Hatting a Mad Man Part 2

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“Doctor?” Amy looked around, but still didn't recognize where she was. Already she was about three inches tall, but had been twenty feet only a few minutes ago. She was dressed in the scarf she'd been wearing on her head.

She looked around again before calling out again “Doctor!”

“Who?” Amy whipped around and saw a flower. A flower with a face. Amy frowned and said “Who are you?”

“Peony. Who are you?” The flower asked.

“Amy,” Amy replied uncertainly. She shook her head and said “Have you seen a man named the Doctor? He's quite tall and funny. He's wearing a bow tie, a tweed jacket, and probably a fez.”

“What in sanity is a fez?” Peony asked, frowning.

“It's a hat, you ninny,” another flower said. This flower was a violet. Amy blinked. A place where flowers could talk?

“I'm sorry, but where am I?” Amy asked, dismissing the first thing that popped into her mind.

“Why, you're in Underland, of course!” The Violet said as though it were the most obvious thing in the world. She looked at Amy disapprovingly and added “And what, might I ask, are you?

“I'm a Pond,” Amy replied without thinking.

“You don't look like a pond,” a carnation remarked. “You're too small! And not at all wet!” Amy sighed and said “Oh, forget it. Have you seen the Doctor or not?”

“The one with the fez? No, sorry. But if he has a hat, he might be with the Hatter,” Peony suggested.

“And where is he?” Amy asked.

“No idea,” the flowers said, almost in unison. Amy sighed and said “Well, thanks.” For nothing...

Amy carried on and the violet called “Weed!”

“Oh, weed to you, you bloody-” Amy suddenly got drenched with water and spluttered, pulling wet hair out of her eyes. She stood up and walked away with as much dignity remained, but glaring in front of her.


“Done!” The Hatter handed the Doctor a new fez. The Doctor had finished making lunch as payment for his hat and his face lit up at his new fez.

“Aha! Oh, this is fantastic!” The Doctor said and he put the fez on, a goofy smile on his face and putting the stetson he had been wearing aside.

Suddenly, the Doctor took off the fez and held it out in front of him along with the stetson, thinking hard. “Have you ever tried making a combination of these two?” He asked.

The Hatter's eyes widened and then he smiled. He grabbed the stetson out of the Doctor's hand and laughed insanely. He walked with it and began working again. The Cast sighed and said “Oh, now you've done it. He'll be working for days, trying to get it right.”

“But it'll look great,” the Doctor pointed out happily. He looked out the window and the Cat said “Where are you from?”

“Oh, here and there,” the Doctor replied vaguely.

“You travel a lot?” The Cat smiled.

“All the time. I never stay I the same place for too long, if I can help it,” the Doctor said.

“And Amy... She travels with you?” The Cat asked. The Doctor nodded and smiled. “Yes, she travels with me. My little Amelia Pond...” He sighed. “I wish I knew where she was.”

“I could go look for her,” the Cat offered. The Doctor smiled and said “Would you? Oh, thank you!”

“My pleasure,” the Cat smiled. “Ah... What does she look like?”

“She's ginger, and her hair is long. She's Scottish, and stubborn,” the Doctor said.

“I'll find her,” the Cat said and he vanished. The Doctor looked back at the Hatter and helped himself to some of the food he'd made.

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