flashlight mystery night.

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