Once Upon A Direction - Part 2

You thought I forgot about you. I didn't. Enjoy. Follow me on Tumblr for my imagines, and lots of One Direction. - onedirectionisextrodinharry.tumblr.com. And this is so NOT based on me. Nope.

Once Upon A Direction - Part 2 by Myla.

I stared at Harry in amazement. Harry Styles. Less than a foot away from me. HOLY FU-“Are you okay?” He asks again, his eyes filled with concern, his hair falling into his face. “Oh, um…yes…I’m sorry we got in your way.” I respond, turning my head to the floor. I start to pull myself off the floor when he extends his hand towards me. I stare at his hand for a few seconds before realizing he’s offering his help. I swallow, since I can feel my heart in my throat, and then take his hand. Oh. My. God. His hands feel better than cashmere. “Erm…thank you.” I say, now fully on my feet, but still not totally stable. He nods, flashing his gorgeous white teeth, “Not a problem.” “Oi, Harry! What’s going on, mate?” I hear another voice say, in another inexplicable British accent. I pull my eyes away from the ground and look up, only to see Louis Tomlinson now standing in front of me and Eliza too. “These lovely ladies just needed a bit of help, that’s all.” Said Harry, looking directly at me. Great. Now Harry Styles hates me too. Probably all of One Direction despises me. “It looks like they still need a bit of help,” Louis chuckles. He bends down to Eliza “Come on love, let me help you up.” Eliza looked up at Louis and her eyes widened. “You’re Louis Tomlinson.” She said in a dazed voice. “Well, aren’t you the smart one!” Said Louis, his eyes twinkling with laughter, helping her off the ground. “B-b-b-but-“ Eliza looked over at me in disbelief, I just shrugged my shoulders while Harry and Louis looked amused. “Hey you guys!” I turned to my left to see that Kaila has escaped the security guard’s grasp and was running back towards us. “What’s up? Oh…hi!” She’s just noticed Harry and Louis standing there, and gives me a look of approval that is not subtle whatsoever. I blushed, and turned to look at my feet again. “I’m Kaila! And you are?” “Well, considering we are where we are right now, I’m guessing you know that answer to that question.” Harry said with a smirk. I snorted. “Well, you are right about that!” Said Kaila, laughing. “Say, where’s Nia-“ “Oh well would you look at the time!” I interrupted, blushing ONCE AGAIN. “Again, I’m really sorry we got in your way. Come on, guys.” I started to pull Kaila and Eliza towards the street when Harry grabbed my shoulder. “Wait – I didn’t catch your name?” I looked into his luminous green eyes. Oh GOD – he was TOUCHING me! “A-A-Ariella.” I stuttered. I tore my eyes away from his and looked at Eliza, who was still staring up at Louis and all his glory. “Eliza? Come on, we have to go.” I said, pulling away from Harry’s grasp. “Wha?” She just looked at me, then at Louis, then back to me. And then fainted.

“Thanks again for helping with Eliza.” I said, nodding towards Eliza as Harry and Louis gently set her down in the backseat of my BMW. Somehow, the crowd had just disappeared, and now here I was watching Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles put my unconscious best friend into the back of my car on the corner of F and 6th St. Kaila had taken the Metro home after a few unsuccessful attempts at finding Niall, so it was just me, Eliza, Louis, and Harry now. “It’s not a problem! It’s very invigorating to know that I have the power to make the ladies swoon.” Said Louis smugly. I smile played on my lips as I said “Well, of course - the great Tomlinson will always be popular with the ladies. Harry shut the door and turned to me. “Well, we’re certainly glad we could help you.” He said with a shy smile. “Yeah…thanks.” I replied. Brilliant, just brilliant. “Well, um, I should get going…it was nice to meet you.” “Drive safely – don’t run over any fainting girls!” Shouted Louis while Harry just grunted, looking at the floor. I opened the drivers side door, slid in, and closed it behind me. “Wow.” I said. “Louis? Why of course I’ll dance with you…” Eliza mumbled in her sleep. I smiled then put the keys in the ignition. Had this really just happened? Had I just met two out of the five members of One Direction? I ran a hand through my curly hair and blew out a breath. No sooner had I just started the car and prepared to pull away from the curb when there was a knock on my window. Oh crap, I thought to myself. What now? A parking ticket? I turned to my left and came face to face with none other then Harry Styles. Again. I’m dreaming. I thought as I rolled down my window. “Erm…hullo.” He said in his husky voice. “Hiya.” I said back, not having a clue what was going on. “Listen,” He said, biting his lip. “Me and the boys were wondering if you and your friends would like to hang out with us later tonight.” Hang out with us later tonight. This can’t be real. Not. Real. But just incase it is…”Yes!” I said way too fast, making me blush again. A smile washed upon his face. “Good! Is eleven o’clock at McPherson Square okay?” I nodded enthusiastically. “Okay. Well, can’t wait to see you.” He said as he pulled away from the window and ran over to the other side of the street where I could see the rest of the boys standing. I rolled up my window and sat back. “Oh my god. OH MY GOD.” I said out loud before pulling out my phone to text Kaila with the news.

“Shh! Quiet!” I whispered as me, Kaila, and Eliza all crept out my front door. “Oh my god! I can’t believe we’re going on a date with One Direction!” Kaila squealed, jumping up and down as we walked to my car. “Well, Harry didn’t really describe it as a date…” I said, sliding into the front seat. Eliza slapped me on the shoulder and said “Oh come on! Of course it is! It’s a group date!” I rolled my eyes. “Right, cause five boys can date three girls.” I started the car and pulled out of my driveway. “I don’t know why you felt the need to change your outfit…we made you look gorgeous.” Said Kaila. Earlier, when they had made me over I was wearing a sundress. But as soon as I got home, I ripped it over my head and put on a old swim meet t-shirt, a cardigan, some skinny jeans, and my trusty old Converse. “Because you know I hate dresses! I can’t r-“ “Run in them, we know.” Kaila said, rolling her eyes. “You just look really tomboy in what you’re wearing.” I just sniffed and stared ahead at the road. Eliza sighed. “Stop driving each other nuts…can we turn on the radio?” Kaila reached over and turned the dial. “You’re listening to Hot 99.5.” A female voice tumbled out of the stereo. Then a male voice came on. “Well, well, well! It looks like our visitors from the UK were a hit here in DC, tonight. That’s right, I’m talking about One Direction! They played tonight at the Verizon center and the fans were crazy! And afterwards, a certain Harry Styles was seen talking to some lovely ladies.” I drew in my breath. “Unfortunately, we only have eye witnesses. Where are the paparazzi when you need them, eh Steph?” I let my shoulders relax, then I turned the radio back off. I couldn’t have bared to have my picture on the inside of the next People Magazine. “Wow, guys. We’re famous!” Said Eliza, grinning from the backseat. “Says the girl who fainted in front of Louis Tomlinson.” Replied Kaila. “At least I wasn’t carried away by someone who isn’t Niall Horan!” Eliza came back with. “Well, I wasn’t-“ “Guys!” I said before a cat fight could break out, as I parked next to McPherson Square. “We’re here.” We all tumbled out of the car and onto the sidewalk. “Do I look okay?” Asked Kaila, facing Eliza. “You look fine.” I said, as I walked in front of them and into the park. We walked to the nearest bench, Eliza and Kaila sitting down while I leaned against a fountain. After a few minutes, a white van pulled up and out came One Direction. Harry came last and once he saw me, he smiled. Argh, this boy! Is there anything he does that doesn’t make me blush? They all walked up as the van pulled away, Harry leading. “Hi there.” He said, his hair falling into his face. “Howdy.” I replied. “Okay boys, this is Ariella and these two are…?” “Oh, this is Kaila and Eliza.” I said, motioning to my best friends. “And you can call me Ari.” “Hullo there girls! I’m trusting you know who we are?” Nial perked up. “Well, I’m guessing you’re Miley Cyrus…I just don’t know who the rest of you are.” Said Kaila, smirking. Liam doubled over with laughter while Niall just said “Oh shit! My cover is blown!” and ran off. “Sing Can’t Be Tamed for me! CAN’T BE TAMED!” Kaila yelled, chasing after him. Everyone soon followed except for me and Harry. He crossed over to the fountain and said “How are you doing tonight, love?” I blushed once again, but didn’t look away, and said “Good, thanks! You?” “I’m pretty well. Did you enjoy the concert?” I bit my lip and said “Well…I kinda…wasn’t there…” He raised his eyebrows “What?” I laughed “It’s a long story…” “Well, your friends and the boys are seeming to keep themselves occupied,” He motioned over at the rest of the band, which was running around and laughing. “Would you like to take a walk and tell me then?” He said. I looked him straight in the eye and said “I would love to.”

“You did not!” Said Harry, laughing. I hid my face in my hands and said “Yes. We did. Two hours. People probably thought we were homeless or prostitutes.” He just laughed some more. “I’m so sorry about that!” We were sitting under a patch of grass under a tree. “Hey,” I shrugged. “It’s no big deal. You don’t control Ticketmaster.com.” He went completely serious. “Actually, I do.” I leaned back onto a tree and said “Well that would explain why there are never tickets for Cats.” And we both burst in to giggles. “No, but seriously. He said, picking at a lose thread in his jeans. “I’m sorry about that. You know, we’re going to be here in your lovely city for another week and then we’re going to do one more show next weekend before we leave…would you and your friends like tickets?” I just stared at him. “Wow, really?” He nodded. “That would be wonderful, thanks!” He smiled. “Okay, it’s a done deal. Now, what do you do for fun in this city?” He asked before shaking his hair back into place. “Well, the museums are awesome, they have some good baseball games…oh – and your visit isn’t complete until you nearly get run over by a taxi!” He snorted “Trust me, I’ve been to New York and I’ve already experienced that one too many times…you like baseball?” “Well, kind of – I like sports, and Washington DC is the home of The Nationals…I just don’t really understand it. I would love to go to a game and have someone other than my father explain it to me. He just speaks gibberish.” I shrugged. “And you’ve been to New York?” “I’m in One Direction – I’ve been everywhere!” He laughed. “Really?” “Mhmm.” “So…Austraila?” “Check.” “Sweden?” “Double check?” “Italy?” “Yup.” I bounced up and down. “Yay Italy!” He smirked and said “You have a liking for Italy?” “Well, I’m Italian so…yeah!” “Really?” “My name is Ariella. Say that in an Italian accent” I said, giving him a playful glare. “Ariella!” He shouted, making sure to roll the “R”. “”Shush! We don’t need Obama to wake up!” I laughed. “So, can you speak any Italian?” He asked, grinning. “Eh…a little. You?” “A little…” He replied. “Oh really? Okay – Ciao, come sta?” “Er…” I doubled over laughing. “It means ‘how are you?’.” “Oh, okay. I’m fine, how are you?” “And that would be ‘Bene, e tu?’.” “And your answer would be?” He said, leaning closer to me. “Molto bene, grazie.” I replied. “Aha! That means ‘something fine, thanks’.!” He guessed. “Score one for Harry Styles, even though it’s not ‘something’, it’s ‘really good’!” I said giggling. “Eh…close enough.” He said, shrugging. Then I heard an Irish accent call out “Harry! Time to go!” “Oh damn.” He said standing up, then helping me to my feet too. “I had a great time tonight.” He said. I smiled shyly then said “Me too.” He put his hands in his pockets and said “I would love to see you again…maybe at a museum? Or a baseball game? Or under a taxi wheel?” I grinning and said “That would be great…well, not if I was under a taxi, but the others sound cool!” He smiled back “Great! Can I get your number?” he said, holding out his iPhone. “Sure.” I typed in my name and number then handed it back to him. “Oh, how about a picture too?” There was a street lamp near, so I figured the lighting wouldn’t be too bad so I said “Ah, what the hell.” He came closer to me and put his arm around my waist. “Say cheese!” He said with his prize winning smile. So I smiled back, but at the last minute he turned his head and kissed me on the cheek. The camera went off, and then he quickly pulled away before I could react and ran over to the white van waiting for him. “See you later, love!” He yelled before climbing in. “Yeah…you too.” I whispered. Harry Styles just got my number. And kissed me on the cheek. Best. Night. Ever.

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