B'rinna {Part Two}

Oh my, I actually feel so bad! I always forget that I post on Tuesdays. Sorry guys... Now, where was I? Read the first part{here}... :)

I turned and then *BANG* a blinding flash of pain crippled me.

"Dude, I may have whacked her a bit too hard."
"Well, we needed her out of the way."
"Are you sure she's the one?"
"Thor, who else do you know called B'rinna, that looks like the Merciful One, may she live forever, and those eyes, Thor"

Groaning, I tried to rub my eyes. But I couldn't. Opening my eyes I found I was in a small damp cave with mildew everywhere. I could just see a light, like a fire, at the opening. "Hello," my voice squeaked, "Hello, can anyone hear me?"
"Ooh, she's awake. Shall I hit her again, Mercury?"
"Oh, goodness no, Thor! We need her awake so she can meet Zeuz."
"Please," I said, "Could I get a drink?" Trembling with fear I waited for an answer

To be continued...


  1. I attempted to fill out an application to write for you guys, but I'm not sure if it was erased when I clicked out of your blog. Did you find my application? Thanks for your time.

  2. I did not get it, you need to push submit, and a thing will pop up telling you that your response has been recorded.

  3. Sarah this is fantastic.

    1. Thanks, it's hard to snatch at ideas from nothing though... :)

    2. It's really well done. Trust me I know the feeling of snatching at nothing, and I'm highly impressed.

    3. Aw thankies! I could still expand on it though. :)

  4. The application page does not have a SUBMIT option. I tried 3 times.

  5. Oh my gosh! I finally submitted an application. I thought that I would try one more time, and it worked. Okay, so NOW you should receive it. Thanks! :)