Dreamer (A Poem By Lady Elisabeth)

You nervously touch one high-heeled toe to the pavement
Your family waved at you as you stepped in the taxi
Taking you away to the big city
You're on your own now
You step from the cab
Pull your trenchcoat tighter
To lock out the cold
Its unnecessary
Your excitement is keeping you plenty warm
Even through the New York winter
You traipse through the streets
You think of a song
If you can make it here...
But that's all you can remember
You keep walking
It looks aimless
You know where you're going
Even if you don't know the way
The sun is setting
You run
You could see it glowing in your mind's eye
Times Square
Sparkling lights every inch as glorious as you imagined
You stand in the middle of the street
Cars honk at you
Wondering who you are
You twirl
Your vintage lace skirt flares out
You are an angel
You'll be a star


  1. Beautiful! Inspirational! You paint wonderful imagery with your carefully chosen words.