Noya and The Black Lion. Part two

Hello?” I called. “Father, are you here?” and I heard nothing. I looked in a room and I gasped. It was Father's cloak. I walked over and took it. It was cold. I put it in my bag and walked to the stairs. I went up and called “Father!”
I looked and looked, calling “Father!” over and over again. Every once it a while, I could feel someone watching me. I got to a locked door. The sign said Tower and I opened the door. I saw torches and I grabbed one. I walked up the stairs and I saw another door. I opened it and called “Father?”
Noya?” I heard. I walked over.
Father! Why are you locked in here?” I asked as I noticed that he was locked in a cell.
Noya, go. Leave this place. Run as fast as you can and never come back. There's a lion! He's ten feet tall and he has claws and razor sharp teeth!” whispered Father.
What? A what?” I said. I had heard about lions before, but I had never actually seen one.
I suddenly heard the door behind me slam. I snapped around and I could see icy blue eyes watching me. I threw the torch at it, but it vanished. The torch hit some water and it went out. It was very dark now.
What are you doing here?” I heard a deep voice say from the entrance.
I've come for my father. Let him out.” I said as I stood tall. I hoped I didn't look as scared as I felt.
No. He is my prisoner.” said the... Whatever it was.
Please. My family needs him.” I said.
Then he should not have trespassed. No, he will stay here and die at dawn.” said the monster. He turned to leave, but I shouted “No! Please, I'll do anything!”
There's nothing you have that I want. Unless...” started the monster. He turned and said “Unless you took his place.”
I'll do it.” I said immediately.
Noya, no! Please, you have your whole life ahead of you!” Father cried.
No, Father.” I said.
At least think about it.” reasoned Father. I sighed and thought about it. I shook my head and said “I've made up my mind. I'm staying. Let my father go.”
You must swear to stay here forever. Never to run away, never to leave unless you have my permission.” said the monster. I blinked.
I want to see you first. Move into the moonlight.” I said softly. Slowly but surely, the monster moved into the patch of moonlight. My eyes widened in horror. Everything I had ever heard about Lions were true. His black fur was sleek and his eyes were an icy blue. But he stood upright, like a man. He wore a dark red cape and gray trousers. His tail lashed around. He had razor sharp fangs and he clearly had white claws. But his hands were somewhat human like. His eyes betrayed some wincing when my eyes widened in horror. I stood tall and I walked into the moonlight.
I swear.” I said. He nodded and pushed past me to unbolt the door. Father came out and grabbed me.
Change your mind. Now.” said Father.
No, Father. I love you.” I said.
You may stay for the night, but you must leave in the morning.” said the Lion. He swiftly opened the door and quietly vanished. I forced a smile onto my face and I pulled out my flute. I put it to my lips and started to play The Gypsy's Lullaby. It was complected to play, but if you played it right, it was a little scary, but enchanting too. It was a little... Dark. It was hard to play, but I had recently mastered it.
Father sat down and fell asleep slowly. As soon as he was. I walked into the cell and got on the ground. I suddenly started to cry. I was scared. More scared than I had ever been in my life. I suddenly stood. I took out my knife and I growled “If I go down, you are too. That is a promise.” and I fell asleep slowly.

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