Noya and The Black Lion. Part four

    “Who is it?” I called.
    “No one important. I thought I should tell you that dinner is ready.” said a woman's voice.
    “No, thank you. I'm not hungry.” I said.
    “The Master won't like that. He's very short tempered.” said the woman.
    “I'm sorry, but that's not my problem.” I said.
    “I think you're just trying to annoy him.” said the woman after a short pause.
    “Exactly.” I said. I heard footsteps retreating and I walked over to the bed.
    Not five minutes later, I heard a roar and not two seconds after that, I heard a booming on my door. I was on the bed, but I fell off in surprise and I heard Lion yell “I told you to come down!”
    “I don't care!” I shouted.
    “You come down, or... Or I'll just strangle you!” he screamed.
    “Come here and try, you monster!” I shouted. I heard deep breathing then he said “Come down to dinner.”
    “No, thank you!” I said. I sat on the bed and crossed my arms.
    “It would be a privilege and an honor to dine with you.” he said. I could tell he was really trying to keep his temper. It wasn't really working.
    “No, thank you!” I said firmly.
    “You can't stay there forever!” he shouted.
    “Wanna bet?” I called.
    “You just- I'm going-” he started, but then he roared and he thundered down the hall, slamming a door behind him.
    I sighed. I decided I wanted to go into the gardens.
    I got to the gardens and I looked around. It wasn't special. There was barely any trees and almost no flowers. I sat down and pulled out my flute. Mother had told me once that it was magic. I needed there to be flowers.
    I played a happy and cheerful song and soon enough, roses and wildflowers bloomed. I stopped playing and they stopped growing. It now, at least, looked a little bit like a garden. I wished I had my dog here. I took out my journal and gold pen.
    Today, I lost me freedom. I wouldn't mind, except that, well, I DO. I'll never see my family again, I now live with a Lion (who doesn't have a name, so I've taken to calling him Lion) and I've been trying to annoy him as much as possible. I never thought I would be grateful for all my brothers teasing and annoying me. It might just come in use now!
    I'm trying to be brave and I'm trying not to shoe Lion that I'm afraid of him, but I'm terrified! How long will this go on for? I've never stayed in one place for more than a week. Oh, this shall end up being so boring.
    Oh, dear. Well, I must go now, I suppose.
    I put down my journal and I took out the food from my bag. It was only some salted pork, some bread and some cheese, but I ate it quickly. I then drank some water and I sighed.
    I stood and went back inside. I heard footsteps and I hid behind a statue.
    “How am I ever going to control my temper?” I heard Lion say.
    Even though I heard nothing, Lion seemed to hear something in response.
    “What?” he shouted. There was a pause. “Okay. I'll try.”
    Lion sat down and I stood there for a moment. Then, he stood and left.
    I went back to my room and I started to read. I played some music on my flute until I heard a knock on my door. I froze and I walked to the door.
    “Who is it?” I called.
    “Me.” said Lion. I tensed for a moment, then I unlocked the door and I opened it a crack.
    “What?” I asked.
    “Could we talk?” he asked. I reluctantly opened the door and he walked in quietly. I shut the door and said “Well?”
    “Er, this is a little complected... I... I... apologize. I lost my temper.” he said.
    “You think?” I said coldly. His gaze hardened and I sighed. “Apology accepted. This time.”
    “Will you have supper with me tonight?” Lion asked.
    “Why not?” I said. “I have nothing else to do except be a... Never mind. What time?”
    “Six-thirty sharp.” he said. I nodded and said “See you then.” and he left.
    I flopped onto my bed and stared at the ceiling until the clock struck six. I stood and looked for something to wear to dinner. I looked in the closet until I found a dress that was blood red. And it was made of cotton and silk. I put it on and I cleaned my boots off. I combed my hair and put the front strips of hair back and tied it up. I touched my necklace. It was a black nylon ribbon with a porcelain circle charm. The porcelain had the picture of a tree on it. I tucked it under my shirt before going down.

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