Best Friends

Best friends always have your back
Best friends stand up for you even when you’re wrong
Best friends will pick up the phone and chat like they saw you yesterday when it’s been months
Best friends keep secrets
Best friends know when you need a hug
Best friends protect you
Best friends will always listen
Best friends are a shoulder to cry on
Best friends will laugh with you
Best friends will squeal, laugh, and cry with you about your crush on a boy they’ve never met
Best friends never have IOUs
Best friends will loan you their favorite shirt when you’ve spilled ketchup on yours
Best friends make waffles in the morning without knowing how to work to waffle maker
Best friends can be trusted with your embarrassing photos, videos, and stories
Best friends will never tell your secrets
Best friends stay best friends no matter what
A best friend is something everyone needs to have


  1. Oh my god. This made me miss you do much more than I already was! Aaaaaaaaaagh!

  2. So true! Best friends are literally, the best, not to be repetitious. ;)
    And everyone does need best friends.