Noya and The Black Lion. Part three

The next morning, I woke up to find Father gone. I walked to the door and saw it open. I walked down the steps and I looked around. Maybe it had all been a dream.
But no. I saw the Lion dragging Father to the stables.
Leave him alone, Beast!” I snarled as I pulled out my ivory knife. I held my knife above my head. The Lion's eyes narrowed and he put Father down. He looked at Father and growled “Get out of my sight.” and Father looked at me. I put my middle finger to my nose and blinked twice. This was our secret way of saying “I love you.” and Father did the same. He got on a horse and rode off, turning back to look at me. Once he was out of sight, I put my knife away.
I'll take you to your room.” said Lion. I stared and said “My room? Aren't you going to kill me?”
Would you rather I did?” he growled. It sounded like a challenge.
You can't scare me.” I said.
He turned and I followed him. I let my hair down and I took it out of it's scarf. It fell into my face, but I didn't remove it. I bowed my head. I was sad. I heard a sound to my left and I jumped slightly. I looked at ripped tapestries and broken mirrors. Ugly gargoyles and dusty curtains. All the curtains were closed and the Lion held a candle in his hand.
As this is your home now, you may go where you like. All the doors that are locked are forbidden to you. All the others are fine.” said the Lion.
What's in the rooms-” I started.
They're forbidden.” he growled and he turned to face me. His tail twitched and I nodded. He turned back and kept on walking.
And just so you know, this shall never be my home.” I said. He didn't say anything.
What should I call you?” I asked.
Anything, as long as it's not Beast.” he answered.
Can I call you Lion?” I asked. “Or how about Lionö? Lionus?” I wanted to make his life a living hell. I wanted to make him regret holding my father.
Are you always this irritating?” Lion asked, sounding annoyed.
Only when I try to be.” I said, trying to sound cheerful. I pulled out my flute and started to play. It was The Gypsy's Lullaby.
Stop that.” said Lion.
Why?” I asked. He didn't answer.
This is it.” he said. He opened a door and held it open for me. I walked in and he said “Dinner is at noon. Don't be late.” and he closed the door with a snap.
Like hell I will.” I snarled, even though I knew he couldn't hear me.
I walked over to the bed and sat on it. I bounced a few times, just for fun. It creaked slightly and I laid down on it. A puff of dust came up and I sneezed violently.
I got off the bed and I kicked off my boots. I wiggled my toes and I sighed. I pulled off my cloak and I took off the scarf around my waist.
I picked up the things and walked, bare footed, to the closet. I put the things in, hanging up my cloak. I looked at all the gowns inside. I picked one and put it on.
The dress I had picked was itchy. It was made of wool and itchy material. I took it off and hung it back up and looked for a cotton dress.
I finally gave up with the closet and I walked over to a wardrobe. I opened it and looked through until I had found a sky blue cotton shirt and a silk skirt with cotton lining. I pulled them on and found that they were comfortable. But I wanted a few scarves to complete the outfit. I walked back to the closet and took out a animal print scarf and I put it around my hair. I then took a blue and black scarf (black on one side and blue on the other) and wrapped it around my waist. I looked through the closet for a pair of sandals. But I didn't see any. I pulled on socks and then put on a pair of ''regular'' shoes. But they pinched and I kicked therm off again. I put my boots back on and I cleared my throat. I walked to a mirror with make-up on it and I took some bright red lipstick. I put it on and I took some blue eye make up and it make my hazel-brown eyes look bigger. I put on some blush and I put on a few more colorful scarves. I was full blown gypsy and I loved it. I made sure I had my knife and my flute with me and then I went to go explore the castle.
I walked around, looking in every room that was unlocked. Then, I saw it was eleven thirty. I ran back to my room and I shut and bolted the door behind me. The clock on the mantle above the fireplace chimed twelve. Noon. I waited a moment before I heard a knock on me door. I looked out the lock and saw no one.

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