Supernova Part Two: The Sorrows of a Young Lady Named Sophie Grace as She Boards an Aeroplane (A Poem in Two parts By Lady Elisabeth

Oh my love
Can I truly bear this?
To be so far away?
They say London is vast and exciting
Some say its beautiful
But I don't care a whit for cities

Isaac my love
If I close my eyes
I can see your sparkling blue ones
I can almost hear your last words to me
Don't go
I need you Sophie Grace

No! I cry out
The wheels start turning
The frame of this metal bird lifts off
Any other day, I would stare out the window
Laughing at the world

But today, my Love?
I look out the window
Tears in my eyes
Longing to be again
On the ground

I think I can almost see you Isaac
Down in Mr. Hiller's cornfield
Staring back up at me
Are you crying for me as well?
But that's just a fantasy I suppose
But I'll whisper your name once more
I'll let the angels bring my words down to you
Are you there Isaac?
Are you there?

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