Letters to Hogwarts (Pt.2)

Severus was standing on platform nine and three-quarters next to his mother, a sallow, sour-looking woman with black hair. His mother wasn't paying attention and he was looking at where Lily and her sister were standing. He could hear their argument about the letter that he had found in Petunia's room. He edged towards them and saw Lily looking upset as Petunia marched off towards their parents, who were oblivious to their argument.

Get on the train, it's about to leave,” Severus heard his mother say.

Okay. Bye, Mum,” Severus said. She smiled slightly and said “Goodbye, Severus.”

Severus got on the train and immediately changed out of his muggle clothing and into his school robes. Then, he went looking for Lily. He peered into every compartment until he saw her sitting next to the window. There were two other boys in the compartment, but Severus slid the door in and sat across from Lily. She glanced at him and then back out the window. Her green eyes were rimmed with red and were puffy. She'd been crying.

I don't want to talk to you,” she said in a pinched voice.

Why not?” He asked, raising an eyebrow and pushing his hair back.

Tuney h-hates me. Because we saw that letter from Dumbledore,” she sniffed.

So what?” Severus asked, shrugging. He immediately regretted this when Lily shot him a look of dislike and said “So she's my sister!”

She's only a—” Severus caught himself just in time, but thankfully, Lily was trying to wipe her eyes without being noticed to notice much of anything else.

But we're going!” He said excitedly. “This is it! We're off to Hogwarts!”

Lily nodded as she wiped her eyes. But despite of herself, she half smiled. He looked at her, glad she was in a better mood and said “You'd better be in Slytherin!”

Slytherin?” One of the other boys in the compartment with them suddenly turned. He had black hair that stuck up in every direction and glasses. “Who wants to be in Slytherin? I think I'd leave, wouldn't you?”

My whole family have been in Slytherin,” said the other boy, not smiling.

Blimey, and I thought you seemed all right!” Said the first boy. The second one smiled and said “Maybe I'll break the tradition. Where are you heading, if you've got the choice?”

'Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart!' Like my dad,” the first boy said, lifting an invisible sword.

Severus snorted and the first boy turned to him. “Got a problem with that?”

No,” Severus sneered, though his voice suggested otherwise. “If you'd rather be brawny than brainy—”

Where are you going, seeing as you're neither?” The second boy interrupted. The first boy burst out laughing and Lily sat up, her face crimson, and looked at the two boys in great dislike. “Come on, Severus, let's find another compartment.”

Severus followed Lily out of the compartment as the two boys said “Oooooo...”

Let's fine another compartment, Severus,” said the first boy, imitating Lily's exalted voice.

Come on,” said the second boy, also imitating Lily. The first boy tried to trip Severus as left and the second boy called “See ya, Snivellus!”

Can you believe them?” Lily snarled as she slammed the compartment shut. She grabbed Severus's hand and he felt himself blush a little. They found an empty compartment and went in. Lily sighed and said “How long do you think the trip will take?”

I dunno,” Severus said, sitting opposite to her and looking out the window. “I suppose it'll take a while.

Oh! I didn't show you my wand!” Lily said, brightening. She pulled it out and said “Ten and a quarter inches long, willow, unicorn tail hair core!”

Cool,” Severus said, smiling.

Mr. Ollivander said it'll be good for charm work,” Lily said. “Have you tried any magic?”

Just repairo,” said Severus. “It fixes things.”

Oh,” Lily said. She put her wand away and quickly changed into her school robes. She smiled and said “Can you believe it, Sev? We met just this year, and now we're off to Hogwarts!”

Severus smiled. Lily smiled back and her smile faded. “Sev, we have to promise, even if we're in different houses, we'll still be best friends.”

Of course,” Severus said, taken aback. “Why would being in different houses matter? It would just be easier if you were in Slytherin with me.”

Why can't you just be in the same house as me instead?” Lily asked. Severus hunched over a little and said “I dunno. It was the house my mum was in.”

Oh,” said Lily and they dropped the subject and talked about classes the rest of the way.

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