A Blood Red Sky. Part one

This is a different story. Tell me what you think and I'll post more next week! (If I can.)


A small girl was sitting on a bridge. She was looking at the water. She breathed in the sent of pine trees and nature.

“Rebecca!” called a woman. The girl looked around, her hair hat a little sideways.

“Mommy, the Dragons are looking at me.” the little girl complained.

“Then tell them to go away, Rebecca.” said the mother.

“Oh! Okay!” said the girl. She walked to the side of the bridge and yelled “You leave me alone, Dragons!” and the wind howled.

“Mommy, they told me to go back home.” said the girl. “Or they'll make the tree fall over.” and she pointed to the big pine tree next to them.

“Then we'd better go home, then. C'mon.” said the woman.

“Okay, Mommy!” said the girl. She picked up a stick and started to swing it around like a sword.

“Why don't you run ahead and get Hannah.” called the woman to the girl. The girl ran off, screaming and laughing. Yet when they got to the car, she turned.

“What's wrong, Becca?” asked the girl's older sister.

“Dragons, Hannah. Big, black Dragons.” said the girl.

“Dragons don't exist, Becca!” said the older sister, rolling her eyes. The little girl looked at her sister in a hurt way and said “But they do!” and they got in the car and drove away. Yet no one noticed the black, hundred headed Dragon watching the car.

That is, no one except Rebecca Jones.


  1. This is awesome!!

  2. This is really cool!! Keep on going, please. ;)