B'rinna {Part 3}

Read {part 1} & {part 2} by clicking on them :) I know that this is mixing like three different religions but bear with me, it'll be cool... I think :p

*Last time*
"'Can I please get a drink?' Trembling with fear I waited for an answer..."

"Oh my goodness, Thor! We totally forgot she was a mortal and needed supplements." A face came into view and I gasped. It looked like Mercury, messenger of the Roman gods! "Get her some spring water, Thor, and some wild berries. Just make sure it's not nightshade! And hurry!"
"Oh goodness," I muttered to myself, "I am officially going mad, in a cave with two lunatics who are dressed as gods of pagan religions. They're gonna eat me!"
"Here we go, Mercury. It's not nightshade, or even berries, I checked. I kinda accidentally killed a deer." a gruff voice called out from somewhere behind me. Twisting my head, I struggled to sneak a look. What I saw scared me witless. A man, or god, stood above me so close I could have plucked all his leg hairs off. As I looked up I noticed the hammer in his hand. 
"This must be Thor," I said out loud, "But how..."
"How what, my dear?" Mercury (or the petite man) asked.
"May I just point out here, Mercury, that she looks almost afraid of you." Thor chuckled which seemed to rattle the earth's foundations.
"Woh, wait a minute," I sat up, hands in the air, "You guys know each other?"
"Well, yes. Why wouldn't we?" Mercury asked, a curious look on his face.
"Well, one, you cannot be real. Axel must have knocked me a good one. And two, you guys are from two totally different set of myths!" Mercury quickly nodded at Thor and stepped back. Thor raised his hammer and...

To be continued

Do you guys like cliff-hangers? I hope you do!


  1. Haha okay, I JUST came across your blog and read thist post (since it was the first one on the page) and it brought a smile to my face:D haha loved it!! Looking forward to the 'continued' post;)
    Gotta love Thor!

    Miss Raquel


    PS: love the name of your blog!!

    1. Woot! Thank-you, Raquel!
      Have you watched the movie "Thor?" Apparently, it's fairly good... :)

      Keep on keeping on,