Once Upon A Direction Part 1

Okay, I know I haven't posted anything in a while, but here I am! I actually have some fiction today :) I think I'll post a new part each week...you can view it here, or on my Tumblr: www.onedirectionisextrodinharry.tumblr.com along with my other 1D junk.

 So without further ado, I give you...my One Direction fanfic! (Note: I haven't edited this yet since I was in a hurry to get it up last night for boobearapproves. Also, please, PLEASE do not diss this or One Direction - I am very passionate about my music, and it really, REALLY hurts when someone says "I hate (insert fave band/artist).". Seriously. So shut up. Enjoy.) 

Once Upon A Direction - Part 1 “Come on! Ugh!” I slammed down on the keyboard of my laptop which, currently, was going the speed of an unconscious brick. “You have got to be kidding me!” I stare at the screen, the word “processing” burning into my brain. “Oh my god, don’t get your panties in a wad.” My best friend, Kaila, says as she fumbles through my dresser drawers. “Speaking of which, where did you get these? These would look so cute on my ass…”
Still no sign of movement from the electronic brick. “How can I NOT freak out?! I’m only just trying to get tickets to One Direction’s concert in Washington DC!” The page refreshes. “Yes! I knew God loved me! And I got them from Victoria’s Secret.” The page finally loads and says…”SOLD OUT?!? NO!”

I slam my laptop closed, throw it down on the bed, and bury my head in pillow. “I just checked last night and there were still available seats! They were supposed to be Eliza’s birthday present!”
I sobbed into my pillow. Kaila came over and sat next to me on my bed. “Oh, Ari! As the best friend of you and Eliza, I know she’ll understand. I mean, it was supposed to be a surprise. She doesn’t even have to know unless you tell her.” I groaned and lifted my head to meet Kaila’s face – her gorgeous hazel eyes stared down at mine as her wavy auburn hair fell into both of our faces. “What are we going to do tonight, then? Eliza will be here any minute, and I have zero tickets to give her!”

 The doorbell rang. Oh. Crap. “Speak of the devil and he shall appear, no?” Kaila said as she got up to answer the door. I only grunted in reply before shoving my head under my pillow. “Hey Ari, I’m- Ari? Hey, are you okay, Ariella?” I dug my head from beneath my pillow, and saw the concerned eyes of my other best friend, Eliza Murphy. Now, I was totally prepared to tell her Happy Birthday, give her some excuse for why we weren’t going out after all, and instead break out the popcorn and cheesy 80’s movies. But nooo, my brain had to convince her that I am the worst person who’s ever lived. “I’m so sorry, Eliza! I tried, and I couldn’t, and – argh! I ruined everything!” Damn. I need a new brain. “Sorry...what?” Eliza looked at me with her baby blue eyes, which were clouded with confusion, and her eyebrows furrowed. I sighed then started to tell her my story. After I finished, Eliza just looked at me. “See? You hate me now! That’s it – I need a gun. Where’s a gun?”
Eliza rolled her eyes at me and said “Oh come on, shut up. No need to kill yourself. Look, it’s really nice that you tried to get tickets, and I appreciate it. Don’t beat yourself up about it, ‘kay?” She smiled at me. “Dude, it’s even worse when you try to be nice about it to me.”

Pillow, you are my new BFF. “Ariella Carter. That is it.” Kaila strode across my room from my bean bag in one swift step, and pulled me off the bed onto my feet. “We are not going to stay here all night. We are going to go into town – looking our hottest, mind you – and we are going to at least try to catch a glimpse of these five perverts that started this whole mess, okay? No exceptions.”

 I looked at Eliza. She shrugged at me. “Sounds good to me! I’m all ready, now let’s get you cleaned up and sexyfied for Harry, Ari!” No. Way. “Guys, come on, seriously…like Harry would ever even look at me! I have dark brown hair and I’m under the age of 40 – I’m so not his type.” I said, with a tinge of whine in my voice. But really, Harry is way out of my league. He’d never go for someone like me – he’s so gorgeous and I’m all…plain. What I’d do to spend just one night with him though…with his curly hair, gorgeous eyes, sexy laugh…oh snap out of it, Ariella! Not. Going. To Happen. “Shut up. You’re gorgeous. We’re all gorgeous. Now let’s get moving!” Said Eliza as she started picking out an outfit for me. Easy for her to say. An hour later, at eight PM, we find ourselves in DC. And it’s crowded. REALLY crowded. “See? We’ll never see them, now let’s go home.” I say, exhausted. Getting a makeover is hard work. “No!” Says Kaila.”We are going to see them if it’s the last thing I do! You will see Harry, Eliza will see Louis, and Niall will fall deeply in love with me and eat happily ever after. The end.” I snorted. “Yeah, sure. While we’re at it, can I have a pony and ten grand?”
 Kaila glared at me. “Watch and see.” She grabbed me and Eliza by our arms, did a scream sort of like a samurai warrior, and started fighting her way through the crowd. Ten minutes later, we were sitting on the ground next to the building. “Well…it was worth a try.” Kaila said with a shrug. “So,” Eliza said, leaning back onto the wall. “Now what?” “We stay here ‘till the concert ends.” Kaila states. “WHAT?!” I yell. “No way! I am not letting Eliza spend her birthday doing this…whatever it is.”

“Yes. We. Are.” “No. We. Aren’t.” “Guys!” Eliza exclaims. “It’s okay…maybe I’ll catch a glimpse of Louis...that would be awesome.” Then, out of nowhere, she starts sobbing. “What? What’s wrong?” Kaila asks with a worried expression. “I-I-I just love Louis s-s-so m-m-much!” I sigh.
“I guess all the more reason to stay.” So we do. After two hours, we hear the ending song, and shuffle to our feet. “They’ll be coming out soon!” Kaila says. “Oh my gosh, do I look okay? Do you think Niall will think I’m cute?” You’re adorable, now come on…if we want to see them, we have to move.” I say, exasperated. So we did…along with the huge crowd. After several failed attempts to get to the front, we fall back to where we started.

“Great. So we just wasted the whole night.” Kaila says, getting redder by the second. “It’s okay. Maybe we’ll get to see them someday.” Eliza says with a faint smile. We decide to sit down while we wait for the crowd to tone down before making a move for our car. We start to talk about the boys, when out of a side door we didn’t know existed, comes a security guy. “Hey! You three! You aren’t allowed to be back here. Move before I call for backup.” “Okay, okay.” Says Kaila, getting up. “Calm your mammaries.”
The Security Dude was not impressed to say the least. “Now, girls.” Eliza starts to get up, but her purse falls off her shoulder and spill all over the ground. “Oh shit!” She exclaims. Now Security Dude is pissed. “I must ask you to leave immediately.”
 “Yo! Calm down!” Kaila yells, now getting mad too. “She’s just packing up!” Eliza looks up at me. “I can’t find my wallet!” “Okay that’s it.” Security Dude speaks into his earpiece something about backup. I quickly bend down to help search for Eliza’s wallet. Kaila is still yelling at the dude, and it’s getting violent. “What the hell is your problem?”
Then more security dudes start to arrive. Then everything’s a blur. Eliza starts crying, Kaila is still yelling, and I’m fumbling around for a lost wallet. I feel something in the dark corner. I look up and I see a guard carrying Kaila away. I wrap my hands around the wallet, and then crawl over to Eliza, who’s now sobbing. “Shh…it’s okay. I have the wallet in my hand, and I see a guard walking towards me, ready for some violence. I close my eyes, holding Eliza closer, preparing myself for what comes next, when all of a sudden I hear someone yell
 “Stop!” I open my eyes and find myself crying a bit too. I see a blurry figure heading towards me, but it’s not a guard. I wipe the tears from my eyes and find myself face to face with a pair of green eyes. “Are you okay?” Asks Harry Styles.


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