wanderlust - by jocee

flowing, whispering, haunting, growing
waiting, belittling, wanting, knowing 
secrets that are held beneath the clouds
oh how i want to find them now. 

sitting, thinking, fiddling, singing
looking, feeling, standing, ringing
the sounds that i hear and the sights that i see
could one of them be only for me?

in this small town with my old carpet bag
and my blue good dress and my brown straw hat
waiting for a train to take me away
anywhere, anyone, to let the time fade away

rustling, chatting, clinking, fearing
bumping, skimming, milling, nearing
imagining on a boat that takes me far into the sea
with no one else, just i, myself and me

eating, drinking, dancing, sleeping
laughing, acting, sighing, weeping 
imagining my life if i wasn't here
maybe on the streets of paris

london, athens, montreal, tokyo
new york, beijing, rio, moscow
traveling the world, along the seven seas
being who i was intended to be

a traveler, a sightseer, a dancer, an artist
with my incurable case of wanderlust 
anything but this small town that i'm in
and by golly i won't know where to begin

just hop on a train that'll take me away
where i'll forget the time of the day
i'll venture and roam around the world
with my incurable case of wanderlust. 

-jocee <3


  1. This is a very lovely poem. I think I like the last paragraph the best.You are very talented. I love to write too.

  2. beautiful poem. I really love all the poems! definitely a follower!

  3. Lovely!

    And my mother was the overachiever...she made me knit the scarf...