Noya and The Black Lion. Part five

    I found the dining room quickly. I saw Lion sitting at one end of the long table. I sat down and we sat in silence for an awkward moment.
    You look nice.” he said at last. I looked up at him and said “Er, thank you...?”
    He started to eat, but I only took a piece of bread and nibbled it for a while, to nervous to do eat anything else.
    So... Do you like music?” I asked, trying to make conversation.
    It depends on what it is. Do you?” he asked.
    Yes. I like to sing and play my flute. I also have an odd habit of reciting poetry.” I said.
    Do you like books?” he asked.
    Oh, yes! I love to read and write. I can sew practically anything even though I don't like sewing very much. My family usually comes to me if something needs mending. I like to draw too. I wish I had my sketch book with me. My memory is very detailed and so if I remember something, I just have to draw it on paper.” I said.
    There's an art room. On the second floor. Just go up the stairs and go down the left hall.” said Lion. I looked up and said “Really? Very nice. I'll have to go up and take a look.”
    He nodded and said “Yes. I've never been one for art, but I kind of wish I were.”
    Mm.” I said as I took a sip of water.
    Suddenly, the window behind us burst open and I jumped. I stood and walked over to it. I was about to shut the window, but I stopped, as though in a trance. I knew I was making a memory.
    A storm was coming. Dark, gray clouds were rolling in and the wind smelled like rain. It was very humid out. I loved the smell of rain. My oldest brother thinks I sound ridiculous when I say I smell rain.
    Rain has a smell? Nonsense, little sister.” he would say. I would just shake my head and say “You can't smell it?”
    Of course I can't smell it. Tell me, what does rain smell like?”
    It smells like... It smells like... Dreams.” I'd say. And it was true! It was the only way I could describe the smell.
    Are you okay?” I heard. It shook me out of my trance. “It smells like rain.” I said.
    Rain?” said Lion. He stood and walked up behind me. I tensed for a moment. He sniffed and he said “Yes. It does.”
    I looked up at him and said “How would you describe the smell of rain?”
He looked thoughtful for a moment. Then he said “Moist. It smells a bit like fresh water on a... Never mind.”
    Okay. Moist, though? Huh. I suppose that's the word. My brother can't understand how I can smell rain, but I just can.” I said.
    What do you think it smells like?” Lion asked.
    Non of your business.” I said firmly. He glared at me for a moment, then said “Fine. Have it your way.” and he left the room. I started out until I saw a flash of lightning and heard thunder following it.
    I shut the window just as it started to rain. I walked out of the room and went to go find the art room.
    I looked in every door on the way. I would open a door and look in and then shut it again. That is, until I came to a locked door. I tried to open it a few times, but it remained locked. I looked around.
No one. I bent down and peered through the key hole. I saw a portrait of a boy of twelve or thirteen looking back at me. He had black hair and deep, blue eyes. I went into the trance that meant I was making a memory of this. In the room next door was the art room. I went in and found a wall lined with empty sketch books. I took one and opened it. I started to draw the boy. Then on the next page, I drew what he would look like if he were my age. Maybe older. He had jet black hair like mine, except shoulder length and wavy. My hair was down my my waist when it was down and it was stick straight.
    I heard someone come in and I turned to see Lion.
    What are you drawing?” he asked.
    I... I don't really know who I'm drawing.” I said with a frown. I showed him the picture I had just drawn and I saw him tense up. I showed him the other and he started to shake with rage. I looked at his eyes and put the book down. His eyes were turning red. He grabbed the book and tor it in half, proving his strength. But it wasn't enough. He started to rage and soon, he turned to me, his face full with anger.
    He started to come after me. I turned and ran as fast as I could. I pulled my knife out as I ran and I slashed behind me, I heard a yelp and I ran on. I ran into the pitch dark woods and didn't stop until my sides were hurting. I breathed heavily and my eyes adjusted to the darkness.
    Eyes. Yellow wolf eyes peered at me from the darkness. I got up and climbed a tree as they started to circle the base of the tree. I climbed higher until I heard a CRACK!
    I fell and I grabbed a branch. But I was now in range of the wolves. I tried to pick my legs up, but it was impossible. I knew I was going to fall eventually. I wasn't wearing my gloves and the rain had made the branch slippery.
    I was going to fall.

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