A Bit Farfetched (A Guest Post by Zay)

  If love were easy I'd have a boyfriend... but it is not. Lots of things I can handle, but not love. It's so complicated and I wish I could be more specific, but I can't. I'm Luna and this is my town Bipperton. It is small and boring, but it's home. I go to Neil Armstrong High School, and it is the only high school in Bipperton, or trust me, I wouldn't go there. It is most likely the worst school EVER, and I plan to change that some day. I hope that Jack will help me fix the school. It seems a little farfetched but all Bipperton is farfetched, so when I asked him he smiled and said yes.

  We spent the whole day together, and I realized that he didn't seem too interested in the project. Instead it looked like he was more interested in me. I stopped explaining the problem and he snapped out of it. I looked at him and asked Jack if there was something wrong. He said no and gave me a kiss on the cheek, said goodnight, and left.

   Now I know how this looks, but it is not what you think. The next day Jack paid no attention to me and instead it looked like he did last night, but sheepish like he did something wrong. I asked Sarah what I should do, and she could not believe that Jack kissed me on the cheek. She said I should talk to him before something goes wrong. I went up to say hello to Jack. but the bell rang. So I called him at night, and he did not anser to my calls until his mom answered it. I asked for Jack, and she gave him the phone.''Hello?'' said Jack. ''Hi, it's Luna,'' and he hung up. The next day Jack walked up to me and asked me to a dance in a town out side of Bipperton. It was a little farfetched, so I smiled and said yes.

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  1. I love it! This is something I would TOTALLY write ;) xxox

  2. wow. i really like this. :)