Love. (An excerpt from my book)

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They walked along the many hallways of the inn in silence until they came to a room marked number 49. Adelie pulled out a key and unlocked the door. She handed the key to Sara and said, “Sleep well. Miss Lydia’s across the hall, but I wouldn’t bother her while she’s in one of her moods. Aunt Luelle serves everyone breakfast at seven sharp. If you’re late, you’ll be eating scraps out of the bin.”

Sara stepped into her room.
It was kind of small, but it was clean (except for a dark spot on the wall that Sara did not want to think about), and the bed was comfortable. So comfortable that she fell asleep quickly, despite the loud noises from the tavern below.

Adelie, however, did not fall asleep quickly. She didn’t even get into bed.
She looked out the window and saw Eil standing in the alley, up against the brick wall.
She opened the window and climbed out onto the scrawny apple tree outside her bedroom. It was tricky, since the tree was rather scraggly, in fact the first time Adelie had climbed out, she had promptly fallen, but she was rather experienced at climbing up and down this tree, and made it down without so much as scraping her knee.

She had known that she loved Eil Eda the moment her hazel ayes met his amaranthine ones.
Maybe it was crazy to think of true love at fifteen. Maybe it was crazy to think of love at all for a guard and a serving girl.
That didn’t matter.
They were perfect for each other, no matter what.
And as they kissed again on the cloudless summer night, Adelie knew it was true.

“I love you forever my violet eyed angel.”
“I love you always my faery girl. Always”

Three a.m, and Lydia Winnoway is crying on her bed.
She’s crying because she’s afraid.
She’s afraid that the King’s Guards, those silk cloaked little bastards, will catch James. She’s afraid that one day, he’ll be late, because he’s not coming home. That’s why she yelled at him. Because she didn’t know where he was.
It’s been rough lately for Lydia. Her aunt Muriel is won’t stand for Lydia even being around James- and not because he’s a thief. If she knew what Lydia has been hiding from her-and James-she would be beyond furious.
Lydia is almost sure she's pregnant. 
Aunt Muriel isn’t the only person who would hate a half clockface baby, even a blood relation. Lydia has seen babies left on the steps of houses. Even left at the inn.
No child can grow up at the inn. Not surrounded by people like her and James.  She knows this from experience. 

The door creaks open.
“Lydia? Are you awake?”
It’s James.
“Yeah,” Lydia whispers.
James sits on the bed next to her and wraps his arm around her shoulders. She brushes his cheek, her fingers glancing across his hour hand.
“I’m sorry I yelled at you, I was just worried.”
“I deserved it, Love. But I don’t think the whole bar needed to know.”
Lydia laughed and wiped away her tears. “Next time I’ll yell at you in private then.”
Lydia chuckles at that.

James loves her so much. Every time he looks at her, he wonders what she’s doing with a wanted  clockface criminal when she could have kings and gods bowing down to her. 
He’s been in love before, sure, but never the way he loves Lydia. 

She reminds him of the fairytales his Cousin Meghan used to tell him. Stories about a princess who ran away to slay a dragon, and never brushed her raven black hair.
Sure, there may be a lot less dragons around the inn then on the floating kingdom of Frisk, and Lydia’s locks may be a tangle of sandy curls, but the fierce look in her eye, and her easy laugh are things James never thought he would find anywhere besides stories.

ALSO: Because I feel so bad, here's a drawing of James and Lydia :)

Yes. He's a clock.

Hugs and Poems! Lady E.


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  2. Thanks! I've been working super hard on it