Hatting a Mad Man Part 3

Amy was dirty, wet, lost, and she wasn't happy about it at all. She glared in front of her and soon came upon a small box on the ground. She looked down at it and looked around. No one was there. She looked at the box again. Inside was a frosted white cake with the words Eat Me in green frosting. She picked it up and frowned before nibbling the corner. It tasted... like carrot cake. She grew an inch. After staring at the cake for a long time, she put the cake back into the box and carried it with her as she walked on.

“Are you Amy Pond?” A voice asked and she whipped around to see a cat sitting up in a tree, grinning down at her. “You're not as tall as I imagined you to be, but you are ginger.”

“Who are you?” Amy asked, frowning. “Why do you know my name?” Her suspicions about where she was were coming back and she pushed them away again.

“I came to find you for that man. The Doctor, he said his name was,” the cat said, shrugging (Could cats shrug? Amy wondered).

“The Doctor! Can you take me to him?” Amy asked, relieved.

“Of course,” the cat said, smiling again. He vanished and reappeared down the path. “Coming?”

Amy ran after him and soon, they came to a half rundown house. Amy frowned and said “He's in there?”

“Yes, he's with the Hatter,” the cat said. “Follow me.”

They went inside and she saw the Doctor sitting and eating a sandwich while another man was shouting at a sewing machine. The Doctor pulled out his Sonic Screwdriver and pointed it at the machine. A moment later, it began to work. The man laughed and began to sew again.

“I found her,” the cat said and the Doctor turned. Amy folded her arms and glared at the Doctor. He was wearing a fez again along with his usual goofy smile.

“Amy!” The Doctor said, still smiling. He suddenly frowned and said “Why are you small?

“I drank some stuff and it shrunk me so I could get through a door. I have a cake that'll make me big again,” Amy held out the box, “but I don't have any clothes.”

“I have some,” a man by the sewing machine said. He walked over to Amy and picked her up. Being she was only four inches, this was not a hard thing to do.

“Put me down!” Amy shouted, struggling. The Doctor chuckled and called “Be careful with her, Hatter!”

The man, Hatter, put her down and said “There's clothes in the trunk and the closet. I'll leave you alone for some privacy.” He left and closed the door behind him as Amy ate the rest of the cake and pulled a blanket around herself, just in case someone did decide to come in.

To her surprise, the clothes in the trunk were actually made for women. She looked through and finally pulled out a blue dress with black designs . She pulled it over her, tied up the back, and walked back into the main room.

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