The truth on Fairytale creatures P2

   When I got to school, I looked all around for Alycia. I couldn't find her. It was like she had vanished of the face of the earth! I asked my teacher about her, but she said that Alycia Katarzyna didn't go to this school. I kept looking at the card Alycia had given me.
   I was so distracted by the thought of Alycia, I almost failed my math test. I went got on the bus home, but got off at the wrong stop.
   I noticed a small piece of paper that said FW on it. I took out the card Alycia had given me and I looked at it. It said FW too. I rolled my eyes and walked down the allyway. I saw nothing except a door in the back of the allyway. I walked to it and (what else?) knocked.
   The door opened and I saw Alycia.
   "Hullo. I see you're here. C'mon. You have a lot to see, and little time to see it." and she opened the door up wide.
   Everything was amazing. It was like stepping into a fairytale book. So many vibrant colors. Everything was healthy and green. The sky was so blue, it was almost unbelievable.
   "Welcome to Fairytale World." said Alycia. "FW. Now we just need to get to my house.

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