A knife in the dark (part 1by zay)

I made this on Monday but I forgot to post it so I'm doing it now.

Do you know when you are young that feeling that every thing is going to be fine? Well in the real world it's not true. You might think that, but if you look around in San Fransisco you will know that it is not. The yelling, the people trying steal from you, the chaos that is everything you can imagine.

I was siting on a bench when she came out of nowhere. She stood there like a regular person except the knife. It was a normal knife but the handle was gold. She looked at me and then I drew my dagger. She stepped back and dropped her knife and I dropped mine. She looked nice so I said hello. She smiled, and told me her name was Rose so I told her mine." I'm Jon"


  1. This looks so cool!

  2. Isn't her story fantastic? I'm so proud of my little sis :)