Brinna {Part 4}

It's been a while, friends, but I'm back and to prove it you have a post. I've been a bit patchy these past few weeks (check it out here) Anyway read the parts you missed by clicking on the links. :) Go on, do it! {part 1}{part 2},{part 3}

Thor raised his hammer and...

BANG!!! A massive explosion shook the cave and we were flung into the air. And then we were in a meadow of... purple flowers. "Thor! I told you Zeus' palace, not his meadow! You know I get hayfe..." and Mercury sneezed, rather loudly. Thor chuckled.
"Sorry, Mercury, I must have hit the portal a bit too hard." Thor raised hammer again, and we were standing in a courtyard, surrounded by fauns, centaurs, nymphs, you name it. Every creature I had previously thought of as a figment of my imagination was there!
"Thor, Mercury, and ever so puny mortal, Zeus would like to see you right away! And quick smart, run, you silly girl, don't just stand there, run!" I recognized her as Hera, Zeus' wife. So we ran, and fast. We got to the throne room, puffing and holding our sides... Well I did, at least. And then a big booming voice came through the doors. "But Dad, please...?"
"No, go on, off with you, Hercules!" A young man stalked out of the room and gave us a warning.
"He's in a bad mood today, Mercury, you better have that mortal." I walked into the throne room with shaky legs and the doors slammed shut behind us...

To be continued

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