So, I Haven't Posted Much...

Don't say it,  "Zay, you haven't posted in so long! Could that really be you?" Yeah, that. I know I know. So to make up for it, I made a the beginning of something that doesn't have a name yet. If you don't know what Vocaloids, or Utauloids, are look them up. If you have a name for this one, let me know. Oh, and please tell me if my Japanese is wrong!

My friends Kuro Neko, Neru, Gumi, Teto and I were at school with my twin Rin as well. Any time we had free, we would spend it with each other. We have a lot of time together because of the way our school works. Right now, we are on brake. Kuro comes up to me with a note.
"Hello, Len. Still alone I see? Want some company?" She says trying to hide the note from me.
"What you got there?" I say pointing to the note.
"Nothing. What's up?" I can always tell when Kuro is lying. You can see it in her body movements. She moves a little away from you in her leg that's next, or in front, of you. Her right leg is a little far away from me right now.
"Kuro, what is it?" I say one last time. She sighs.
"It is a note from Mrs. Hatsune. She says she wants to see me after school." Rin sneaks up behind Kuro.
"Again!" Yells Rin. Kuro let's out a small scream, then turns around and yells at her in Japanese for about a minute.
" あなたは少しバカ!私はあなたを殺すつもりだ!さらに良いことに、私はそれを行うには、LENを買ってあげる!私はこのために我慢できないだろう!私は、RINあなたがそんなに嫌い!"
"You done now?" Says Neru as she walks up behind me, Teto at her side. Kuro takes a deep breath.
" はい ." She crinkles up the note and throws it in the trash. Rin walks away mumbling to herself about how she is going to get Kuro for making her mad. Teto is quiet most of the time, so she walked off with Kuro trying to calm her down a little. That left me, and Neru. Great. Neru pinches my shoulder. I turn around slowly. I really, really, don't want to talk to her.
"Yes. What is it?" I say trying not to sound angry.

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