Arg! Sorry!!!

   Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I'm not exactly sure what to write. I'll put the prologue of my only finished story. it's called Rosabella and Christopher. I'm a little (and by that, I mean a LOT) obsessed with Beauty and the Beast, so yeah... Anyway, hope you like it!
    “Madre, please! He deserves it!” said a beautiful woman with blond hair.
    “I forbid it.” said Madre Serenità.
    “Madre, I usually don't agree with Amore, but he does deserve it. And it has been too long since you have let me curse someone!” said another woman with gray eyes and long black hair.
    “Oh, Sofferenza, be quiet. Madre, it is foretold. He shall be cursed.” said a woman with white blond hair and blind eyes.
    “Are you sure, Destino?” asked Madre Serenità.
    “Yes, Madre. It is for the best. Or, should I say, Beast?”
    “Oh! I DO love making beasts! It has been centuries since I've made a beast!” said Sofferenza.
    “Oh, thunderflashes, Sofferenza. No wonder you're the Fate of Suffering!” said Amore.
    “Yes. And it's no wonder that you're the Fate of Love.” said Sofferenza.
    “Oh, shut up, both of you!” said a new woman with a heart shaped face and big brown eyes. “You're giving me a headache. I mean, I'm a Fate! I should not be able to get headaches!”
    “Ah, Piccato! You shall play a part too! My sisters and Madre, this may be the best fate we have ever done. With Suffering, Love (mostly love), Hope, Pity... Everything!” said Destino.
    “What about me?” asked a woman with black hair, green eyes and a purple gown.
    “Don't worry, Speranza. You will have a part.” said Destino.
    “Well, then I shall permit it then. In twelve years, if the boy is not willing to love, you may curse him. And, yes, you can bless the girl in ten years. I myself will be there when you bless her.” said Madre Serenità.
    “Thank you, Madre.” said Sofferenza, Amore.
    And that, dear readers, is how this story begins...



  1. This is so cool... I'm not sure if you posted anything else of it, but I can't wait to see more!!! Your writing is cool (and the names... *happy sigh* Sorry I'm a bit of a freak about names, mostly because I can't think of any good ones myself). ;)


  2. Try Google Translate! All the names are Italian for what they're the Fates for. Sofferenza is the Fate of suffering, Amore is the Fate of Love. I also use Latin and Greek.
    Do you want me to post the first chapter? Or, part of it anyway? It's the only story of mine that's finished, but...

    1. I love all those names. A good name can make a good story into an amazing story.